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Chapter 20

1 Having seven heads, the beast also hath fourteen eyes which signify its fourteen eye-lands; U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, American Somoa, Puerto Rico, Oahu,
2 Molokai, Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, Niihau, Guam, Guantanamo Bay, Wake Island,
3 and the Phillipine Islands that once were, because they are part of the beast that was, is not, and is about to come up out of the abyss.
4 Here is the understanding of the legs and feet of the Old World Molech:
5 its two legs of iron signify the divisions of Rome into the Eastern and Western Empires during the reign of king Theodosius in year three hundred and ninety-five;
6 with each half dividing into five separate nations, as the five toes of its feet, being made of iron and partly of clay, because some of the nations are stronger than others,
7 with each nation formed by women mixing themselves with the seed of men among their own kind, and not adhering to men of other nations; thus forming the nationalities of:
8 British, French, Spanish, Italian, and German, in the western half of the fallen kingdom, as the stronger right foot of the image;
9 and Turkish, Greek, Syrian, Egyptian, and Lybian, in the eastern half of the fallen kingdom, as the weaker left foot of the image.
10 Here is the understanding of the beast coming up out of the sea spoken of by Daniel the prophet, having ten horns, teeth of iron, and nails of brass:
11 The teeth of iron are the Roman soldiers who consumed the land by the sharpness of their iron weapons.
12 The nails of brass are the nails of Beelzeboul; by which they nailed our Lord to the cross, as if he were possessed by the chief demon.
13 The ten horns have a double spirit; in the Spirit of Truth, signifying the ten nations formed after the fallen Roman Empire, the ten toes of the image,
14 and in the double Spirit of Revelation, signifying the ten Roman emperors given the honourable title of 'New Constantine,' after the image of Emperor Constantine.
15 For Constantine is the little horn of the beast, that doth rise up after Rome is established,
16 diverse from all of the other kings, because he was the first augustus to proclaim himself as a Christian, and to unite the divided Roman Empire under one emperor.
17 Constantine manifesteth as a little horn, because he was the son of an augustus, who was given the throne of a caesar soon after the death of his father,
18 whose appearance became great above his companions over the next nineteen years, by the rod of iron given unto him by Megabaal,
19 which he used to humble the three horns, the three augusti of the Tetrarchy Maxentius, Maximinus, and Lucinius.
20 The eyes of a man in the little horn, signify the spirit of Rajinn possessing him to see every one as evil in his eyes;
21 and himself as a chosen one understanding many hidden things from the spirit of deep wisdom given unto him by Megabaal.
22 Being possessed by Megabaal, as a choice tool, he sought to uncover how he may kill the seed of Jesus Christ, those keeping the commands of God, and the testimony of Jesus Christ,
23 by using his mother as a false Christian to seek out and spy on the assemblies of the Way, that he might find some way to rid the empire of their allegiance to a spiritual king,
24 Whom Rome could not crucify twice, for stealing power away from their principality of oppression and spiritual bondage over the world through their devices of temple laws and taxes;
25 weakening Rome because all possessions were common in the Apostolic Christian Assembly, as they trusted not in riches; using none of the gold Rome ruled over and taxed, for they had not official temples to tax.
26 The spiritual bondage of idolatry and myths allowed the rulers of Rome to deceive the peoples, and tongues, and nations, and multitudes, with strong delusions of their power, as god-kings,
27 like Constantine, whose chief god was the sun god who was spiritually Megabaal, having the heart of Apollyon, bathed in the false light of Apollo demons who possess the souls of all of the blind men worshipping it.
28 Whilst the Christians, having the Spirit of Truth working through them, were not blinded, nor deceived into bowing down before the god-kings;
29 like the heathens Rome was leading astray into bondage down the broad-path to destruction, by the signs of their false prophets, and the lying wonders of their Apollos.
30 Constantine hoped to change laws by ending the persecution of Christians, that he may use the false peace to corrupt their teachings and subvert them,
31 by creating the mouth of a false lamb in his Church of the Holy Apostles, speaking great words of guile as a dragon the adversary of the Most High,
32 that he may wear out the power of the saints and the Most High through vain repetitions of their names in prayers,
33 In part by buying the chief overseers of the Apostolic Christian Assembly with great fields of land, power, and gifts; under the covering of proselytizing the heathens,
34 that they all may bind his doctrines of demons, like the worship of: A false Virgin Mary goddess, A false apostate mockery of Christ as a myth, And men whom they call saints, and are not;
35 and also that they may create commands of men to follow: about when not to eat certain meats, and how to dress, act, and observe seasons and times, How to pray, confess sins, And many more deeper truths, exalting themselves over the perfection and simplicity of Christ;
36 for there are endless ways to interpret the Holy Writings, but there is only one way to interpret them with perfection by the Spirit of Truth and Revelation;
37 with all churches of the world using guile to weave fables, often changing many words in their books, that their expositions may fit within the rendering of the word by their false words.
38 For, as shinnnesunliquid saith, 'I am what I am, and you are not able to change me by thinking of me differently;'
39 and the only way to interpret the Holy Writings is to accept the whole word as perfection the whole truth to the letter, inspecting every blemish common to translation;
40 with the things all having a natural exposition, unless they are clearly similitudes, and the prophecies often having a double spirit, or many spiritual expositions within the same double spirit.
41 For the word of God is Christ, and if one doth love Christ, he shall seek with all of his heart to look upon his unblemished face, and shall believe in him with all of his heart,
42 and by doing these things, and living by the teachings of Christ, the double spirit shall now be poured out upon him if he is shewing wisdom by living according to what he is knowing to be true in his heart;
43 but if he is unfaithful with the little things, how shall God be able to bless him with understanding to do greater things?
44 Megabaal, working through Constantine, desired to unite the empire in a single belief that could then be secretly controlled by him through the emperors of Rome as a secret Babylon,
45 allowing him to again possess the souls of men, along with their bodies and lands; as he did before Christ, with little coming in the way;
46 and thus doing so, by simply transforming the demons Rome worshipped into messengers of light, having Christian appearances and names;
47 with the Roman Catholic Church built upon his foundation, going on to change seasons by the false Christian covering,
48 bathing many of the sabbats of witches and heathen festivals, full of secret rites and idolatry, in the blinding false light of his sun god manifestation.
49 The Protestant Churches coming out of the Catholic Church have carried over all of the same demons, but often with greater subtilty;
50 by in part transforming their appearances into Protestant': rites, false teachings, deeper truths, commands of men, and seemingly common worldliness; (as a form of godliness, with power having denied).
51 Thus hath this little horn prevailed over the whole world, by killing off the Apostolic Christian Assembly,
52 and having great lengths of time to exert and magnify itself above God as the false light leading the world astray,
53 that the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly shall only be able to save a remnant of the many it hath led to destruction since its foundation.
54 For, any assembly, not of the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly, in these last days; hath a false prophet at its head, who is saying that the revelations of this book are a lie or have blemish;
55 leading men to bow down before the dragon, the beast, and the image of the beast;
56 that they may slave for the mark of the beast, and live in the false peace and corrupt liberty of apostasy and its perpetual sin;
57 as men following a piper down the broad-path and off a cliff, because their eyes were fixed upon the sun god, who was leading them straight to his place of destruction in hades.
58 Constantine is the man of sin spoken of in the epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians, the little horn growing into Great apostasy, from his Roman Catholic Church established in New Rome.

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