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Chapter 26

1 Here is the understanding of the seventy weeks spoken of by Daniel the prophet; the weeks being portions of seven, as seven years each;
2 The first sixty-nine weeks are the four hundred and eighty-three years, Which began with the decree of king Artaxerxes sending forth a proclamation to restore and build the holy city to its former glory.
3 The sixty-nine weeks were completed when the Messiah rode into Jerusalem sitting on a young ass;
4 Fulfilling the prophecy that the Messiah is cut off, and the holy city is not his; when our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ was delivered up, and crucified.
5 The last week of the seventy is a mix of both natural and spiritual expositions, as I shall expound:
6 The week began with the first Jewish-Roman War, the Great Revolt, on December second, year, sixty-six, when a Greek named Jason sacrificed two white doves to Zeus in front of a synagogue in Caesarea;
7 an abomination of lawlessness to the Jews, who were not able to gain the support of the Roman authorities to punish the transgression.
8 As word spread throughout the land, the indignation grew into murmurrings, and uprisings, and rebellions, against the Roman conquerors of the land,
9 for, they denied them justice, taxed them to death, controlled them, and treated them with contempt under the rule of oppression.
10 The Leader of Rome given authority to end the Great Revolt was Titus Favius Sabinus Vespasianus, a name having a double spirit, as the name of both father and son together being the Leader spoken of in the prophecy;
11 who strengthened a covenant with many legions by their leaders during the seven year war to utterly destroy Israel by a wing of desolating abominations;
12 crucifying hundreds of Jews trying to escape Jerusalem outside the walls of the city each day, as they had done before to other Jewish cities,
13 slaughtering millions of Jews, lying with their daughters, stealing all of their treasures, Burning many of the cities, and temples, and all of the strongholds to the ground; Thus ending Israel as a nation.
14 In the midst of the spiritual week, on the day now remembered as Tish B'Av, the legion of Titus breached the last wall of the Jerusalem Temple stronghold, and plundered the treasures of the Jewish Temple.
15 Doth the Arch of Titus not shew these things by its reliefs carved by many hands into a great stone monument for rememberance?
16 Thenceforth, the Roman soldiers began burning the supports with Greek fire until the Temple was thus destroyed, as Jesus prophesied, 'Do ye not see all these? verily I say to you, There, may not be left here a stone upon a stone, that shall not be thrown down.'
17 The Great Revolt ended when the last stronghold in Masada was conquered, on April sixteenth, year, seventy-three, when nine hundred and sixty of the nine hundred and sixty-seven Jews, fighting for the reign of Israel over Israelites, fell upon their own swords.
18 The Great Revolt lasted exactly two thousand three hundred and twenty-eight days, over a spiritual week of seven years; from year, sixty-six unto seventy-three.
19 Howbeit, the spiritual week continueth through the rememberance of Tish B'Av, which is in the eyes of Jehovah a great abomination,
20 for, as the latest Jewish calendar doth signify, they are not weeping for the Temple of Jehovah, but are instead weeping for Tammuz,
21 and the perfections of superabundance, great power to war, light burdens, making merry, quiet ease, fulness of bread, new wine, and adulterous hearts, that Tammuz, who is Molech the man-slayer, the Adversary's whore, provided them,
22 for their continual sacrifices to Megabaal; the sun god Israel followed year round in festivals as their God As the Temple itself, not Jehovah, hath unto this very day been.
23 Thus, for their idolatry, two thousand years are remembered before the eyes of the Lamb, because one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day; signified by the double spirit of Tishah B'Ab, remembering the destruction of the First and Last Jewish Temples of the age.
24 The fulness of the two thousand years of Tish B'Av are fulfilled to the day at the witching hour of July fourth, In the exact moment that Wormwood doth smite the earth;
25 Fulfilling to the letter the words spoken by our Lord, saying, that the great tribulation cometh in the days following the abominations of desolation, when the encampments surround Jerusalem, and the abomination of the Dome of the Rock standeth where it ought not.
26 After this last Tish B'Av (remembering the destruction of the Adversary's Temple), the natural days forming the exact fulness of the week come to pass,
27 when the remnant of two hundred and thirty days are fulfilled at the going down of the sun on February nineteenth, year, two thousand and seventy-one, the day of Jehovah, The great and fearful, The second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, The last hour of the age.

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