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Chapter 2

1 In the sixth year of captivity in the prisons of the image of the beast, the Holy Spirit began instructing, me, Jason Steven, son of Steven John, how to write the second revelation in a book;
2 after teaching me, during my years of captivity arrayed in the penitent sackcloth of the penitentiary, the understanding of the Holy Writings and the secret of God.
3 The seventh chief cherub gave John the apostle a little scroll to eat, having the double Spirit of Revelation resting upon it;
4 with the hand of Jehovah as the hinderer holding it back with His seal, that none should understand the second Spirit of the latter day prophecies of the Holy Writings.
5 Then John ate the little scroll, that was in his mouth as honey sweet, like the roll of a book given unto Ezekiel to eat, because the word of God it was;
6 but his belly was made bitter, according as it hath been written 'In abundance of wisdom, abundance of sadness, and he who addeth knowledge, addeth pain.'
7 After John ate the little scroll, shinnnesunliquid said to him, 'It behoveth thee again to prophesy about peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings many.'
8 Here is the understanding; 'Elisha received a double portion of the Spirit that worked through Elijah;
9 with John the Baptist coming in the spirit and power of Elijah, to make ready for the Lord, a people prepared;
10 as I have come in the spirit and power of the two witnesses, (Elijah the prophet and John the apostle,) having the Spirit of Truth and Revelation resting upon me, a double portion of the Spirit;
11 that I may make ready with my loving wife Mary, as a similitude of Joseph, a people prepared; exercising my authorities during the great tribulation and days leading up to it.'
12 Thus, saith Malachi, 'Lo, I am sending to you Elijah the prophet, Before the coming day of Jehovah, The great and fearful.'
13 The days of John the Baptist fulfilled the spiritual understanding of the prophecy,
14 when the spiritual reign of God, through Jesus Christ, manifested in righteous believers sealed with the Spirit of Truth.
15 But the days of myself shall fulfil the natural understanding of the prophecy,
16 when the natural reign of God is established on the earth at the end of the age by the second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ, on the day of Jehovah, The great and fearful.
17 The hardness in part to Israel is because of the spiritual and natural expositions concerning the prophecies of the Messiah;
18 for, the manifestation of the Christ became a stone of stumbling before the Jews even John the Baptist,
19 Who were looking for the great signs in the heavens, and the natural reign of a mighty prince like king David, A God of Instructions for the natural, not a God of Faith for the spiritual;
20 according as it hath been written in the prophets, 'And I have given wonders in the heavens, and in the earth, Blood and fire, and columns of smoke.
21 The sun is turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, Before the coming of the day of Jehovah, The great and fearful.'
22 'And My servant David [is] king over them, And one shepherd have they all, And in my judgments they go, And My statutes they keep, and have done them.'
23 Israel hath little understanding of living by Faith, and the God of Faith for the Spiritual nations among them.
24 But, according as it hath been written 'I shall turn back the heart of the Father to pity the sons of Jacob,
25 And the hearts of the sons to love the Father by loving His only begotten Son, Before He cometh to utterly smite the land.
26 And in like manner, I shall turn back the hearts of the apostate nations,
27 so that they too may be grafted in again by adoption as sons of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, and God, through the Spirit of Jesus Christ within them living,
28 because I am spiritually, John the apostle and Elijah the prophet, the two witnesses of the revelation;
29 Thus saith the revelation, 'If any one may will to injure them, fire doth proceed out of 'their mouth,' and doth devour their enemies.'
30 For, the devouring fire that proceedeth out of my mouth as the tongue of Jehovah, the Spirit of Truth and Revelation, is the thunder.
31 And if any one may will to injure me, thus it behoveth him to be killed by the messenger of the abyss whose name from the Greek is Nemesis; and it is the lightning.
32 The Lord having said, 'I was beholding the Adversary, as lightning from the heaven having fallen,'
33 and having given his disciples authority over all demons; even the messengers of the abyss are subjected to me.

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