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Chapter 22

1 Here is the fulness of the understanding of the beast that is coming up out of the sea, spoken of by John in the revelation;
2 the beast who is a prolongation of life given to the four beasts spoken of by Daniel, till a season Independence Day, and a time year two thousand and seventy,
3 the time, and time, and division of time, given unto the little horn the Catholic Church and all of its apostate children who have gone a-whoring after other gods:
4 The last parts of the beast, the ten horns, with ten diadems upon them, have many spiritual expositions;
5 In one spirit, they signify the god-kings of the Illuminati; Rothschild, JP Morgan, and Rockefeller, and the seven other devils who received authority as god-kings for one hour;
6 with the diadems signifying their God, Rothschild, the hidden power of gold behind the Crown of England.
7 In another spirit the ten horns are a similitude of the beast with ten horns spoken of by Daniel, signifying Rome;
8 For the land known to-day as the 'Washington District of Columbia,' was also given the name 'New Rome' by George Washington and his evil brethren; after the city of Byzantium, that was also known as 'Nova Roma;'
9 In part because the District of Columbia was a land of seven small rolling hills like the city of ancient Roma, which is also known as the City of Seven Hills.
10 The Capitol Building of the Washington Nova Roma is named after the temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus built upon the Capitoline Hill of ancient Roma;
11 as the Capitol Building and its Washington image were also built after the appearance of the Vatican in Roma.
12 The name Roma doth signify the backwards principality of the Adversary;
13 for the secret name is Amor, whose understanding is "Love," from the Latin; written backwards to signify love for the devil,
14 after the principality of Cupid, whom doth cause the world to fall in love with devils; whose principalities are rooted in the love of money, as their power to accomplish every evil under the sun.
15 This land was given up to the beast from the two legs of iron of the New World Molech, Maryland and Virginia, to establish a seat of power, a throne for the dragon, to rule over the nations;
16 which doth manifest as the fallen star pattern formed in spirit by the broad-places above the White House, where all of the false kings of Rothschild rule from;
17 For they are created for appearances, and given the honourable title of 'President of the United States of America,' in the image of George Washington;
18 in like manner as the emperors ruling in the image of Constantine to unite the Empire under his false-Christian sun god, who were given the honourable title of 'New Constantine.'
19 The names of Maryland and Virginia joined together in unity of spirit, may be rendered in a new world order as A Virgin Mary eye-land; signifying The Great Seal;
20 whose superscription hath a double spirit that was shewn unto me as a youth, after the cherubs of God manifested before me,
21 which saith spiritually, 'The Great Seat of Lucifer,' by the letter 'L' of the word 'Seal' having a secret spiritual double interpretation as subtile as the serpent;
22 for the blind eye of the chiefest fallen one is the face of the false pyramid (formed in unity of spirit with the hidden letter 'T' of the letter 'L,') signifying the true nature of his spirit causing spiritual blindness in the eyes of the world,
23 who are bowing before him as God, as the all-seeing eye of God, who is aloft as the Most High over the nations he is the head of, whom he doth rule over from his Great Seat in New Rome
24 the Virgin Mary eye-land created by Rothschild (the chiefest tool of the dragon), after the image of the Vatican in Rome;
25 even as a similitude of Rome; which is the smallest nation in the world, having the chiefest power over how men worship the sun god behind the all-seeing eye Megabaal;
26 With the seventy-two visible stones of the pyramid having an evil exposition of signifying the sixty-five chief demons of the bottomless pit, under Lucifer as their emperor, and seven dwelling under his sun,
27 whose names are listed and principalities expounded falsely with very little truth, in a book of sorceries multiplied and distributed by the wizard and Freemason, Aleister Crowley.
28 The New Rome of the Illuminati doth fulfil the natural understanding of the prophecy spoken of by Daniel, where he saith,
29 'The fourth beast is the fourth kingdom of the earth, that is diverse from all kingdoms, and it consumeth all the earth, and treadeth it down, and breaketh it small;'
30 for New Rome is the chiefest power ruling the world under its spiritual reign, even though it naturally was only ten miles by ten miles when first apportioned; growing to sixty-one miles by sixty-one miles over time.
31 The United States of America is the New World Molech, who is devouring the children of God and babes in Christ with his mark (marking them for death by the spears of lightning cast by Juno Moneta as commercial crimes,)
32 and then burning them alive in his brass belly, as if they are freshly caught fish, sacrificed to his mouth Lady Justice to satisfy his hunger;
33 with his feet, part of them iron, part of them clay, being the fulness of his spiritual reign over the world through New Rome.
34 For, as a similitude of the ten nations which came out of Rome, the dragon is dividing his reign to create many false kingdoms for appearances,
35 that he may lord over people who naturally divide themselves by the vanity of special gifts given unto them by Uriel, of special knowledge, works, wisdom, tongues, skills, and beliefs;
36 thus making his unseen reign seem more natural unto them, as the clay part of the toes,
37 by forming false nations, and states, and cities, and villages, and merchants, that are all clay corporations fashioned for appearances to create false peace;
38 whilst further dividing men by false wealth, false worship, false friendship, false prophets, and exceeding vanity.
39 All of them living in a working of delusion, judging every thing by natural appearances, which are magnified exceedingly by the world the dragon hath principality over as affirmations of truth;
40 whilst the iron behind them and among them, are the hidden legs of the Eastern and Western mafia powers, and some of their foot soldiers who are so subtile in places of power that they do not require clay men to do their works.
41 The Illuminati and their friends are stealing money and power away from the people with the most subtile lawlessness, according to their powers to corrupt national governments for their own profits, as heads of Titan corporations.
42 The mafia are doing the same, but by corrupting state and city governments as chiefs of smaller corporations,
43 with their clay foot soldiers as a covering to carry out their murders, violence, and common transgressions; stealing peace away from the streets they curse with their plagues as abominations.
44 Most of the mafia profits come from the creation of clay corporations and clay stock purchasers, whom they are hidden behind;
45 building up the value of their often new corporations quickly by decreeing how the laws are written and executed; By the officials they create, buy, or transform themselves into;
46 that they may profit off the creation and destruction of their new corporate buys, which often were once unlawful or difficult to profit from; because they are clay similitudes of what the best goods are, Or harm the people, and, or, nature.
47 Doing so with great control, that the exceeding growth of their purchases may be as the foreordained casting of lots.
48 The friends of the Illuminati, as a similitude of the arms and breast of silver, receive money from the Illuminati to build up only the best national mafia corporations;
49 taking over control of them to multiply their works in like manner as the mafia;
50 by having control of stock when they are yet small in the nation, and then providing a superabundance of marks to make them great before the nations of the world, that the value may multiply by their grand delusions of sorceries marketing the products.
51 The Illuminati create all presidents, as a similitude of the head of gold; whilst their friends and family, as a similitude of the breast and arms of silver, choose the vice presidents;
52 with the two legs of iron the Eastern and Western mafia, and the friends and family of the Illuminati, sharing part in electing the big brass of the nation, as a similitude of the belly of brass.
53 This is the true distribution of power in the New World Molech, with similitudes after its kind all over the world.
54 But now cometh our glorious Lord Jesus Christ as the stone that was cut out without hands, spoken of by Daniel the prophet,
55 for he is the living Temple of God, the foundation laid in Zion; the rock our faith is built upon, a stone of offence and stumbling disallowed by the blind Jews, that hath become head of a corner;
56 who hath smitten the image on its feet, that are of iron and of clay, and he hath broken them small;
57 then broken small together have the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold,
58 and they have been as chaff from the summer threshing floor, and carried them away hath the wind, and no place hath been found for them:
59 and the stone that smote the image hath become a great mountain, and hath filled all the land;
60 And Wormwood is the great mountain, and sign of the Son of Man appearing in the heaven, causing all of the tribes of the earth to smite the breast when they see the Son of Man coming upon the clouds of the heaven; with power and much glory.

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