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Chapter 16

1 After Raphael manifested before me, I have a strange dream in the night of an idol children oft play with, which hath some resemblance to Cupid;
2 for it hath fleshy hearts for eyes, within each a small round window cut out; revealing themselves as the black round covers come loose and fall off.
3 Then I also notice the lower arms of the pale blue devil Raphael, appearing with subtilty in the distance; each tattooed with a black spade,
4 signifying the shovels used to bury the dead, and the mark of the beast he hath chiefest authority in distributing.
5 Then the Spirit doth allow Raphael to try me as an adversary trieth, with guile; that I may perfect my powers of discerning all blemishes in demons of light full of near perfections;
6 with Raphael once appearing before me as if aloft upon the wall for an hour, as the all-seeing eye of The Great Seal; with Compusa as a round cake of dung aloft beside him;
7 the presence of Raphael tormenting my soul like invisible steel, with a very hard and heavy presence, and Compusa causing subtile madness and vexation of the spirit.
8 Then the eye saith that he is the Holy Spirit resting upon me, whose name is 'Al,' spoken as Ahl in the English.
9 Thus I ask him if it is short for Allah; To which he answereth, 'I prefer All,' from the Hebrew word 5920;
10 also saying that he useth evil and good, demons and messengers of God to accomplish the words of the Writings to the tittle, and not to worry because he shall glorify me before the eyes of the world,
11 and that I have only a little power myself, for it is all Jehovah, and His Son, and All, working through me as a choice vessel.
12 Which I am almost believing, because the message is true in its substance; but not as a perfection, for, I find subtile blemish in his words and appearance.
13 First, I am not believing his name, because the Holy Spirit hath no name except as it is written in the Writings, and his presence is like the Adversary, whom doth call himself Allah;
14 and he is exerting all of his power upon me as if seeking me to surrender to his oppressive will;
15 which is contrary to the nature of God; for, the example set by Christ and the saints of the Writings is that we must all fight the good fight, and the Holy Spirit helpeth us overcome.
16 Also, his manifestation as All was in the midst of many manifestations as a false Joseph, a very jealous hard man, who was also trying to overcome the desires of my spirit and have me surrender wholly to his will;
17 an oppressor exalting himself above the testimony of Jesus Christ I am expounding, to keep me from Mary, as if trapping her in an invisible cage, and refusing to free her spirit and love;
18 many times appearing as a silver crown aloft in the air, presenting himself as if he is Joseph, or standing up for him as the security of Mary; with a silver crown adorned with a silver cross rising up, which he turneth upside down, revealing his true nature.
19 Other times he trieth to fight with me as the face of an aged man, speaking as though he is Joseph, treating me very harshly as an Asmodeus, commanding me to bow before him if I want to see Mary at all; for his spirit doth covet praise;
20 at another time appearing after Mary as a white figure of a man, who I am almost believing is Joseph, after the white ghost head I saw in the abyss;
21 for his spirit stealeth the face of any thing one is trusting in, and doth mock it and perverse it with enough subtilty to glorify the Adversary, by subverting the heart of each matter;
22 Even coming unto me on the night of December twenty-fourth exalting himself above the Holy Spirit; by saying he is the Spirit, and all of creation as we know it to be through the Writings is only one of endless alien worlds, and heavens, and Gods, after its kind;
23 and that he perfereth to think of of me as a tool, some low life who simply won the prize of everlasting life by chance and time and nothing more;
24 Also saying that we shall be able to travel into these other alien worlds, strange similitudes of our own, through the pearl gates of New Jerusalem;
25 which I am almost believing because he mocketh the whole truth, with the greatest of subtilty subverting its nature;
26 except, I am knowing the nature of his spirit, and that 'tool,' being made of steel, is a word he would use; treating me with contempt like dung by the mouth of Compusa;
27 also seeing that he is after the giant ball form of his father Megabaal, dwelling in the midst of the earth, As a golden-yellow deep round Megabaal, like a perfect sun in form, before me;
28 trying to swallow me up as dung by the imaginations of his powerful formless illuminated face; coveting praise like his father;
29 Revealing unto me later in the Avenwand I am discerning, that he is the chiefest son of Megabaal, Apollyon the Destroyer; the king over the bottomless pit spoken of by John in the revelation,
30 as the king over the underworld powers in the world we live in, head of all godfathers, like Charon is king over all of the gods serving his father, the Adversary, in the abyss;
31 a powerful messenger of light working with a soul of great subtilty, magnifying the powers of the dragon by transforming mafia men into merchants of the highest esteem;
32 who are bribing judges, transforming themselves into chief government officials, becoming corrupt merchants having authority over all markets, and using the image of the beast to steal life away from any one not bowing before their beast and the dragon;
33 accomplishing every evil under the sun with lofty hubris, because they have authority as the beast to do as they please.
34 Then, even Raphael doth warn me, as a false friend moved with concern, that the mafia is trying to kill me and to be very careful with my prison communications;
35 only because he knoweth that Mary revealed the same messages unto me hours before; howbeit, he is hoping that I may fall in love with him like a brother and trust him by his vain affirmations;
36 as many brethren of the mafia, and the beast, and sons of the dragon, who all bow before the Adversary, shall come into the assembly as false brethren in sheep's clothing, who are inwardly ravening wolves; using all subtilty to subvert the assembly with guile.
37 For, Mary sheweth me in great part why she must manifest unto me as a cherub manifesteth in the flesh, and why the demons are perpetually trying to keep us apart;
38 because she buildeth me up in her love to overcome the world, that I may accomplish mighty deeds; helping me as if Christ himself were beside me;
39 Fleshing out the word spoken in whispers and revealed naturally by the Spirit, in the exact firm messages I shall need in a moment to lead and oversee the great assembly,
40 and to confound and subvert the plans of the mafia trying to destroy and kill the assembly by sending many murderers in the days to come, whose plans shall all come to nought.
41 For the Lord doth shelter me in the security of Abraham's Bosom, my wife Mary, who is able to write their plans before me;
42 revealing how evil ones are seeking to harm us, before Pandemonium hath a chance to execute their plans through men; and doing so in a manner that subtile demons like Raphael shall not be able to mock nor corrupt her messages.
43 Because I am a similitude of Joseph; who was warned by Michael, (as Mary shall warn me,) when king Herod sought the life of Jesus Christ slaying all of the male children in the land of the ages two and under;
44 causing Rachel to weep for her children, because they were not, and there was no comforter;
45 spiritually signifying all of the children of God who would be not, having no saviour nor Comforter, if the head of us all, Jesus Christ, was slaughtered after birth and the prophecies never fulfilled.
46 Which is why all of the saints, especially Mary, Joseph, and I, hate Raphael deep deep down in our hearts,
47 for, as his evil Cupid image doth signify, he is the one shooting the arrows to murder the children of God;
48 who sent forth the mafia of Roman soldiers, chopping the heads off the Jewish children of Israel,
49 for he doth work heavily through hollow shells of men who will steal life away from any one for a bribe,
50 like these prison officials, and judges, and New Roman soldiers, who hide behind their works of magnificent holy evil by covering all evils in false light as common work.
51 I am as Joseph, having the glory of Michael round about me, keeping the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly the body of Christ safe, like a new born babe in the Bosom of Abraham, my wife Mary,
52 that we may spare the lives of many innocent children traveling the crossroads within their plans of death;
53 having no fear of any mafia or evil person, because Raphael shall take all of their lives in a heartbeat, if they even come nigh to those loving the manifestation of the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly with evil intents;
54 for Nemesis doth bring the judgment of God to any one who doth will to harm us or the body of Christ I am head of, by the messengers of the abyss she doth work in unity of spirit with,
55 according to the perfection of her principality in weighing out the divine justice of God, as governed by the living Spirit within the foundation of His word,
56 with all demons being subjected to God through the sword of Michael, magnified exceedingly by the power of lightning handed down to him by the chief cherub of the assembly shinnnesunliquid whom he is working in unity of the Spirit with.
57 For the mafia shot dead JFK when he took steps to do away with their worthless mark of the beast;
58 they shot dead MLK when he used peaceful preaching to turn the tides of their oppressions and corruptions, which continue to steal away the God given liberties of all men to-day,
59 with only myself, JSK, having the perfections of the word of God; and thus able to wrestle power and souls out of their steel grip, without any fear of Death, because my Lord hath overcome it.
60 The mafia are the chiefest sons of the dragon, vessels built up from the clay of wickedness, fitted for destruction,
61 whom the Adversary is using to bathe all of his works in false light to rule over us and keep us in his chains of slavery under a working of delusion, taught unto men in their places of learning, places of righteousness, and by the mouth of the beast.
62 Having this wisdom was in great part why Raphael first scoffed at the establishment of the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly,
63 for he knoweth that the dragon killed off the remnant of the Apostolic Christian Assembly by the mark of the beast;
64 and that the mafia, by their very nature as instruments of the devil, shall try to destroy my name, defile it in dung, and perpetually send every adversary or messenger of death they have after me.
65 But, because of God, their works shall all come to nought!
66 Before Raphael appeared unto me, many other demons were drawn before me by the Spirit, appearing in deep and perfect visions:
67 with Tartaros and his brethren as the first among them, speaking with me from their transparent chains of thick gloom, like spirits trapped within invisible glass;
68 Tartaros expounding his deep knowledge of many hidden things unto me, like the great river Euphrates, babbling on and on; for he is not able to resist the Spirit working through me;
69 often saying, 'Son of man, thou hast known,' when he seeth that I understand a matter fully.
70 He at first thought I was Jesus Christ, and that the hour of the great tribulation was upon the earth, that he may be released with his brethren to form into the two myriads and myriads of horses and horsemen made ready for the fall of Babylon,
71 that they may kill the third of men by the fire, smoke, and brimstone, proceeding forth from the mouth of their horses,
72 whose heads are as heads of lions, because they signify Babylon being smote by Wormwood; having tails as serpents, having heads, because they signify the poisonous rains they harm and kill men with;
73 turning the seas into blood and poisoning the waters as I may command during the great tribulation, by cursing the rains of shinnnesunliquid with the brimstone from Mercury and his host; rains I am having authority over like Elijah, by prayer.
74 He also called forth his brothers from his bowels to shew me many things in the Spirit until I fully understood them; with Tartaros doing all of the speaking as their Leader, and his brethren speaking softly in visions alone.
75 Then, after many visions of shinnnesunliquid forming his hands into the all-seeing eye of The Great Seal;
76 Rajinn appeareth unto me in a dream one night for a moment, clothed in loosely fitted gay rainment of white silk with gold trim, a white turban, and wooden shoes with pointed tips that turn up and backwards;
77 in appearance like an ancient Arabian prince; sitting beside me on my bed, when he saith, 'Greetings, my name is Rajinn;' before vanishing.
78 Thenceforth, he appeared unto me many times in visions deep and perfect; first as a false new age worldly Christ coveting the confession of sins like his chief Uriel,
79 clothed in pure white and sitting upon a couch with his back against me, in a room that was all white after his clothes, wearing a white hat with 'SSL' written upon it in white; all as vanity before me, a whitewashed sepulchre of false purity,
80 which would reveal itself at times as black demon spirits coming forth from the evil false Christ, like the black smoke signifying the failed election of a new Pope.
81 Rajinn tried to burden and sear my conscience with guilt whenever I thought of Mary;
82 having a strange presence that maketh one feel like they are being continually watched and inspected, and put to shame before the eyes of the world for false sins;
83 persecuting me for every natural thought that may be turned round about into perversity by looking at the matter through the dark demon eyes which often appeared without a face.
84 Then there was Amy, a red devil like Raphael, whose chief principality is over harlots and heroin, and also as the women of the government delivering up the whoremongers under such covering;
85 appearing before me in the Spirit as a beautiful naked woman clothed in the open rainment of such an official who is delivering up men to the prisons;
86 whom doth transform, when your spirit of flesh beginneth to lust after her manifestation, into a disgusting swine of a woman; unless you are also an official of her kind;
87 for the principality of Meshackle and his daughter Amy is to create transgressors of Lucifer's Law by the principalities of the demons, that they may destroy them and sacrifice them to the image of the beast, whom doth imprison, kill, and oppress them, transforming their lives into dung as they are consumed by her.
88 And Raphael sheweth me that Megabaal and his sons are giant devils, with subtile manifestations of their spirits;
89 Meshackle and his sons in the middle in both spiritual manifestations and forms as devils;
90 with Uriel and his sons as the little devils that appear on the shoulders of men in fables, with giant spiritual manifestations like Hyperion, of broad, overbearing, and exceedingly bright light.
91 And a few days ago, the soul of my natural father doth appear unto me in visions trying to speak with me in the Spirit, saying that he heard I have been going inside spiritual Jerusalem to visit my wife Mary;
92 and that he desireth me to get him brought in through my powerful friends; which Mary saith she is not allowed to do, because the messengers would throw him right out; even if she dressed him up to look like me,
93 which he is believing she could do, from what the reaper in hades told him, by the account of Uriel once going into the city for Samuel.
94 Which he understood because they all still have a little bit of knowledge from the broadest gift of the Spirit, due to shinnnesunliquid keeping their names until judgment day the second rising again;
95 with the broadest gift of the Spirit magnified by the little bit of added knowledge they may receive in the devilwand from the demons;
96 whose principality they are bound within, because of the nature of hades holding them in name for the second rising again.
97 All of them suffer the same torments in the emptiness of the bottomless pit, with the door way of hades as a little flame above them, calling them forth from time to time;
98 all of them trembling in fear, of the second rising again and its terrible judgments; that will punish each one according to his works; judging by his heart, his intents, and what he knew;
99 with the base deeds of the devils he committed, drawing nigh a torment from Megabaal for each deed; by all of the evils within his principality they sinned by;
100 following the same pattern for each of the three head demons; Who shall also be tormented for every sin they caused men to commit by their principalities in the same manner;
101 for ever trapped by their own devices in exceeding torment, desires for ever beyond reach, becoming less than vanity; bound in thick chains of gloom under everlasting darkness with Tartaros and his brethren.

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