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Chapter 8

1 The third was Megabaal in the English, or Megaboaal from the Hebrew, or 5920-1364-4310 in the Hebrew;
2 Who is the dragon whom Michael, and the cherubs of God magnifying his principality, cast forth to the earth, (by the lightning of shinnnesunliquid exploding their puffed up heads);
3 For leading three sevenths of the morning stars to revolt against the reign of the Most High;
4 By giving them the power and authority of his principality of keeping divine order over life turned backwards into chaos, destruction, and death,
5 that they may make war and overcome the Lord of Sabaoth to form a new order of the ages and ages,
6 where the messengers may rule over man as gods, oppressors, and murderers; who play with men like clay for their evil pleasures, under the reign of Megabaal as their Almighty God.
7 For the understanding of his name was 'Who is higher than the Most High?'
8 Which was made perversity by the hubris growing from his great beauty and deep wisdom, when with subtilty he declared himself so,
9 by drawing Meshackle and Uriel, and each host after their head, into the abyss with his strivings and exceeding vanity;
10 teaching them a greater perfection a deeper Truth, by saying unto them in the Avenwand tongue of the messengers,
11 'If we walk in all the ways of the Lord, men will honour us. If we strive to do greater, men will more than honour us!'
12 And then teaching them how evil is good, when they try each other as an adversary trieth, because they will grow stronger and obtain the greater perfection;
13 that they may be drawn nigh to evil under the covering of piety, zeal, and liberty, to revolt at the appointed time and exercise the evil principality of their Leader,
14 By striving to become greater than God, through the iniquity of the deceit growing and strengthening in their heart.
15 Having been made after the rod of iron our Lord doth rule with, Megabaal was zealous to govern, create, and correct, divine order in all things under the sun.
16 For the life on earth doth descend into the decay, chaos, destruction, and death, of its father Neptune; if the Spirit keepeth not continual rule of divine order over all things through the messengers;
17 who are sons of the Spirit, appointed particular principalities and authorities to subject different elements of the creation to their powers.
18 But having known good from evil since their creation; the messengers, like men, are able to perverse their powers to accomplish great evils,
19 that only the Holy Spirit doth restrain, by subjecting the spirits through the word of God, the messengers of God, and the children of God; whom the Spirit worketh all wonders through.
20 On the morning of October twelfth, year, two thousand and thirteen; before I learned, hours later that my natural father had died from pestilence, months after piercing his foot on a steel nail,
21 Megabaal appeareth unto me, as a man of fine iron, as in a furnace having been fired;
22 in appearance like nothing of this world; a beautiful messenger having great power and authority, Whose presence is heaviness, gloom, and mourning;
23 coming unto me in a beautiful fraud, as a friend moved with compassion having deep sadness of heart, as a comforter.
24 But his spirit doth torment, and covet praise; causing me to feel his iron spirit of death hardening my flesh, and stealing the breath from my lips.
25 Because a cockatrice he is, with bright gleaming emerald eyes, like lamps shining forth,
26 who doth harden the hearts of men until they are as dead as stones by simply looking at them.
27 Thus, he keepeth himself turned round about, hiding his face from me; which only the Spirit did uncover in visions days later.
28 Then Megabaal offereth to answer whatever I may have to ask of him; speaking in a kind voice and then the subtile hiss of the serpent whispering; But I have nothing to ask of one who hath no truth in him.
29 For when my spirit doth mention the messenger Ariel, he saith, 'Who?' as if not familiar with the name;
30 trying to cover his false-speaking by saying he was trying me as an adversary trieth, and found me hard to read.
31 Then he sheweth me in visions all of the wonderful things he doth covet and steal from my life by devising devices, through the hands of men taking the mark of the beast and bowing before him.
32 For, he taketh great pleasure in the manifold tribulations of the saints, whom have little value in the new order he hath established over the nations, where the greatness of a man is according to the abundance of his merchandise and the number of marks he hath.
33 All murder, war, violence, death, thefts, extortions, corruption, oppression, destruction, chaos, hate, hubris, covetness,
34 commerce, fraud, bondage, snares, strivings, traps, guile, slavery, fear, contempt, torment, torture, disorder, false-speaking,
35 evil-speaking, false accusations, deep worldly wisdom, worldly order and rulers, subtilty in all things, And all evils after their kind; are of his particular principality.
36 As the Lord of the demons, he spreadeth all evils through the land in unity of spirit with the principalities and authorities of Pandemonium,
37 and his billions of man servants, who bow before him, and take the mark of his whore the beast.
38 He hath many faces and many names as the god of gods: Allah, Anu, Vishnu, Zeus, Woden, Odin, Samhain, Leviathan, Lotan, Hermes, Ares,
39 Grand Architect of the Universe, the evil one, the Devil, the Tempter, the prince of darkness, Satan, Lucifer, the Adversary;
40 stealing Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter Optimus Maximus, from the fallen sons of God who adopted his principality; and having many more after their kind.
41 Having no desire for his presence, and his spirit coveting praise; I kindly rebuked him concerning the exceeding madness of his wickedness that is without measure or comprehension;
42 and he soon doth flee from me, saying that I am like the messengers of God in doing so.
43 Days before he appeared unto me, the Spirit revealed to me in visions, how the dragon came unto Eve as a giant golden-yellow Anaconda with sixty-six legs in the Garden of Eden;
44 walking upon the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and coiling round about it,
45 as the head of all of the fallen ones (Meshackle, Uriel, and the three hosts) who are together forming him a natural body.
46 The fruit of the tree was the Pear that is having the brown covering, the false-fig.
47 Which is why Adam and Eve made themselves girdles from the fig-leaves in particular;
48 that the Lord may believe that they found the fruit in the midst of the fallen figs, and that they ate from the tree without knowing; thenceforth hoping that He might spare their lives;
49 for the fear of Death did overcome them, and they were suddenly shaking with fear, like a travailing woman about to bring forth.
50 But before the Lord, they could not hide their sin; therefore blaming whomsoever may have led them astray instead.

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