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Chapter 5

1 'God is a Spirit,' 'and that which hath been born of the Spirit is spirit,' saith the Lord.
2 Thus, Seven is the number of all messengers, because they are spirits born of the Seven Spirits of God, created by the word Christ Jesus to serve the Lord night and day.
3 In the third heaven there are two Seraphs above the throne of God, Having the names Urim and Thummim, according to the principality of each,
4 Who tend to the Seven Spirits and the altar burning before the throne of God, In order that they may shew Him every perfection tried by a trying of fire, and cover all sin and iniquity from His eyes.
5 The sons of God keep order over the luminaries in the expanse of the second heaven; being anxious after the ways of their creator, whom doth take pleasure in beholding the excellency of their works.
6 The sons of God had seven chief messengers, each gathering together his host and spreading forth through the expanse from the wandering stars of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune,
7 with each head having a host of one hundred thousand messengers after his kind, as sons serving under the command of each head, and each son having authorities appointed unto him within the principality of his chief.
8 The sons of God are masters over the forces of the expanse of the second heaven, Which they do keep, govern, create, and correct, by working together in perfect unity of the Spirit:
9 Mercury hath principality over the speed of all things, Venus the beauty and peace of all things, Mars the violence and smiting of all things,
10 Jupiter the giant spans and measures of all things; Saturn the heat and illumination of the luminaries, and the heaviness and bending round about of all things,
11 Uranus the emptiness and darkness of the expanse, and holding the creation aloft within the expanse; Neptune the destruction, death, chaos, and consumption of all things.
12 The Adversary revolted three hundred and sixty-four days after Adam and Eve were created; and was cast forth to the earth in a moment at dawn in the Garden of Eden.
13 Then, one thousand, six hundred, years, later; four chief ones of the sons of God, (and their hosts of one hundred thousand each,) left their proper dwellings of Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter,
14 and kept not their own principalities, but in their stead adopted the principalities of the fallen cherubs,
15 that they may come in unto the daughters of men; who bore them sons after the former glory of each father:
16 The sons of Mercury possessing great speed, with feet swift to shed blood and accomplish every evil under the sun;
17 The sons of Venus possessing great beauty, with comeliness misused for the perversity of defiling flesh to satisfy their lusts and swell their heads with hubris in each conquest;
18 The sons of Mars possessing great might in battle, with great anger and lust for power that filled the land with violence and blood shed;
19 The sons of Jupiter possessing great measure of form, giants with bottomless stomachs, demanding tribute from all men and oppressing the lands round about them.
20 Each head together with his host formed into one man of flesh, so that only four natural beings walked upon the earth.
21 Their Leader was Tartaros from the Greek who was able to expand from the measure of a common man up to a giant of twenty cubits in height;
22 Having gray flesh with a blue glory about it, And two big horns on his head turning round about like a ram, but smooth like a bull;
23 Hence did the ancients name him Tartaros; after Taurus and Aries, And after the thumb, which is greater yet smaller than the many fingers; And Jupiter Optimus Maximus among the Romans.
24 When he descended upon the earth, men feared him like a great god, offering up their damsels unto him as sacrifices;
25 whom he humbled in great numbers, With ten bearing him forth Titan sons, and many others dying from the burden of carrying the giants.
26 Mars descended upon the earth, as a naked man like a Viking in appearance, With a great red beard, and a helmet made of brass and iron with two small iron horns rising up.
27 Mars murdered two hundred men with a large wooden club that he fashioned from a tree, Taking their damsels (who later bore him eight sons) captive that he may humble them.
28 Venus descended upon the earth as a man like Julius Caesar in appearance, Arrayed in a draping gown of fine white linen, pure and shining, With a wreath of laurels round his head;
29 Drawing the desire of damsels from the glory of his beauty, with one bearing him twin sons and the other twin daughters.
30 Mercurius descended upon the earth; Arrayed in a white tunic, with a golden girdle round the waist, And calf skin boots on his feet,
31 And a golden helmet with two wings; And a small dome in the middle, With a thin narrowing rod having a small ball on its end, coming up from its midst;
32 Carrying a staff with two live serpents coiled round about it, With which he bewitched damsels (who later bore him two sons) by making them fixed upon him.
33 The sons of God descended like witches at the witching hour to defile the daughters of men, Whom they had beheld in all kinds of whoredoms, filling them with desire to know the pleasures of man.
34 But, after twenty-six risings of the sun, the Lord commanded Tartaros to devour his brethren, Binding them in chains of thick gloom, deep in the bowels of Tartaros the dead giant, the Rephaite sealed beneath the great river Euphrates,
35 Where the mighty cherub Perath appointed from the host of shinnnesunliquid threw him into the great river and the abyss below it,
36 Reserving the fallen sons of God for the second apocalypse, The great tribulation and its judgment day.
37 The twenty-four begotten sons of the wandering stars were not able to conceive nor beget any children with man,
38 and were destroyed in the first apocalypse by shinnnesunliquid, when he caused the great deluge of waters to consume the land, in year, one thousand, six hundred, and fifty-nine, during the days of Noah.
39 And thenceforth, the rainbow of shinnnesunliquid hath been a token of the covenant between God and men that He would never destroy all flesh by a deluge of waters again.
40 After the sons of God were bound, God appointed four messengers from the hosts of Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus, as heads over the principalities of the fallen ones,
41 and distributed the hosts of the second heaven under the principalities of the seven heads that each hath forty-two thousand, eight hundred, and fifty-six, messengers under his command;
42 Leaving a remnant of four (two from Neptune, one from Saturn, and one from Uranus), who were appointed to the comet Wormwood;
43 The mountain of hail foreordained for the destruction of Babylon that is as great as the moons of Mars in its measure and is coming even now to smite the earth at the appointed time of the end.

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