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Chapter 17

1 On the Lord's Day, December twenty-second, I am lying in my bed overcome in my fleshy mind by the evil curses working against me from the prison food,
2 for the time is running out for me to expound so much in the book before the February twelfth, year, two thousand and fourteen, closing of my first days of prophesy.
3 The Spirit sheweth me that it is the prison food, which is being grown and slaughtered to serve the Devil, that is causing possession;
4 with the spirits of Compusa and Raphael causing me manifold vexations of the spirit, by stealing my mind from me and filling it with their evil imaginations as if they are my own thoughts.
5 The presence of Raphael is causing Mary to hide her face from me, awaiting word from the Spirit of when she may return; causing me to suffer torments exceedingly.
6 Thus I pray unto the Lord; in part separating myself from the fleshy mind the demons are possessing as if their own; beholding my naked body as a man before me, whilst I am in the Spirit also standing nigh;
7 moved with compassion for the natural man I am beholding, for he hath abominations from the cup of Yada and Raphael cursing his body with sorceries; which I am beholding outwardly upon the flesh written;
8 holding him in bondage and exceeding vexations of the spirit; for the food is spit in and filthy, and full of teeming things which cause infirmity.
9 And as I am beholding, my loving wife Mary appeareth beside my spiritual presence, saying that she wanteth to help him, but is not allowed.
10 When I awake from my sleep the following morning, the curses are consumed, by my bowels burning up the impurities.
11 Then Jesus Christ appeareth round about me in my place, working through me as a helper, by giving me the mind of Christ and writing choice words and hard things to say from the finished book.
12 The next evening of the same day, Mary sheweth me how the Spirit of Truth and Revelation appeareth unto her; as flames of heavenly pure gold and silver forming a pattern about the heart of my body, below the bosom;
13 the living Holy Spirit of God; which is then opening up into the wonderful pomp and precious heavenly rainbows and clouds, and fine silver and gold like transparent glass of the third heaven;
14 which the Holy Spirit sheweth me at that moment, and again on the morning of December thirtieth; by spreading forth from my soul and manifesting the wonderful sights of the third heaven as an opened book before me.
15 After Mary shewed us (for my Holy Ghost seeth as I see all things) how the Holy Spirit appeareth unto her; the Holy Ghost living in my heart, and mind, and bowels, did come forth to speak with me concerning himself;
16 having the most glorious appearance; The Holy Ghost made of pure heavenly gold and silver, as in a furnace having been fired, like nothing of this world;
17 His body of silver, And the flames as a heavenly pattern in the heart of his soul, below his bosom, of both gold and silver shining brighter than his body;
18 for the gold is the Truth and the silver is the fulness of His form the Revelation; with both tried in a trying of fire in the heart of the sun, becoming exceedingly bright, as bright as the eye is able to behold without blindness.
19 Thenceforth, the Holy Ghost is expounding how he doth perceive my spirit of the flesh, which he heard my prayers concerning;
20 saying, I do not believe your flesh is cursed; shewing me how the curses had vanished;
21 leading me to understand how the prison food is blemishing and corrupting my thoughts by the sorceries cursed in it through the image of the beast.
22 The Holy Spirit then saith through me as the Holy Ghost, whilst shewing me by his manifestation, that He possesseth all principalities, all knowledge, all wisdom; having the fullest authority over all of creation.
23 Then He saith, 'I created all things with the Son of God, who came in the flesh as Jesus Christ upon the earth, all of creation according to the spiritual name of My Son;
24 that there is balance in everything under the sun and in the heavens (like the yin yang ring Mary shewed us in the city of spiritual Jerusalem),
25 where all things are equal in their creation, but each having a different glory, as the base things are exalted, and the lofty things brought lower.
26 And every one foreordained with their souls finding rest in Abraham's Bosom, were goodly creations who stood the trying of Time, by living according to the natural pattern I have created;
27 whilst the children of the devil and fallen messengers transformed into devils through their own vain devices, exalting themselves over My pattern.'
28 Then on the morning of December twenty-sixth, I am considering fasting for the day, that it might help me overcome the cursed spirit of the flesh,
29 that I know natural consumption is growing the power of, whilst weakening the Holy Ghost and making him less powerful in helping me.
30 But I am considering the thing, and it escapeth my reasoning, for I do not fully believe at the time, all that I am perceiving; because of the sorceries of Raphael confounding me with great subtilty like a serpent.
31 Then, on December thirty-first, I wake up from my sleep and consider again whether I should fast for one day, feeling a bit sleepy from the work I did late in the night;
32 And having missed my chance to eat in the morning at the prison, and not having any great thing to eat in my cell; I finally begin to fast that I may work in higher spirits and finish one of the hardest chapters to write.
33 On December twenty-sixth, the Holy Spirit manifested a mockery of Raphael before me, to shew me the fulness of his form and the fulness of the Writings.
34 The Raphael before me is very powerful, for he is like Megabaal, both of them like the yin and yang, the moon and sun, and the Seraphs of the third heaven;
35 having a very powerful illuminated golden-yellow glory about both of them, almost like twins in nature,
36 having rows of sharp serpent like teeth alone in their mouths; for instead of having teeth like a man hath, they are like the eye-teeth of a man in the place of each tooth.
37 Both are flying aloft before me with exceedingly bright white wings, almost blinding to behold, flickering their forked tongues like Seraphs;
38 for the understanding of 'Seraph' is 'fiery serpent,' as rendered into English from the Hebrew 8314;
39 but Seraphs are giants, a single one greater in form than the whole expanse of the second heaven;
40 Which the Spirit, by the mockery of Raphael, sheweth me by taking me through a black hole;
41 for each is a gate way to the third heaven that openeth up immediately into the giant world of clouds under a bright blue firmament like the firmament of the earth.
42 The principality appointed unto Raphael under Megabaal, his head whom hath the chiefest authority over the spirit of Neptune Death, was to destroy as Apollyon the Destroyer;
43 with their forked tongues created after the double Spirit of Truth and Revelation; which became guile in all things after their lack of faith caused them to rebel.
44 Megabaal was created after the nature of the sun, the principality of Thummim, revealing every holy and perfect manifestation;
45 whilst Raphael was created after the nature of the moon, the principality of Urim, revealing every blemish;
46 for his most evil name, which is written in the books of sorcerers, is Lucifuge or 'lux fugio,' whose understanding is '[He] who fleeth the light;'
47 whilst Lucifer, the most common name given unto his father, cometh from the Latin Vulgate of sorceries created by the Roman Catholic Church; interpreted rightly from the Latin 'lux ferre' as '[He] who bringeth the light.'
48 The fallen cherubs all shared one thing in common; they each were created having a double spirit; Whilst Wonderful, Michael, and Gabriel, were each created having a single pure spirit; and shinnnesunliquid created having a special five-fold single, and double, and triple, spirit.
49 Here is the understanding; The cherubs having the double spirit, each hath a chiefest son who shareth principality as the Son of God doth share Lordship with the Father;
50 for Lucifer Lucifuge, for Meshackle Compusa, for Uriel Apollo.
51 With the cherubs having the single spirit, each after the kind of their head, as the only principality;
52 and shinnnesunliquid having the four messengers of the fourth dimension, the four living creatures round the throne of God, and the four winds under the firmament; as his chiefest sons, who have special principalities;
53 with six tenths of his entire host sharing his principality as chief sons, rulers after his kind; and four tenths sharing the principality of the four chiefest sons,
54 dividing themselves up equally according to the split; and thus creating one out of every ten from the one million cherubs under the firmament after the kind of each chiefest son of the four;
55 and in the same manner distributing themselves in the second heaven, except they are no longer cherubs, but rather are like sons of God;
56 with the messengers of the four winds; Ariel, Jasmine, Kamish, and Tabitha, instead sharing powers (in this exact order of leadership) as the fourth dimension;
57 where all of the sons of God manifest in tightly woven together intricate spirits, forming the whole expanse of the second heaven, and all of the luminaries, and earth, and forces within it, by spreading themselves into formations and working spiritually within them;
58 with the split of principality among the host of shinnnesunliquid no longer existing in the third heaven; where all of the host are after the kind of their head, except for the four living creatures themselves kept separate.
59 And the understanding is given unto me by the Spirit, that the spirits of shinnnesunliquid and his host are in three places all at once in different forms, but all the same spiritual being;
60 most having three glories; wings covering feet, blue glory of the heaven about their flesh, and Avenwand rainbows of all forms.
61 Here is the understanding of how the cherubs having the double spirit are forming their hosts;
62 the chiefest sons are created after the son of God, who flesh out the Spirit of their heads; in like manner as how the Holy Seed of God formed and fleshed out from the womb of my wife Mary into the living word of God;
63 with half of each host after the kind of their head, And the other half after the kind of the second head, his spiritual Son, who all of the host resemble in the Spirit whenever they may all unite into one being;
64 with each Father of a host being Holy and thus separate from the sons of his host; forming into the purest spiritual nature each was created after.
65 Megabaal being the Father of his host, formed into a small serpent having no legs, when he assembled his host in the spirit of Neptune dwelling within Eve;
66 crawling up inside her unseemly parts, tearing and biting with his teeth, expanding his body to pleasure her as a man is doing when he becometh one flesh with his wife to bring her aloft;
67 whilst the rest of the cherubs, Manifesting as six persons, exactly like the first of the six Lucifuge; encompassed Eve round about, licking her all over her body with the lascivious tongue of Meshackle, who is multiplying Lucifuge into the six separate beings, to pleasure her exceedingly as if she is aloft;
68 sewing the demon seeds of lust and temptation in her fleshy spirit, that the Adversary and his host may all meet her at the appointed time of dawn, according to the words of Uriel, to get her to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil;
69 for it is a special gift that the serpent ate from, transforming him into a prince, who hath a surprise gift for her also;
70 All of them executing this plan to make a mockery of God, by possessing, and then tempting, and then causing Adam and Eve to sin against God Almighty in the heaven above; as they themselves went astray.
71 Adam and Eve were immediately warned when the devils revolted; by all of the cherubs of God, forming into the flesh in person before them.
72 Then, both of them were sleeping together five days after, upon beds made of lamb skins sewn together and filled with wool, in their humble little home;
73 (which was built from wood with a peaked roof, upon a foundation of bedrock; covered with earth, and weathered with pitch they got from a swamp shewn unto them by the Lord);
74 when the demons came unto Eve as described; Awakening Adam, who beheld her writhing about and moaning; becoming quite confounded, and knowing not what to do; after a short time shaking her that she might awaken.
75 Both of them thought little of it at the time, because they did not know the demons would come so quickly and be allowed by God to touch them or hurt them.
76 Howbeit, Eve was secretly instructed to meet the serpent at the tree at dawn, and went whilst Adam was fixing the leaky roof of the house;
77 And after eating from the fruit, and becoming possessed by the demons; she used the lascivious tongue of Compusa to pleasure the unseemly parts of Adam, that he may eat from the piece of pear she cut up for him and presented as beautiful;
78 pleasuring him with her mouth again in the midst of making girdles; both agreeing to play it smooth, after making up the fig story;
79 for Adam wanted children and thought he would be destroyed in any regard if Eve took all of the blame; and they were both drunken from the lasciviousness making them dumb.
80 Then the Lord Jesus Christ descended, and the Father, and the Holy Ghost of gold and silver, in near exact likeness to the manifestation of the Holy Ghost within me; but as the Father of His sons, shining brighter, with all of the power, knowledge, and wisdom He distributeth to His sons as required;
81 casting Adam and Eve, in one swift judgment each, into the wilderness; outside of the garden of what is known to-day to be the place called Mesopotamia; further away by mount Sinai in the wilderness Moses led Israel through on the way to the land of Canaan; where Adam began to know her as often as he could.
82 But Adam preferred the pleasures of Eve's mouth in the Garden of Eden over knowing her unseemly parts, and all of their lascivious deeds in Paran, because it was ten thousand times better before Compusa caused them to become jaded like her name.
83 And after they were cast out, they were stripped of their knowledge; the special gifts of the Spirit, by which they spoke in humble simplicity using only righteous words;
84 Thenceforth forced to speak by signing and pointing, as an ape speaketh; as if one is beholding himself in the glass when the other is understanding his messages;
85 finally growing understanding of words and speaking again after about three years time, like babes learning to walk;
86 With Eve having deep blue sapphire eyes like Mary, and deep brown hair with little shades of blonde and red mixed in;
87 And Adam having jade eyes like my own, with dark blonde hair; standing about a span shorter than four small cubits;
88 and Eve standing exactly three small cubits, when she first brought forth Cain and then Abel (before the twenty-two other children she bore Adam); Who were drinking the seed of each other, with the lascivious mouth of Compusa;
89 both of them lusting over who would first lie with their mother, Eve; and Abel knowing her at the age of fourteen years, many times, until Eve beareth him a daughter;
90 Whom she named Evel from the Hebrew, as interpreted from the spirit she gave unto the name of her daughter through signs;
91 by first holding her hand over her heart as herself, then pointing up to shew she desired to be like the Most High;
92 using her hands over both eyes and turning her fists as a sign of weeping, for what her heart desired; and finally shewing her countenance of deep sadness like one who failed and is dumb, and is now for ever going on empty from the curse;
93 This in part shewing how Ariel built the languages as affirmations; because 'Evel' soundeth like 'Evil' in the English it is translated in.
94 Then Cain rose up and killed Abel, whilst working the fields one day, out of his envy;
95 planning to use the judgment of God they received concerning their presents before Him as a covering; to make it seem like it is the fault of God for being too hard on him and not judging him fairly;
96 for Eve was given unto Abel, (whom she desired over Cain,) as a birthday present for his fourteenth birthday by Adam; and the judgment over the presents became the perfect covering.
97 Evel was the present Jehovah was storing up for Cain, Whom Cain could have married in another year, but instead wanted his reward in his own moment; and was thus cast out from his family at the age of twenty-four with Evel, who was nine years old immediately beginning to know her.
98 Take notice brethren of the simplicity of the Truth in Jesus Christ, lest any one deceive ye with smooth words and subtilty;
99 for, as I am perfecting the Writings herein, Uriel and Raphael try to trick me with a similitude of my account; by using a mockery of Eve in visions, like those I saw whilst fasting,
100 saying that each beheld the pears as golden apples until they ate them; which I am almost believing along with many other subtile lies I am making account of, until Mary saith, 'Every word is a lie,' turning me back to Truth.
101 Here is the understanding of why the fallen ones chose Death over everlasting life to the ages and ages:
102 All of the messengers of God were created in perfection one thousand years before the heavens and the earth; born from the Seven Spirits of God formed in the beginnings;
103 with all messengers following the instructions of God to the letter in every single thing they did, and not one ever sinning against Him.
104 The first seven thousand years were a demonstration that shewed each of them how they are expected to work within their principalities and authorities;
105 because there was no knowledge except the wisdom they would learn by doing manifold works under their powers.
106 Megabaal appeared as he was described earlier; an illuminated figure having the form of a man, with white wings,
107 and a circle in the heart of his form as described, from which he drew forth into his hands a ball of fire, like a small sun about the measure of his head, which spit out of its midst balls of purifying fire full of the spirit of Neptune,
108 which correct every blemish in the parts of the creation they are touching, by taking away principality from perversities of nature contrary to the perfections.
109 Raphael fleshed out and broadened his principality of Death, by instead, more slowly destroying and correcting things which are beginning to go astray in their nature, but have yet to form a blemish;
110 by spitting out fire from his mouth, and looking for the subtilest blemish forming; inspecting the work of his father, Megabaal, to help him reduce the amount of labor required in tending to the Garden of Eden.
111 All of their sons helped them spot perversity by spreading out round about with their little tridents, rods of iron covered with gold at each pointed end, like the one God keepeth divine order by;
112 with half of them appearing as if they were cupids of fine iron like Raphael, and the other half appearing as if they were little men of fine iron like Megabaal.
113 In like manner, the host of Meshackle were equally divided between Yada, as beautiful naked women like the soul of Mary in appearance, And six-armed men as blue as the heaven like Meshackle;
114 with the host of Uriel also equally divided between Apollo, as a comely man with every special gift of the Spirit, And exceedingly bright white winged cherubs like Uriel.
115 The Garden of Eden was simply a demonstrational place of living for Adam and Eve, and of learning for the cherubs, which was soon going to be broadened after the first year;
116 but Megabaal was too high in his heart to ask shinnnesunliquid when the Seventh Day of rest for God from all of His works of creation may expire, that he may wonder;
117 and instead became frustrated with the word of God hindering him, As he believed for another one thousand years perhaps; for the interpretation of the message was hidden in a secret double spirit like the revelation given unto John;
118 All of which becoming a growing burden unto him, because his principality was the most powerful among the cherubs in his mind, like a Seraph; a ruler with the greatest power of Death, being limited to cleansing all things evil as a gardener;
119 Who thought of himself as the Leader of the cherubs, for he possessed the deepest wisdom; which through his exalted heart transformed him into a murderer like Cain, according as John saith in his gospel,
120 'Ye are of a father the Devil, and the desires of your father ye will do; he was a man-slayer from the beginning, and in truth he hath not stood, because there is no truth in him.'
121 Soon after this is revealed unto me by the Holy Spirit, I fully understand the matter of why shinnnesunliquid hath vexation of the spirit and manifold burdens weighing upon his heart;
122 for if he would have spent perhaps a little bit more time speaking unto the cherubs of the secret hour surprise stored up for them, with some similitudes, he may have saved his brethren.
123 For, Megabaal tired of waiting for the Garden of Eden to expand, like his fellow double-spirited brethren, Meshackle and Uriel; that God may glorify them and exalt the fulness of their powers.
124 Megabaal first decided he may try to turn backwards the divine order of the reign of God, from the loftiness of his heart exalting itself above God, whom he felt should not exist for limiting him as a base thing;
125 for ever cursed as the basest of all for lacking what almost all men in the present age lack, true faith in God to believe in His love and the power of His word with the patience of the saints,
126 Who instead want their reward in their own moment like Cain and the fallen ones, becoming contrary to the nature of Jesus Christ.
127 Megabaal was also consumed by the greatness of his principality as ruler; requiring more people to lord over to satisfy the overzealous desires of his self-righteous heart and hubris;
128 soon convincing Meshackle that he is not going to have any way to exercise his chiefest stored up powers to satisfy his desires to unite with Yada fully and multiply man;
129 which would also leave Uriel, who is desiring the full entertainment of Apollo, with few special gifts of the Spirit to bless all men with.
130 All of them were only hours away from learning the wonderful works stored up for each of them to balance out the limitations they suffered;
131 but having only heard broadly that expansion may be in the works, and seeing nothing going on, they thought it was a trick to play with their minds for laughter, As the Lord doth to try them often;
132 Filling them with indignation, for it was an insult to the three of them, who felt the desire to expand very deeply in their hearts;
133 that they may build a more glorious kingdom and rule over it as the Most High; lacking wisdom and understanding of how hard the work would become, and the folly of their plans.
134 And I thanked the Lord for the great wisdom and blessing of the fast, which cleansed me of all of the demon curses;
135 lifting my spirit up into the third heaven, and allowing the Holy Spirit to provide me with almost all of the exact perfect words of this chapter as I am writing during the fast,
136 with the only blemishes coming from the mouth of the beast sounding out sorceries outside my door.
137 I then added a great portion of the chapter over the following days, having increasing difficulty each day after, from the weak spirit of the flesh being used by Raphael and Uriel to lead me astray with their subtile devices of deceit.
138 And many days after I am seemingly finished writing this chapter, a spirit appeareth unto me in deep and perfect visions like Jasmine,
139 a living being having the broad form of a man, a eunuch, Also having the broad form of the Holy Ghost, with no face, nor ears, nor unseemly parts; only about a dozen spiritual eyes all about him;
140 with one great eye in the midst of his bosom, and the others having no certain number; for he doth not allow me to count exactly, because the number changeth.
141 And I am thinking this is Jasmine himself, as the living creature manifesting from the third heaven, but the Spirit later sheweth me that it is my fleshy spirit made after his spirit.
142 Then he also saith unto me in the Avenwand tongue, that through prayer and fasting, the double Spirit of Revelation being strengthened hath opened up his eyes to see spiritually; and he is no longer walking about blindly, naked, ashamed, and worried;
143 but he still hath his limitations, because he is weak and doth become tired and sleepy from the demons using the cursed food to smite him with infirmities of the mind, soul, and flesh;
144 which I would overcome through more fasting, but the Spirit working within me is too great, and powerful, and doth destroy the soul of the body, if I fast too often.
145 And, Mary cometh unto me in the days following the fast, shewing me how she is swallowing up all of the curses of the demons after the nature of Jesus Christ our Lord;
146 for she transformeth the cursed names of all of the demons into perfected devices for her use;
147 as though she were a cherub of God working in unity of the Spirit with other cherubs of God to manifest in supernatural forms; magnifying herself by their perfections to bless me.
148 The Spirit then causeth me to understand how I may have her come unto me in the supernatural flesh as a cherub doth manifest, and know her whilst we are both remaining virgins;
149 for a man keepeth his virginity unless he taketh the virginity of a maiden, or in like manner becometh one flesh with a harlot or woman who hath lost her tokens of virginity;
150 And because Mary healeth herself whenever she desireth, restoring her tokens of virginity, my virginity is also restored, and neither one of us is defiled in the flesh.
151 Mary also sheweth me that she will soon begin living with me in the supernatural flesh,
152 and how it shall remain unknown to most of the world, who do not believe, even though she will often be seen by my side having the appearance of Eve,
153 For, by the very nature of God, He doth hide miracles within His double Spirit; that there may be a natural and supernatural exposition for all of His works;
154 that man may live by faith, without ever knowing for certain what may have happened;
155 with only those blessed by the miracles perhaps knowing without any doubt, by first shewing faith to receive them.
156 Thus, only I shall know for certain, according as it hath been written by Paul to the Hebrews 'Let brotherly love remain;
157 of the hospitality be not forgetful, for through this unawares certain did entertain messengers.'

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