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Chapter 24

1 Here is the understanding of the great whore sitting upon the scarlet-coloured beast:
2 She is Juno Moneta; whom appeareth before me one day as the most desirable form my heart could imagine,
3 as a naked blonde woman like a goddess, as Hollywood, a star of lascivious media, a queen, with perfect form and face, and the smoothest skin,
4 clothed only in a robe, which is opened in the front and only coming down unto her thighs; the robe appeareth to be transparent cloth like silk, woven from the sparkle of stars as stardust, and the wonder of pearls and their majestic glory,
5 having a silver crown upon her head, like the upper arms of a five-pointed star, but with arms formed after the narrowing horn of the crown incorruptible; with her third eye blind, as a great ruby in the midst of the star form.
6 And she sheweth me that she is exceedingly rich and able to transform into whatever my heart may desire at any time.
7 Here is the understanding of her crowns; they are the three greatest cities of the nations having reign over the kings of the earth; New York city, New Rome, and Rome.
8 The third eye is the rarest precious jewel, signifying the Illuminati and their exceedingly limited number of members,
9 who are ruling over the earth through the works rooted in the three cities,
10 which are all working together in unity of spirit; by committing whoredom, as becoming one flesh, for an hour with every chiefest nation of the earth through the United Nations; to force the peoples, and tongues, and nations, and multitudes, to use their mark.
11 The Illuminati rule the earth with Juno Moneta by controlling the money supply, and its distribution to the banks of the world,
12 because they need to poison the world with their cup of abominations through the mark of the beast, that they may sell healing back to the sick and oppressed desperate souls,
13 and lead them unto whoredoms, as apostasy, to keep them slaving for the dragon through sin,
14 by the mouth of the beast coming up out of the earth, having two horns like a lamb; the Protestant and Catholic Churches, and all of the false religion of the whole earth created in the spirit of Uriel.
15 The seven hills of Rome and New Rome are The Great Seat, the throne of the dragon, where he ruleth over the waters,
16 who are all of the peoples, and tongues, and nations, and tribes, of the whole earth; that Juno Moneta hath authority over through the works of her hands, to form, and magnify, and break them, into whatever she desireth the most.
17 As if a child playing in the bath, forming waves with her hands, so is her authority great to shape the waters like less than vanity before her evil eye.
18 The name written upon her forehead, 'Secret Babylon, the Great, the Mother of all Whores and the Abominations of the earth,' hath the understanding of
19 New York city as Secret Babylon, the Great as The Great Seat of Lucifer New Rome, and the Mother of all Whores as the false Virgin Mary goddess of the Vatican in Rome;
20 And the Abominations of the earth are all of the curses of the three head demons, behind each part of the crown, and the name expounded herein.

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