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Chapter 19

1 Here is the understanding of the beast with the seven heads that is coming up out of the sea, spoken of by John in the revelation:
2 Here is the mind that is having wisdom; the name of the beast is 'The United States of America,'
3 and the number of its name is two hundred and sixty-one, 261, as added together from the value of each letter in its name,
4 according to the pattern of counting the place of each letter from the English alphabet, as its value; for example, the value of A is one, C is three, D is four, E is five, and so on;
5 with 261 interpreted spiritually as double-six and one, the number of man, 616; the pair made on the Sixth Day in the image of God.
6 The beast is made up from parts of the beasts spoken of by Daniel the prophet, as similitudes;
7 for each part of the beast is a separate part of the kingdom, taken or bought from another nation or tribe.
8 Here is the natural exposition of the lion coming up out of the sea of peoples, and tongues, and nations, and multitudes, spoken of by Daniel the prophet;
9 The lion given the heart of a man is king Nebuchadnezzar, whom the Most High caused to become like a beast in the field, eating herbs as an oxen eateth, and by the dew of the heavens making his body wet;
10 with the wings of an eagle being the authority of the king being taken away, in like manner to the Adversary being cast forth from the heaven and cursed to roam the earth as a beast;
11 for even his hair became like eagles' hair and great, and his nails' as birds; until God changed his heart and humbled him, that he may pity the poor and do righteous works before God.
12 Daniel called king Nebuchadnezzar a king of kings, having reign over the nations of the world as Babylon; the head of gold seen upon the image in his dream;
13 the image signifying many kingdoms, each lower than the kingdom it overcometh; as an affirmation that the Most High is ruler in the kingdom of men, and to whom He willeth He giveth reign.
14 The secret of Egypt becoming the first great god-king, like Babylon was; control the gold supply, force the labor by using law to control how people pray unto Pharaoh as God, and kill any one who doth not bow before the god-king;
15 as Nebuchadnezzar also did, by in part decreeing that all peoples, nations, and languages, do obeisance to his golden image when they hear the certain kinds of music, or else in that hour be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace.
16 This is how the dragon oppresseth the world into working hard to accomplish his evil plans; making all of the kings of the earth rich by following the secret of Babylon;
17 with the Illuminati as the Babylon, god-king Pharaoh, of to-day; who built The United States of America through George Washington and the Freemasons of his day,
18 upon the gold provided from the God of the Illuminati, Rothschild, the hidden power behind England, the god-king of the dragon,
19 who owned and created everything in England through a false kingdom kept up for appearances;
20 taking away the true power of the kings, And instead placing them upon thrones as security for their debts, which were grown exceedingly over time by the usury hidden within the double spirit of his covenants.
21 For, he worketh in unity of the spirit with the Vatican in Rome, the beast coming up out of the land, with two horns, like a lamb, that speaketh guile like the Adversary;
22 with the land being the apostle Peter, as the rock upon which the Catholic Assembly boasteth of its false authority over Christians;
23 and the two horns being the Great Schism, which naturally divided the Catholic Assembly between the assemblies of ancient Rome and New Rome Constantinople;
24 appearing like a lamb, because it is the false Catholic Christ of guile created by Uriel to lead the world astray, that all may bow before the beast, its image, and the dragon.
25 As the hidden power behind the East India Company and England, Rothschild sold the thirteen colonies to the Freemasons by a secret covenant hidden within picture messages that only George Washington had the key of knowledge to understand;
26 Requiring only that they establish the Bank of England as the bank of the nation, collecting debts of the false war and people with usury in lending.
27 Thus creating a new form of government, where the slaves thought they had liberties and rule from the false promises of a scroll,
28 that would begin to multiply favour among the British colonies, and trick them into fighting pretences of war with small battles that the people may believe they earned their freedom;
29 in the end making the bankers exceedingly richer by creating a working of delusion that the people were free from unnatural laws and oppression,
30 no longer forced to use the gold that the king of England controlled the supply of and taxed exceedingly, and thus able to use their preferred writings of faith for money in its stead.
31 Until the Illuminati bankers put their foot down, and took all of their possessions, souls, and gold during the Great Depression they created by the hands of JP Morgan,
32 who was controlling Wall street, and selling worthless bonds secretly;
33 causing stock prices to soar like eagles, and then fall into the bottomless pit; making it exceedingly difficult to find work or loans of any amount, after both were before very easy to obtain;
34 allowing the banks to steal everything from the debtors; starving the nation, and making the people exceedingly fearful, destitute, desperate, and vanity; as clay before the Illuminati;
35 who then came in and offered a plan of healing with the mark of the beast, through officials whose elections they paid for on all sides; that there would be no way to lose the race, nor any true choices for the people.
36 Thus making the Illuminati all powerful, for they stole all of the gold, possessions, and souls of the nation by lawless decrees and proclamations,
37 buying full control of the government with worthless promises to pay debts which are never paid the mark of the beast,
38 the money translated into every form of money in the world; traded by the nations in the trillions of dollars each day, in unity of spirit with the beast who is able to create and destroy all governments as Kali,
39 with no one able to buy, or to sell, except he who is having the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of its name the trade value;
40 for there is no other lawful money for any one; no matter how small, great, rich or poor, whether freemen or servants;
41 with the mark taken spiritually by the right hand (as the hand that commonly taketh,) and forehead (signifying its delusion of value).
42 For the beast doth use its image, created in unity of spirit with the Catholic Church full of false sins and oppressive commands of men to steal life away, either quickly or slowly, from any one not bowing before Lady Justice,
43 the image who was given the spirit of Nemesis, that is able to speak through the servants of her Temple the Courts, by the lawyers, judges, and court officials; to make a mockery of justice by her commands of evil-speaking, and orders to kill all of the heretics of law disobeying her will;
44 holding false trials for the eyes of the world, and using pretences of law, which appear to be lawful in nature, but are instead lawless decrees of oppression which are themselves transgressions of the natural law of God;
45 for she approveth of every lawless act of the government written as a law or executed by its officials; except when she must cover an incurable breach to keep appearances of justice, and seemingly restore faith in the false government.
46 Thus, according as I have expounded; the mouth of the beast like a lion is the land bought from Rothschild, which became the first fourteen states of the beast.
47 The great city of Babylon spoken of in the revelation is New York city,
48 where the three most powerful god-kings of the whole earth, Rothschild, JP Morgan, and Rockefeller, all established themselves with buildings of royal pomp as the reign of the Illuminati;
49 in part by using seven other man-slayers, who received authority as god-kings for one hour with the Illuminati to establish the mark of the beast in the spirit of the Roman goddess Juno Moneta,
50 The wife of Zeus, or Jupiter Optimus Maximus, whose principality is as defender of the people; keeping the security of the people and the mint with her spears of lightning,
51 which seek out, like lightning, the Adversary harming the people; by in truth being the same Adversary joined in unity of spirit with Yada and Uriel to form Juno Moneta;
52 for, Yada, in her perfection as a messenger of light, doth transform into whatever perfect and beautiful queen each man desireth to know in his dreams.
53 The Illuminati have always worked in the spirit of Juno Moneta; as bankers who force men into oppressive debts by destroying their security,
54 who then establish themselves as the mint and defender of the people, that they may rule over them as secret Babylonian god-kings through debtor laws they create in all nations.
55 Thus, about three months after the proclamation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared it unlawful for the people to receive their money in gold from the banks,
56 Juno Moneta struck again with her spears of lightning as House Joint Resolution 192, at the beginning of the Roman month of June named after her,
57 creating a New Deal with the Devil to seemingly heal the fourth head of the beast, the treasury, that was slain to death by the stroke of the steel sword forged by Vulcan for Samhain;
58 a sword forged from World War One debts, Wall street crumbling, and the banks having foreknowledge to hide the gold of the people over seas; all troubles the Illuminati created!
59 These are the names of the seven devils who received authority as god-kings for one hour with Babylon, having the minds of Baal, and a name of evil-speaking, Juno Moneta, upon them;
60 Charles Norton, Henry Davidson, and Benjamin Strong, as the heads serving under JP Morgan,
61 Abraham Piatt Andrew as a head serving the treasury of the beast,
62 Nelson Aldrich and Frank Vanderlip, both serving as heads under Rockefeller; with Aldrich, as the father in law of Rockefeller, serving also as senate whip and head of the National Monetary Commission;
63 Leaving Paul Warburg as the head serving under Rothschild, as the king of the seven;
64 having the fulness of the spirit, with the others simply magnifying his understanding of parts they had principality over.
65 The Illuminati failed to sell the League of Nations to the American people following the millions of lives lost in the World War One they created;
66 For, many generations still had some faith in God, and did not want to give up power from their reign in the only nation where it seemed the common people were kings under the natural laws of God;
67 in large part because of President Andrew Jackson breaking the covenant with the Bank of England; Declaring that a national bank was unlawful under the natural law the government was founded upon; in year, one thousand, eight hundred, and thirty-six.
68 Thus, the Illuminati created the United Nations, in large part through their chiefest traitor Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as the New World Order of Babylon, ruling over all peoples, tongues, nations, and multitudes;
69 Which under the covering of preventing another one of their world wars; began to heal the wounds of the millions of Jews they slaughtered;
70 by forming a Zion State in year, one thousand, nine hundred, and forty-eight, according to their plan;
71 and thus fulfilling many spiritual expositions of prophecies concerning Israel in the latter days.
72 For, it hath been written Zion doth bring forth a nation in one day, when Jehovah gathereth Israel out of all of the lands He did scatter them;
73 bringing them forth unto their land, to rebuild the wastes, inhabit the land, and multiply;
74 Healing the incurable breach from the strokes of the steel sword forged by Vulcan for the Adversary, whom destroyed the nation of Israel in the first Jewish-Roman War by the hands of Rome.
75 Because the United Nations was formed in California, a state that is one of the seven heads of the beast like to a leopard;
76 the creation of the Zion State and the New Deal fulfilled the spiritual and natural expositions of the prophecy of the revelation, which saith,
77 'And I saw one of its heads as it was slain to death, and its deadly stroke was healed, and all of the earth did wonder after the beast.'
78 The Adversary, the dragon, worketh through the Illuminati to rule the world,
79 using all of the known Titans of the earth, and some of their chiefest ones as members and friends of the Illuminati;
80 spreading out their power through the earth infinitely, with all of the kings of the earth joined to the unseemly parts of the Illuminati through the hidden powers behind the known mafias,
81 mafias created for appearances to blind the eyes of the world, and to create foot soldiers for the Illuminati;
82 with most known mafias born from the underworld merchants the Illuminati created with oppressive laws after the Great Depression,
83 whose heads are built up by mafias joined to the dragon, to create and command members who are then sacrificed to the image of the beast.
84 The Italian, Irish, and Jewish mafias, in that order of power, are the three chiefest members, whom all were joined to the Illuminati since the beginnings;
85 with even their known mafias at times hidden behind false mafias made for entertainment in like manner;
86 allowing the known mafias to grow wealth for the hidden powers behind them by the blood money and oppressions, that the hidden mafia may accomplish much greater evils with subtilty;
87 stealing all true power away from the sheep they are making merchandise of;
88 rarely being caught because the eyes of the world are not upon them, but upon the common transgressors they create;
89 always slithering out of trouble like serpents, even if they are caught, because of Lady Justice rotting black from corruption within.
90 For the true mafia, near the top of the pyramid, appear as lawful merchants of the highest esteem, as secret underworld millionaires and billionaires,
91 who bribe and create officials to write the laws and carry them out in particular ways to keep their lawlessness hidden, and to destroy any one not bowing down before them;
92 for Lady Justice was created in the image of the Illuminati; whom with no conscience sacrifice souls to their cup of abominations that they may become drunken from their oppressions and power to steal life away from any one not serving them;
93 all of the poorest men who have not known learning, or suffer from madness in large part from the substance abuse that their mafias create, the violence they teach, and the desperation they cause by oppressions;
94 according as it hath been written by the apostle James, 'Do not the rich oppress you and themselves draw you to judgment-seats;
95 do they not themselves speak evil of the good name that was called upon you?'
96 uttering words of profanity and guile in the English tongue they use for evil speaking, the language of the beast as decreed by its new false English law,
97 the oppressive laws of Lucifer carried out by his lawyers, who have British titles of nobility as Esquires, which are their principalities to carry out the commands of the Adversary;
98 All of them servants of the British Accreditation Registry the BAR, as members of its American branch,
99 who are made rich by withholding the key of knowledge to oppress men transgressing against the image of the beast Lady Justice with burdens grievous to be borne,
100 making pretences of defending men, that none may escape bondage or the sword, as they themselves are held in slavery for life with the second death and hades awaiting them after they die;
101 spreading out their teachings throughout the world, so that every nation might follow after the image of the beast with its pretences and oppressions that steal life from the souls of men.
102 For New England is the head part of the lands forming the mouth of a lion, as Rothschild is the true head of the beast,
103 with the lion being the devil, Rothschild, a roaring lion with a double-spirited serpent tongue of guile, walking about, seeking whom he may swallow up.
104 A mockery of the true king of kings, lord of lords, Jesus Christ, the lion of Judah given the heart of a man,
105 whose reign was held steadfast when Mary was given two wings of a great eagle, allowing her to travel quickly into Egypt where she nourished the Christ child for days a thousand, two hundred, sixty,
106 with the gold that the Chaldean mages brought them in a great treasure chest, under the sealed commands of Daniel the prophet,
107 instructing them to deliver the chest unsealed to the king of the Jews who would be born in Bethlehem.
108 For Daniel taught the Chaldeans under him great wisdom concerning the stars, as a chief one during his exile,
109 instructing them to watch for a sign in the second heaven during the years a king may be born and grow into a young warrior; according to the interpretation of the sixty-nine weeks of the prophecy given unto him;
110 with the sign manifesting as the rarest pattern of all, when the wandering stars of Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter, (marked by the rising of Venus) formed into a royal septer within the constellation of Leo, during the feast of booths,
111 Thus fulfilling all that I have expounded herein according as it hath been written in the prophets, 'Lo, I send My messengers before thy face, who shall prepare the way before thee,'
112 'A voice crying in a wilderness Prepare ye the way of Jehovah, Make straight in the desert a highway to our God.'
113 For, as shewn unto me by the second Spirit of Revelation, the wandering stars were the messengers made straight as a sign, like a highway through the desert of star patterns as common as sand,
114 the highway by which the mages traveled straight to our God, Who was the voice crying in a wilderness of Egypt, weeping for the children of Rachel, because they were not.
115 Here is the understanding of why the beast hath feet as of a bear, the New World bear the grizzly bear;
116 with the two front feet signifying the Native American Indian and Inuit tribes,
117 and the two back feet the bear standeth upon signifying the nations of France and Russia as the power behind their security from the beast.
118 Because the grizzly bear is native to Western North America,
119 And the lands of both tribes were to the west, and at the foot of the fourteen states forming the mouth of a lion,
120 And the word 'grizzly' cometh from the word 'grisly;' signifying the grisly nature of bloody torments, like the cutting of skins from the tops of heads, used by the Indians in battle.
121 The bear part also cometh from the Western North American lands reaching into the arctic, to-day having the name Alaska, as the land of the Native American Inuit tribes,
122 with the word 'arctic' coming from the word in Greek 'artikos,' whose understanding is, 'of the Bear,' signifying the stars of Ursa Minor,
123 whose brightest star is Polaris, one of the most special stars of shinnnesunliquid the king cherub for whom the Alaskan season of 'liquid sun shine' is so named,
124 according to the nature of his principality as Mother Nature,
125 and as a guiding principle found throughout all of creation, leading men across his wilderness and seas to everlasting life, Amen!
126 The beast like to a bear spoken of by Daniel the prophet, is Media and Persia, which after many wars became Persia, to-day having the name Iran,
127 with the two nations first joining together as the two silver arms and silver breast of the image in the dream of king Nebuchadnezzar,
128 as the weaker god-king that devoured Lydia, Egypt, and the stronger god-king of gold Babylon; as the three ribs the bear left barren.
129 The two nations of France and Russia are a similitude; being two separate nations, reigning over two separate tribes,
130 whose New World lands were united together to form the silver breast and arms of the New World Molech,
131 an exact similitude of the image in the dream of king Nebuchadnezzar, which was given reign over the Old World.
132 And like the silver of the image, the lands were much less expensive to purchase than the covenant with Rothschild;
133 because Rothschild first built up Napoleon by the hands of Benjamin Franklin to behead the wise kings of France who would not part with their desirable New World lands;
134 by binding Napoleon to a secret covenant, like the one behind the American Revolution, to carry out the French Revolution;
135 requiring only that Napoleon sell the lands of the Louisiana Purchase to the beast for fifteen million dollars.
136 Then Florida was taken, and later made a state, when frontiersmen stamped out the Native American Indian tribes,
137 who were weakened and cut off from their brethren by the establishment, growth, and magnified strength of the beast.
138 The beast then obtained Alaska from Russia at the lowest possible price, after hopes of building a New Russia within the desirable land of the New World vanished;
139 considering the beast had in large part devoured it as a similitude of the bear having three ribs in its mouth,
140 by consuming the lands of the native tribes dwelling at the foot of the first fourteen states as one rib, to the west of them as the second, and their Alaska being the third;
141 consuming much flesh, (like the bear doth), of the Native American Indians who inhabited the desirable lands; until the people were living on, only as a remnant.
142 Here is the understanding of why the beast was like to a leopard; the New World leopard the jaguar;
143 The jaguar doth inhabit the South West of The United States of America,
144 in like manner as the beast of the revelation having seven heads of a jaguar like to a leopard, which signify its seven southwestern states, formed from the remnant of the mainland; taken, and in part purchased, from the native American Indians and Mexicans;
145 after the frontiersmen settled in the lands, fought battles, and later joined their lands in a union of marriage to Kali,
146 who divided the land into the seven states of: Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah;
147 thus creating a similitude of the beast like to a leopard spoken of by Daniel the prophet, which was Greece during the reign of Alexander the Great;
148 as a beast that hath four wings of a foul on its back, signifying the dominion given unto Alexander the Great as king over each of its four heads, the four heads of his hosts; Seleucid I, Ptolemy I, Antigonas I, and Antipater,
149 who all fought for reign of the kingdom after the death of Alexander; soon leading to the fatal stroke wounding the fourth head of the beast, Antipater, to death.
150 After thirty-seven years of wars between the three remaining heads; the kingdom of Alexander the Great was divided into the four power blocks of; the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt, the Seleucid Empire in the east, the kingdom of Pergamon in Asia Minor, and Macedon;
151 which became the nations of Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor, and Macedonia; In like manner as the beast like to a leopard with seven heads,
152 which divided the lands of the natives, formed into the four power blocks of California, Utah, Texas, and New Mexico, into the seven southwestern states.
153 And like the belly and thighs of brass of the image of Molech, these lands were even less expensive to purchase than those of the grizzly bear;
154 costing the beast only the price of establishing highways of trade for its weapons and supplies to build up the frontiersmen conquering the natives, and the armies who fought in the Mexican War;
155 With the lands being like brass; having deserts of little value as tin, and desirable lands of abundance as copper.
156 The mouth given to the beast speaking great things, and evil-speakings, is the false light of perversity and apostasy coming from Hollywood, and all worldly media after its kind,
157 diverse media that Babylon hath authority over through Illuminati members like Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, and many after their kind; over every tribe, and tongue, and nation;
158 media created in the antichrist spirit of Deism given to the nation by the Freemasons,
159 who gave their mouth to the beast on the day the nation was born,
160 using their great wealth and authority to build the chiefest printing shops; that they may possess the minds of the nation with their broadly distributed guile written in the spirit of the demons possessing them,
161 whose establishment was paid for by the Illuminati, when Rothschild made them his choice vessels,
162 whom appeared to be great by all of the great signs given unto them to do before the beast the nation,
163 like causing fire to come down from the heaven to the earth before men, as myriads of cannonballs, and the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air;
164 that they may make the people of the land bow before the beast, (and the Illuminati who gave the authority of Lucifer to the beast,) saying, 'Who [is] like to the beast? who is able to war with it?'
165 And the mouth of the beast hath all of the great authority of Lucifer and Meshackle to make war, by the principality of the dragon as Mars multiplied without end; for forty-two months by each mouth,
166 with the forty-two months being forty-two years, multiplied by the seven mouths of the seven heads, and thus having authority for the two hundred and ninety-four year reign of the beast;
167 which doth open its mouth to-day with exceedingly more evil-speaking toward God than many Freemasons like Thomas Payne and Jefferson,
168 to speak evil of The Word of God His name, by taking it in vain, profaning it, cursing it, and using the word of God to accomplish every evil under the sun;
169 in like manner speaking-evil of His tabernacle the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly, and of those in the heaven tabernacle the Apostolic Christian Assembly resting in the Bosom of Abraham.
170 And there was given to it to make war with the saints of these assemblies, and to overcome them, by the evil-speaking;
171 that the mouth of the beast may lead the world astray, and take away force from their God given principalities.
172 Freemasonry is a creation of the Vatican and Illuminati, having a false history of myths to make its members seem as though they possess deep ancient wisdom;
173 as a form of godliness believing in the wisdom of the Holy Writings, but the power having denied.
174 Thus did the Freemasons cause those dwelling upon the land to make an image to the beast as a harlot, the Jade stone of Meshackle formed in the spirit of the ancient Greek goddess Nemesis,
175 whom began working in unity of spirit with Juno Moneta soon after the New Deal with the Devil was made,
176 to turn all forms of criminal law into money exchanges, where the debtors have no authority except that given unto their false-defense lawyers of the BAR,
177 because there is a double spirit within all cases, having an appearance of being under the natural laws governing the beast from its establishment, whilst in truth being all lies and pretences.

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