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Chapter 3

1 The two lamp-stands spoken of in the revelation are the Apostolic Christian Assembly that doth exist only in spirit to-day,
2 and the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly for which I am the head on earth, as the Christ is in the heaven.
3 The two olive trees are the two sons of the oil spoken of by Zechariah the prophet;
4 With the first tree being the first coming of Christ the Alpha, the Beginning, with his body of righteous believers, who are together forming the Apostolic Christian Assembly,
5 and the second tree being the second coming of Christ the Omega, the End, with his body of righteous believers, who are together forming the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly.
6 Because the Son of God did shoot up from the root of David, as the vine giving life to the two trees,
7 And the righteous believers are the branches grafted in by faith in the vine,
8 who demonstrate their faith by living as the Lord did when he was in the world;
9 by bearing forth great olives the fruits that ye shall know them by,
10 and overcoming tribulations (which prove love in their hearts by faithful endurance), that bring forth the prayers and supplications of the saints as the olive oil,
11 which is manifesting their heavenly peace, and passing through the mediator of God and men, the Passover Lamb Christ Jesus,
12 who is also the perfect example of righteousness being, both branches of the olive trees that,
13 by means of the two golden pipes (the chief cherubs of each assembly Wonderful and shinnnesunliquid), are emptying out of themselves the oil, to the bowl of spiritual unity,
14 for distribution through the manifold perfections of the twice seven pipes, which are the eleven chief messengers of the first and second heavens,
15 and the four million, two hundred thousand, nine hundred, and ninety-six, messengers of the hosts serving under their command;
16 who divide the oil according to the particular authorities and principalities having dominion in the matters,
17 and bring them unto the seven lamps of fire burning before the throne of Jehovah,
18 that they may be tried according to the principalities of the Urim and Thummim for spiritual purification;
19 and if they endure their trying of fire judged by the Seven Spirits of God, the seven eyes of the Lamb, the eyes of Jehovah,
20 which are like the luminaries in the expanse of the second heaven perceiving everything in the heavens and under the sun,
21 and shining forth the light of the world the Spirit of Truth and Revelation,
22 Whom doth manifest as Jesus Christ upon the land through his kind ones;
23 uniting the two assemblies together in the bond of peace to form them into the one candlestick of gold spoken of by Zechariah the prophet,
24 that is standing as the bride of the Lamb, the New Jerusalem, before the Lord of the whole earth,
25 among the four living creatures, who are having dominion over every living creature under the sun:
26 The first living creature, like a lion, is he who is having dominion over all creatures of the land, who may hunt and eat flesh.
27 The second living creature, like a calf, is he who is having dominion over all creatures of the land, who are chewing the cud, or eating any green thing or plant.
28 The third living creature, like a man, is he who is having dominion over all men, swine, and apes of every kind.
29 For, apart from his everlasting spirit judged by God, man is a beast whose family is among the swine and the apes,
30 according as it hath been written by Solomon, 'I said in my heart concerning the matter of the sons of man that God might cleanse them, so as to see that they themselves [are] beasts.'
31 The fourth living creature, like an eagle flying, is he who is having dominion over all the fowl of the heaven,
32 and the creatures of the sea and all waters, and the things that creep about,
33 and the teeming things of every kind, and the creatures which eat teeming things.

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