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Chapter 7

1 Here is the understanding of the seven chief cherubs, who were all perfect in their creation, before iniquity caused three to fall from the heaven;
2 The first is Wonderful, the messenger of our Lord, who is working all miracles and bringing good tidings unto men,
3 Who was made after the countenance of our Lord; Appearing before me as a similitude of our saviour Jesus Christ, the Son of Man;
4 A righteous Jew of kind countenance and simplicity, A teacher of love, mercy, and understanding.
5 So wonderful are his ways, and joy is in him from the Holy Spirit; which I am also becoming drunken from in his presence.
6 His manifestation is a pleasure to behold. For he is not of this world; but like the Son of God, a cherub of love, whom every child would desire as his father.
7 I am speaking unto him in the Avenwand tongue of the messengers; the same tongue of fire that descended upon the apostles on the Day of Pentacost in many divisions,
8 which speaketh from the treasure of the heart in words and visions having deep messages that only the Spirit discerneth.
9 I ask Wonderful if he hath a message from the Lord for the book, and he saith to write 'I love ye always, stay strong, I adore thee for ever, Amen.'
10 Then Wonderful doth vanish as quickly as he did appear; speaking of the madness and confusion of many things to come, as he is turning away to leave.
11 He was the first cherub of God to appear unto me, at the time when morning stars appear in the heaven to men dwelling on the land.
12 But only soon after he left did I understand that he was Wonderful, the messenger of our Lord who is making all things wonderful!
13 The second is Michael, the mighty warrior, who is standing up for the children of God, and keeping the fallen stars subjected by the double-edged sword of the Spirit.
14 In appearance he is like nothing of this world, a man of pure silver, as in a furnace having been fired; whose glory round about him is from the subtile colours of reds and blues, like the glory of pure silver.
15 For he was made after the pure silver heart of our Lord; full of everlasting love that Michael wieldeth like powerful strokes from his silver sword to keep the body of Christ alive;
16 as a guardian of saints, who cometh and goeth, to and fro, in all the land; like lightning, quicksilver, or a heartbeat; appearing for a moment and then suddenly gone.
17 Michael was always the most powerful cherub warrior, whose great beauty is from his deep simplicity of spirit, and treasured heart of a lion fearless to subdue any adversary.
18 The sixth is Gabriel, the man of God, who doth work through righteous men to overcome the principalities, authorities, and spiritual wickedness in high places.
19 He is the man in the moon watching over the children of God, and guiding them through the darkness of this world;
20 having the wisdom of all of the saints, and working through their perfections and gifts to do kindness through kind ones,
21 and to keep the wicked ones subjected through the power of the saints to overcome;
22 who found his work in Israel and the Apostolic Christian Assembly, and now the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly.
23 For, as the head of his host, he speaketh with the heads of each; As he ministered to our Lord after the Tempter came unto him in the desert;
24 And as he blessed Jacob in the flesh by forming his host into a natural body and wrestling with him till the ascending of dawn;
25 having to depart, because the hour when the morning stars in the heaven appear unto men dwelling on the land was waning.
26 My heart desired to look upon Gabriel on the morning that Michael and Wonderful appeared unto me.
27 But the Spirit spoke unto me and said, 'Behold thy face in the glass; Man of God, like Gabriel thou art!'
28 And I thought perhaps Gabriel may have appeared unto me before in deep and perfect visions as the apostle Paul, whom guided me to write all that is profitable; And that he hath no natural form of his own.
29 But then, about a month later, Gabriel appeareth unto me in quiet meekness as himself; a beautiful cherub with golden-blonde hair like waves of the seas, cropped round about his boy like face,
30 who is arrayed with: A scarlet tunic of wool, A skirt of leather fringes, made after the shape of his sword blade, coming down unto the middle of his thighs,
31 A breastplate of fine iron, A buckler of brass adorned with a sun made from many curves coming together,
32 And a cape coming forth from the tunic, made after the deep blue colour of the heaven at late twilight; covered with one hundred and five diamonds, signifying the virgin love of God, he saith.
33 He hath a girdle of gold girt about his loins, as a loincloth may cover, but as if forged to the shape of his body and made out of smooth shining gold.
34 He is standing in leather sandals with each a gold ring, above the foot, binding the straps together.
35 He is armed with a double-edged sword of pure silver, made after the shape of a gothic cross, with a blade like a diamond teardrop in form,
36 having a bright red ruby on each side of the hilt, where the joints of the cross come together.
37 His skin is glowing golden-yellow, like a yellow moon; after the glory of our Lord's feet like fine brass, as in a furnace having been fired;
38 for he was made after all of the perfections of the Son of God: The rubies after his eyes of fire, the breastplate after his rod of iron, the buckler after his feet of brass, the sword after his heart of pure silver,
39 the cape after his voice of many waters, the diamonds after his diamond irises of faithful endurance and love to the ages and ages, the rings and girdle after his girdle of gold,
40 the scarlet tunic after his hair as white as wool, washed in the blood of the Lamb shed for us on the cross his Spirit, the Comforter who came after him;
41 and the leather after his flesh; that was crucified on the cross, and born again in the Spirit when he rose from the dead.
42 The two gold rings are also wedding rings, signifying the Apostolic and Apocalyptic Christian Assemblies,
43 each having a chief cherub, signified by the two gold cherubs of the mercy seat, who are the two golden pipes of the candlestick of gold spoken of by Zechariah the prophet;
44 with the girdle of gold, a chastity belt, uniting the two assemblies together in the Spirit as the virgin bride of Jesus Christ,
45 and the many diamonds signifying the faithful endurance of the saints to overcome tribulations that they may love and serve our Lord through the ages and ages.
46 Cause they are the chosen ones of Christ, who lived after his example on the land, and died in the flesh and fought the good fight for him as the separate blades of leather signify,
47 that they may be born again in the Spirit to become like the host of Gabriel.
48 Then Gabriel saith to speak with him in writings; for the devil devices of the succubus Compusa try to make perversity of the messages of God by the very backward nature of her curse.
49 Then, Gabriel hath me write, 'Hearken son of man, greetings from the Lord, it is awful good to see you, [for] there is so much wrong with the world.
50 I have some good tidings for you. You might be the son of man I have been looking for, because you seem to have the (double) Spirit of Revelation resting upon you.'
51 Thus, I say, 'I am he.' And he asketh me what is to become of things, and how he might be able to help me in this hour;
52 after agreeing he would certainly help lead men into the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly in the days to come.
53 Thus, I tell him that I believe I have to be released on February twelfth of the coming year, the last of my days of prophesy in the prisons; not understanding at that time why I must be kept any longer.
54 Then he asketh me, 'Are you sure?' To which I answer that I am; but not with the firmness of other revelations, because I also thought September seventh of the coming year may be the day.
55 Then he hath me write, 'I shall see what I am able to do; stay safe. The Lord heard your prayers.'
56 Not long after, I hear his voice from afar and receive visions of my adversary turned round about; a woman playing psalms of praise to the false prophet on the keys of an instrument.
57 Then, days later, I learn that this woman was the head over the false accusers who delivered me up, and the sister of the head of state appointing men authority to persecute me;
58 for, the instrument is her authority over the officials she is turning against me with her false light and sorceries.
59 But Gabriel is able to change the hearts of men, and shew them the light of doing kindness to the kind ones, even if the men are heartless wizards;
60 for, he was the messenger who was standing in the way of Balaam on his journey to Moan, who caused him to bless the sons of Israel three times;
61 even though Balak, the king of Moab, provided an abundance of offerings and altars that Balaam may curse them.
62 Gabriel often has to wrestle with the evil desires of the flesh, that men may submit to the will of God; even if he must come unto them as a messenger of death.
63 For the flesh desireth to listen to the demons, who speak in the dark voices of Neptune magnifying everything natural to puff up the spirit of the flesh like a god;
64 Until the Spirit of God may come by visions and messages, shewing men the truth of the voices deceiving them; softening their hearts before Gabriel may come.
65 For, only the Spirit may open their eyes that they may see, and their ears that they may hear, the cherubs of God hearkening unto them; perhaps one last exhortation, when run out hath His superabundance of grace.
66 Gabriel also led many more apostates to do kindness unto me thenceforth, so much so that I could see his works manifest as if his name were written upon them.

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