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Chapter 6

1 All of the messengers of the first heaven, the firmament, are cherubs, who come unto man in all forms;
2 often unseen, or like creatures or things from a dream, revealing messages in deep or subtile visions;
3 who at times appear as living creatures or men in the flesh, when a head may assemble the fulness of his host together to form a natural body.
4 Cherubs are morning stars, who work together in secret ways to fulfil the word of God;
5 using their principalities, powers, and authorities in unity of the Spirit to accomplish the will of God.
6 There were seven chief cherubs, who were guided and divided accordingly by the Seven Spirits of God;
7 with each head having his own principalities and powers, divided and magnified among his host of one million sons,
8 who are messengers after the kind of their head; soldiers exercising dominion according to the particular principalities and authorities appointed unto them under the command of their head.
9 Manifestations of the seven heads each did appear unto, me, Jason, in deep perfect visions, during the early morning hours of October and November, year, two thousand and thirteen;
10 In like manner to when the cherubs of God appeared unto me in unity of the Spirit;
11 when I was a youth of sixteen years, who had eaten a little scroll that men are eating to see spirits and visions;
12 With the four heads revealing themselves unto me with all of their hosts as aliens from the second heaven,
13 having skin the colour of olives, and eyes like their pits, and heads of a backwards teardrop shape.
14 For they were in likeness, a similitude of giant olives bred with men,
15 each after the kind of their chief; Three holding vials of the bright substance they called, 'sunshine liquid;'
16 and a myriad of others descending in a giant silver star ship, who shewed me their power by seeming to blind an official of the broad-places, riding a chariot before me, for a moment,
17 causing him to steer astray from the dark covering; as my heart desired with foreknowledge before it happened that it may be unto me as a sign that they were real.
18 The visions were deep and perfect, wonderful and full of pomp, like nothing I have ever witnessed.
19 And after those days, the Spirit spoke to me concerning those visions that I should make a name for shinnnesunliquid in my works of music,
20 because his principality is deep in heavenly wisdom, And his name hath great power, a pattern of many things common in the creation; a perfection of divine truth.
21 But I did not understand the significance at that time; that the days of the voice of Ariel (whom doth magnify the words of shinnnesunliquid in every tongue and nation like the roar of the seven seas) may be fulfilled through my works,
22 and the establishment of the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly that he shall lead men into.
23 And at that time, the pattern for the crown of the righteousness in gold I did draw from the number of man, not having known its full significance that it is the salvation of man in these last days.
24 For, the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly doth buy gold tried in a trying of fire from the Lord; storing up treasures in heaven,
25 That it may be like the Apostolic Christian Assembly of old, where all possessions and goods are common throughout the assembly;
26 in order that the Lord may sustain the assembly with the hidden manna; that the saints may not be robbed by the dragon from having taken the mark of the beast to their own peril.
27 For this reason, it shall be very hard for those trusting in riches to enter into the reign of God.
28 Then, after the seven chief cherubs appeared unto me, during my days of prophesy in prison, I began to understand the visions of the cherubs of God appearing before me when I was a youth;
29 That the silver starship signified Michael, and the aliens signified Gabriel, and the 'sunshine liquid' signified shinnnesunliquid; and the placard, I have yet to describe, signified Wonderful.
30 Then I began to understand that I was like John, having eaten the little scroll that I may prophesy the interpretation of things at another time;
31 and like Noah and Elijah, because the Lord revealed the hour of the apocalypse unto me alone; that I may make ready for the great tribulation and the second coming of Christ, a people prepared; signified by the starship a similitude of the ark;
32 by assembling the chosen ones of the nations, and the kin of Jesus Christ from the Jews, into divisions under my command; signified by the host of intelligent beings who are not of this world;
33 that they may receive the double Spirit of Revelation and the manifold gifts of the Spirit to serve the Lord like messengers in all of their holy works and supplications;
34 drawing nigh the natural reign of Christ, by taking their place within the assembly according to the rod of iron given unto me by Christ for keeping divine order; that they may also receive;
35 that the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly may become the most powerful force growing among the nations since the Apostolic Christian Assembly; Not by wisdom of words, but by the power of God Almighty!
36 For, the cherubs had also manifested a white placard before me, spanning one hundred cubits in its width and forty-four cubits in its height, arrayed with wonderful gold pictures, all the same, in perfection and divine order,
37 with the great countenance of their Leader on the front within a pyramid shape, and many rows after his kind on the behind;
38 With the pyramid signifying New Jerusalem, and the one hundred and forty-four thousand unblemished virgin Jews of the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly, who shall be baptized in after the fulness of the nations;
39 because the Great Pyramid of Khufu hath this number of stones at its foundation; and the virgin Jews shall become pillars in the sanctuary of God;
40 by helping me redeem one third of Israel from the bondage, oppression, and servitude of Babylon,
41 where they are being held captive by their spirit of deep sleep and bowing before the dragon of Babylon; as they were in the days of Moses.
42 Because I am spiritually Jason, the hero of the Greek myth, whom doth defeat the dragon having seven heads,
43 that I may steal the golden fleece from Molech; (who is stealing life from the children of God through his evil Medea);
44 and heal the kind ones I am able to reach through my Apocalyptic Christian Medea.

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