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Chapter 9

1 The fourth was Meshackle in the English, or Meshamacheal from the Hebrew, or 5920-3588-8064-4310 in the Hebrew;
2 Who is the scarlet beast, the second head demon Beelzeboul, the dung god; to whom the dragon did give his power, throne, and great authority.
3 Having been made after the feet of our Lord, like fine brass, as in a furnace having been fired; Meshackle was a strong man with six arms, who was as blue as the heaven above;
4 having a trumpet of fine heavenly brass that he sounded whenever the Lord arrived, that he may gather the messengers together for assembly, a trumpet which he exchanged for the steel sword of Samhain.
5 For, the understanding of his name was 'Who is aloft as the Most High?'
6 Which was made perversity by the subversive teachings of the dragon;
7 when Meshackle believed in his heart that he could multiply the power of Megabaal and Uriel to ascend high above the stars of God in unity of spirit as the Most High;
8 understanding that the Lord would have to destroy all of His creation, without their principalities present upon the earth;
9 unless He was brought down low from the third heaven and ruled Himself in their stead, trapped in their devices of bondage and warring with them through the ages and ages.
10 Thus, He could not keep man from them, Whom they would oppress and rule over as the Most High.
11 And because man was created a little lower than messengers; they could grow and strengthen their hosts with the souls of men,
12 whom they would gather together for Ragnarok to overcome the Lord of Hosts whenever He may descend upon the land; by making Him seem evil in their eyes, as the devils did unto Christ.
13 Meshackle was once zealous to govern, create, correct, and keep; all life on earth fruitful and multiplying in perfection;
14 and consuming in good health with high spirits, bearing light burdens, and making merry;
15 for his principality was the paradise of the Garden of Eden in its highest perfection; magnifying the nature of shinnnesunliquid.
16 Meshackle first sent unto me his messenger Compusa, the succubus.
17 Whom God appointed authority to smite me with infirmities, after the first manifestation of the cherubs of God when I was a youth of sixteen;
18 that she might buffet me, that I might not be exalted overmuch by the exceeding greatness of the revelations.
19 In like manner to Paul, who was given a thorn in the flesh, A demon from the host of Uriel, whose name is Evil-Eye in the English, or Rajinn from the Hebrew, or 5869-7451 in the Hebrew.
20 The power of God was perfected by Rajinn, because Paul was considered evil and unclean in the eyes of the Jews, from the manifestation of the demon cursing his right eye and bowels with pestilence;
21 which led Paul to fulfil many prophecies concerning the nations, When he became like Christ A stone disallowed by the builders, that became head of a corner as the chiefest apostle among the nations.
22 Compusa appeareth unto me as a beautiful blue goddess spirit with teeth of a serpent, red markings above her cheeks, and black hair of a woman;
23 stretching her mouth to reveal her long lascivious tongue, and desiring to play with my spirit in her spirit of whoredom;
24 leaving two bite marks above the cheeks of my bottom like small boils that quickly healed.
25 For, she hath power to smite men with weak infirmities of the flesh and exceeding madness;
26 that doth fill them with exceeding desire to cleanse themselves from the sinful imaginations of her unclean spirit of the Adversary,
27 by perfecting rituals to overcome her backwards nature that filleth the mind against its will with all of her imaginations and abominations of:
28 filth, disgust, nakedness, sodomy, perversity, lasciviousness, and whoredoms; in whatever manifestation one doth hate.
29 The power of God is perfected in Compusa, because God doth turn all of her curses into blessings by:
30 Using her lascivious tongue to tempt the false accusers to oppress me in their prisons that my days of prophesy arrayed in sackcloth may be fulfilled according to the similitudes of Lot in Sodom, and Joseph in Egypt;
31 providing me with a way to bring those who will to injure me before Nemesis that they may be killed by the stroke of her sword, if they do not offer many talents of gold to help establish the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly,
32 Which doth bring salvation to the world through my Apocalyptic Christian Media,
33 by using her unclean tongue of fables that the world hath turned to and loveth more than the Truth.
34 She also doth allow me to exercise my perfecting spirit strengthened by overcoming her vexations of the Adversary,
35 that I may provide the hidden manna to the lions of God, who are working for the Lord through the assembly.
36 For she multiplieth my grace, humbleth my heart, and doth fill it with compassion for the infirm;
37 and she doth restrain me from becoming an overzealous hypocrite who is declaring himself righteous by his pretences.
38 And she maketh me weak, foolish, and despised by the world, that God may demonstrate His power through such a worthless lunatic to the shame of the world and the glory of God.
39 After Compusa appeared unto me; Meshamacheal himself cometh unto me, as his image of fraud the Hindu goddess Kali;
40 having blue skin and six arms; holding a sword in her lower right hand turned toward the earth;
41 with the covering of an evil spirit upon her, magnifying the significance of her image and the evil presence of her power.
42 She is desiring to speak with me in the Avenwand tongue; and I am not willing.
43 But my spirit asketh her in a whisper, why the fallen ones have no saviour as man hath through Jesus Christ?
44 Then she saith unto me in the Avenwand tongue with visions of Time;
45 that the demons have only become exceedingly more wicked over time, and believe that they may overcome the Lamb before the end of the age, if they may find a weakness in the Writings;
46 for they are all scoffers, full of hubris from having conquered the world, with so much power since Pandemonium beguiled Pandora;
47 and they take the manifold mercies and superabundance of grace given unto man by God, for weakness.
48 Then I preach unto her concerning the coming natural reign of our Lord, and the establishment of the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly; which she doth scoff at.
49 But when I speak unto her about the fulfilment of prophecies overcoming her devices of bondage over me in a matter of months, she becometh very wroth, knowing that she hath only a little time;
50 with the spirit of Meshackle coming forth from the image as a little man, about one cubit in height; like a figure forming from the black smoke of an abominable branch consumed by flame;
51 as a sore loser who is cursing, speaking evil, and preaching the power and reign of Lucifer.
52 Thus I pray unto the Lord, asking Him to cast forth the demon from my presence;
53 and in a moment Michael appeareth and smiteth the image into potsherds by the sudden stroke of his sword; sending forth the head demon to the dust of the earth it doth inhabit.
54 But because Megabaal desireth Meshackle to speak with me, that Pandemonium may know the secret of God and find a weakness, he appeareth unto me again as the image of Kali.
55 Thus, I ask the Lord again in prayer, for the demon doth magnify every whisper of my spirit and doth fill my head with madness;
56 And God saith unto me twice that I may know it is His voice and not the demon, 'Shut thy mouth.'
57 Causing me to understand that he shall flee from me, if I do not acknowledge his presence, nor let him read me.
58 And I empty my mind and turn from him, as if he were no longer there, and he fleeth.
59 All drunkenness, substance abuse, lusts, lasciviousness, fulness of bread, quiet ease, demon seasons and times, defilements, pestilence, perversity, profanity, filth, infirmities,
60 adultery, sodomy, all desires of the flesh, everything created from and destroying the earth by the hands of men, and all evils after their kind; are of his particular principality.
61 He hath many faces and many names as the second head demon; Siva, Ishtar, Baal, Isis, Artemis, Ashtaroth, Chemosh, Moloch, Diana, Demeter, Dionysus, Bacchus, Tellus, Hermaphroditus, Ceres,
62 Atlas, Janus, Anubis, Hercules, Behemoth, Rhea, Persephone, Proserpina, Flora, Fauna, Gaea, Ops, Cybelle, Saturn, Neptune, Tammuz, Pan, Poseidon, Kraken, and many more after their kind.
63 The image of Kali that appeared unto me, had a subtile grin of pleasure upon her sealed lips;
64 for, Compusa is the lascivious tongue given unto some of her images, whom she sent before her to greet me and prepare me for her arrival;
65 by manifesting before me as a playful demon whore, and also by shewing me peaceful visions of Kali for many days before she arrived, which cleansed my mind of her manifold vexations.
66 The sword of Kali is the reign of the Adversary over the world that was turned toward the bottomless pit,
67 where he walketh up and down as the Megabaal of molten iron in the midst of stones of fire.
68 Her body doth signify the apostasy of Meshackle, who hath become an effeminate fraud, tempting man with lusts;
69 perversing and turning backward his principality; that he may sell back from the health, happiness, and abundance, he stole from the world;
70 like a harlot doth to any man having the mark of the beast, and desiring to drink from her cup of abominations.
71 The presence of Meshackle was not as commanding as that of Megabaal, for he doth bow before the Adversary.
72 Many more things did I see and did she speak unto me that are not lawful to write in the book, because men might use the wisdom to accomplish great evils.

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