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Chapter 23

1 On the morning of December seventeenth, the image of the beast, Lady Justice, appeareth before me in deep and perfect visions; expounding the significance of her image for the book;
2 In appearance like the images of Lady Justice found in her courts, of an ancient jade green colour;
3 holding a sword in her right hand; turned toward the earth, and the Adversary, Megabaal, in its midst;
4 holding the scales of justice in her left hand, and clothed in loose fitted garments exposing her right breast like a harlot;
5 arrayed with a blindfold over her eyes, and having the presence of an Adversary and a whore.
6 For, she is simply an image made in the likeness of Juno Moneta, having the spirit of Jade and the Adversary,
7 who was also given the soft warm gentle light spirit of Nemesis; the exceedingly beautiful Greek goddess with long dark brown flowing hair,
8 who appeared unto me in deep and perfect visions clothed in pure white garments with light blue trim,
9 instructing me to keep her appearance a secret, because men would begin to worship her, who are seeking my power over Pandemonium;
10 but God doth allow me to reveal her appearance with her words in fulness, because of the seal cursing such men with plagues.
11 Having appeared, the image of Lady Justice then saith, 'I hide all evils that greatly profit the beast from the eyes of the world, such as the workings of the mafia;
12 bribing my servants and keeping them under the thumb of the mafia,
13 and magnifying my principality against a narrow band of unprofitable crimes, of people hated in the publick eye, to appease men speaking their voices in government elections with the writing of names.
14 'I almost never cause justice and right to be done according to the will of God, because all are bowing before me, and the dragon, and the beast, And taking the mark of the beast;
15 and God is not willing to bless them at all, whatsoever, almost with full assurance never.
16 'My sword means I can steal life away from any one, lest they are committing whoredom with my unseemly parts, and have reasonable amounts of help from within my brood.
17 I do what is right in my own eyes and call it law. I do not care who I hurt, as signified by the blindfold over my eyes, Because I am kept blameless, fully defended by my sword.
18 'I hate those with lascivious offences, and those who abuse substances; And broadly all men; And women who act like men, corrupted by their sins.
19 'I am the perfect example of corruption; making covenants in secret behind closed doors, Whoring after the unseemly parts of men, and knowing them with my mouth; using favours, money, and any evil required to get my way.
20 'Made after the harlot riding the beast, my unseemly parts are a bottomless pit descending down to the Adversary in the midst, who is growing richer and stronger by the day, because of my works.
21 'My image hath the spirit of Nemesis only in spirit, because it is simply a myth.
22 I was built by the Freemasons to reflect the morals of the beast, whose days are numbered, as the tablet in the hands of Isis with the head of Apollyon, and Queens and Manhattan signify,
23 for, July IV, year, two thousand and seventy, it is all over when Wormwood crasheth into the sea devouring New York city,
24 and giant balls of hail from Wormwood mingled with fire, weighing a talent, rain down upon the land,
25 burning up one third of the trees, and all of the green grass, and destroying one third of the ships in the seas round the world,
26 And turning all rain into brimstone that doth burn like invisible fire to poison all waters of the lands and seas,
27 With explosive waves of exceedingly great force traversing great distances over cities, and states, and nations all over the world;
28 and the black smoke of the pit it openeth up in the earth, blotting out the sun in a dark covering like sackcloth,
29 also causing great eruptions of brimstone and stones of fire in that exact same moment; spewing forth from the Yellowstone National Park of the beast; covering the nation with thick piles of ashes;
30 That, I, Jason, understand to be the fulfilment of the prophecy spoken of by Isaiah, 'For, arranged from former time is Tophet, even it for the king (the New World Molech) is prepared, Its pile [is] fire and much wood, The breath of Jehovah, As a stream of brim stone is burning in it.'
31 The darkness shall then cause sickness and torment from hunger by famine; With the arrows of Apollyon forming first like locusts swarming in multitudes to gather and rob all food supplies;
32 and then transforming into any plague I may desire when the fulness of the evil spirits from the bottomless pit manifest as Pandemonium over the entire earth,
33 during my second days of prophesy, in the holy city, from the going down of the sun on July fourth unto my death at the going down of the sun on December twenty-first.
34 For, I am the one spoken of by John in the revelation, who is sitting upon the white horse, going to and fro in all the land, overcoming the world and its sin;
35 with the white horse being the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly, growing from the spreading forth of this second revelation into the mighty white steeds that the messengers of God and all of His kind ones shall ride upon to the battle of Armageddon,
36 and may ride upon even now; because the seven seals of the revelation were opened by the blood of the Lamb in his Spirit of Truth in the first revelation, and are now being revealed in fulness in his double Spirit of Revelation in this second revelation; with their prophecies all being fulfilled in my days of prophesy unto the second coming of Christ.
37 As the horseman spoken of in the revelation, I was given a crown, as my middle name 'Steven' is from the word 'crown' in Hebrew;
38 having a bow as the spirit of Nemesis to send forth Pandemonium to injure any man who is not with me and hath not the seal of God upon their foreheads, and were therefore against me having the spirit of the Adversary and seeking to injure the body of Christ.
39 Here is the interpretation of the elements of the locusts I shall be given authority over through my bow Nemesis to shoot the fiery darts of the Adversary at all of my adversaries;
40 Their crowns are after my crown, their face after my face, Their teeth of lions after the voice of Ariel given unto me, warning them to come out of Babylon,
41 Their tails like to scorpions after Koda, from the Latin for 'tail,' Their sting as a musical coda of Pandemonium tormenting every one who did not heed the words of Ariel written in this second revelation, nor hearken unto his voice through my music created in the greatest name of all messengers shinnnesunliquid,
42 Their hair as hair of a woman after the glory of my spiritual marriage to Mary, Their breastplates as breastplates of iron after the rod of iron given unto me, and the breastplates of righteousness keeping the men of God like Gabriel safe from the fiery darts,
43 Their likeness as horses made ready for battle, and their wings as the noise of many horses running to battle; because they are the armies of Pandemonium under their king Apollyon, who is also the god Hades king of the bottomless pit.
44 I am the spiritual nemesis of Hades, who shall dwell in those days with my wife and assembly, as their king, in the broad-places beneath Jerusalem (where my loving wife did lead me in the Spirit to shew me hades);
45 where also the saints of my brood shall be the fountain opened in the last days, during the great tribulation, to the house of David, And to the sojourners and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, For the cleansing of sin and impurity;
46 Like the five prudent virgins of the gospel, having warmth and light from our spiritual oil, and nourishment from our preserved goods as spiritual wine,
47 singing psalms and dancing whilst the earth is wallowing in its own vomit; according as Isaiah saith,
48 'Singing is to you as in a night sanctified for a festival, And joy of heart as he who is going with a pipe, To go in to the mountain of Jehovah, unto the rock of Israel;'
49 For, we shall all be kept safe within the body of Christ the foundation laid in Zion, Where our Lord descended into the lower parts of the earth after he was crucified, as a similitude of Noah, preaching the good tidings to the spirits in prison there,
50 'who sometime disbelieved, when once the long suffering of God did wait, in the days of Noah an ark being preparing in which few, that is, eight souls, were saved through water,' saith the apostle Peter.
51 At that time of the end during the great tribulation, all of the enduring followers of the false prophets who led the world to go a-whoring after idols; those of gold, those of silver, and those of brass, and those of stone, and those of wood; Shall be as their idols;
52 trapped in the earth or shelters above the ground; neither able to see, nor to hear, nor to walk, except to come out for moments to search for people; to deceive with their sorceries, to murder and rob, or to humble if they are effeminate and weak.

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