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Chapter 15

1 On November twenty-seventh, after seeing hades, I began to have deep and perfect visions of the chiefest son of Megabaal; whose favoured name is Lucifuge Rofocale;
2 appearing with his back turned towards me, walking away; hiding his face, because the Spirit sheweth me later that he hath cockatrice eyes like his father,
3 whom he doth resemble, except he is clothed with a covering, a cape, soft like fine linen; that is instead made of fine iron, as in a furnace having been fired.
4 Then he sheweth me that his chief principality is as Charon; commander over the legions of demons after his kind, who are dragging the souls of dead men to their prisons in the bottomless pit bound to hades;
5 Later shewing me through manifold signs and works, that he doth chiefly gather souls of elders dying from old age, and all other men who are destroying themselves by the manner in which they are living.
6 Two days later, in the early hours of the night, he doth appear before me, aloft upon a cloud, as a cherub cupid;
7 having big black heart-shaped holes where his eyes used to be; once springing forth imaginations of red and pink hearts;
8 for his name was Raphael, a name whose understanding is 'God hath healed,' which Raphael did by healing all blemishes in the creation, and all hearts through his divine order over heavenly love,
9 as Cupid, causing those he beheld to fall into deep spiritual love with the holiest things of God the most to the common things the least, and each other by the power of his heart-shaped arrow tips.
10 In appearance, he is like nothing of this world, a beautious cherub cupid babe; whose flesh is of fine iron, as in a furnace having been fired, after the flesh of his father, his head Megabaal;
11 but this is simply an empty image; for, looking into the depths of his heart-shaped black holes for eyes, there is nothing within; his head hollow, and full of pitch black darkness like Death.
12 Thus am I confounded by his presence, because I had spoken unto him from afar in visions, and thought I understood the fulness of his principality for the book.
13 His presence is vexation of the spirit, because he is fixed upon me with heartless eyes, reading the Spirit resting upon me like an opened book,
14 trying to find fault in my works and ways; but finding no blemish, because the Lord doth sanctify me as an unblemished virgin before him.
15 Howbeit, he is deceiving me, and lying through his teeth to steal away my heavenly peace and treat me with contempt, by beholding me as vanity before him; and saying unto me, 'Thou hast sinful thoughts.'
16 Confounded by his manifestation, I ask him why his eyes appear as they do; To which he answereth, 'Because I love the devil!'
17 For a moment he doth change his eyes before me, by looking away and transforming his face; shewing me that he hath eyes like shinnnesunliquid, with diamond irises;
18 whom he saith later that he once loved exceedingly as a special brother, pleasant to behold, a heart breaker; whilst the imaginations of bright ruby red hearts, spring forth from the heart-shaped holes he is beholding me with.
19 I am listening to music at this time, playing worldly songs, from the mouth of the beast leading the world astray;
20 when I begin to see a pattern in the words of each song, after the significance of the image before me;
21 for they are all vain and common words having a lot to do with the nothingness of the abyss; praising worldly love, as empty and dark within as his heart-shaped holes for eyes.
22 Then I say that I am very tired, asking him to depart that we may continue to speak from afar, or at another time;
23 which he doth agree to do, obeying my wishes and departing, speaking about himself for the book from a distance,
24 by saying that he hath been appointed authority by the backwards principality of the Adversary; to turn backwards his own principality,
25 Thus providing chief money powers to magnify the most evil and backwards things, by the mark of the beast giving him authority;
26 Also to make the most evil things seem the most pleasing; causing men to fall in love with Pandemonium;
27 using his authority to make devil devices fly off the shelves of the markets, vanishing like lightning;
28 by the same ways men are teaching creatures to do tricks for treats;
29 shaping their behaviours through the use of subtile rewards, with subtile vexations increasing into punishments for any one resisting;
30 correcting them over and over again with his devil sword of contempt, until the perfect buying pattern is created.
31 Which he saith is causing all of the false Christians, heathens, and the whole world to love him as their new god each time they purchase what he desireth them to buy.
32 Then suddenly he is drawn back by the double Spirit of Revelation working through my heart and mind; as if taken by ambush and thrown into my prison cell before me, as the cherub cupid;
33 shewing me a message written clearly in the little window of a heathen device men are speaking upon round the world;
34 created by men for the devil; (by the exceeding brightness of special gifts of wisdom and knowledge given unto many corporations); as play things from Uriel, the great deceiver.
35 And the message saith, 'I am enamoured by you, and unable to resist your Spirit.'
36 I begin to notice a pattern about this time, that demons often use these devices to speak with each other, And me alone among men drawing them forth saith Jesus Christ,
37 because they hate the words used in the Avenwand tongue of plain old fashioned English;
38 with Mary saying that the tongue is called devilwand instead; that I am thinking must be because 'Aven,' is like 'Avian' in the New English I am knowing; as in birds, heavenly, winged;
39 until Jesus Christ sheweth me, as we are writing this chapter, that it cometh from the Hebrew word 205, whose understanding in its creation is 'to pant,'
40 like a wolf speaketh, from its soul by its breath in a tongue only the heart understandeth, without forming one single word into sound; as any one who is praying also speaketh from his heart truthfully;
41 Which became part of the words used for idolatry, wickedness, and sorcery, by the silent communications of the demons through their images, And the vain repetitions of prayers made unto them, as taught by Uriel.
42 After being drawn back by the Spirit before me, Cupid is again staring at me with his two black hearts in silence for lengths of time;
43 until I begin to seek greater understanding of his principality, by first telling him what little understanding I have;
44 in part asking him if it is true, that Nemesis forceth him to reward saints and innocent men of good nature with great wealth; if they are harmed by his powers and live;
45 To which he saith, 'You are more intelligent than I thought,'
46 whilst shewing me deep and perfect visions of beautiful women who are lusting after the flesh of each other, and lying with each other as a man lieth with a woman.
47 And he saith, 'I see lust in thy heart;' until I begin praying to God, which causeth him to add the words, 'a little ...' to his judgment.
48 And I am praying for God to remove the demon from my presence; when Jehovah, Himself, appeareth in the Spirit before me in deep and perfect visions, shewing me to write down whatever the demon may have to say, for the book.
49 Thus I am knowing that I am being held in the security of Jehovah; whom I am speaking with about the vexation the demon is causing me; wishing him to depart again, that I may speak with him from a distance instead;
50 for his spirit is harsh in its presence like his father, and doth torment with its heaviness.
51 And I am observing at this time that all of the demons correct me when I say 'Jehovah' in the English, by saying, 'Yehovah,' in the Hebrew;
52 for it is a name that Israel hath greatly profaned as an antichrist devil worshipping nation of sinful taught prayers,
53 with His name now ceasing to have powerful presence in the mouths of the many devil worshipping rabbis of the new Jewish synagogue teachings;
54 becoming worthless like the ark of the covenant when it was destroyed by Babylon;
55 with the demons no longer fearing the name Yehovah, as they no longer fear the Jewish apostates, who are all praying unto the Adversary every time they call upon the name 'Yehovah' in the Hebrew tongue;
56 forgetful of the instructions, I, Jason, speaking from the heart of Jehovah have warned them of regarding idolatry of the lips, and using backwards messengers to accomplish their deeds.
57 In the same ways; the nations have filled the name of Jesus Christ with profanity and vanity, worshipping Zeus each time they curse the word out of their mouth;
58 because these apostasy stricken poor and homeless nations, (who consider themselves rich and powerful, boasting perpetually,) are exactly like those calling themselves Jews, and are not, but do lie;
59 both having a form of piety, with power having denied, causing the love of many to grow cold and scoffers to increase upon the face of the land.
60 For no man cometh unto the Father except by the Son, and no man hath seen the Son nor the Father if he is sinning; for only the pure of heart have seen God and know Him.
61 These apostasy stricken nations, and false Jews serving in the synagogue of the Adversary; are always learning, and never to a knowledge of truth able to come;
62 because they have not the Holy Spirit in any form, only the antichrist spirit of Uriel in its stead.
63 Then I am trying to expound why I may seem to have a little lust in my heart to Raphael from the devices of Compusa, for the demon is judging me harshly as Asmodeus, with the hammer of Thor.
64 But he doth not hearken unto me, because the Lord sheweth me later, that he is lying;
65 and is only perceiving from my speech of having a thorn in the flesh like Paul, from God, as a sign that God hath simply cursed me;
66 for, according to his nature, he is sent to reap the souls of the dead, And he doth not understand why he is being drawn before me by the Spirit.
67 Thus, I ask him what it is that he is doing, for he continueth to peer deeper into the Spirit living within me, trying to find blemish and instructions, without speaking;
68 when he answereth, 'I am trying to kill you!'
69 To which I am concerned for my safety, for such a creature was exceedingly fearful and evil in his appearance;
70 until I am praying in the name of Jesus Christ for the demon to be cast forth into the darkness of the bottomless pit, never permitted to come nigh unto me again.
71 And immediately after, I am seeking refuge in the safety of his presence before the throne of God, where my soul doth make intercessions on my behalf;
72 when Christ doth magnify my spirit to be bold, as one who is incorruptible, causing the demon to fear me and flee; But again drawn back from his desire to understand my spirit he saith.
73 Then he doth transform into the Grim Reaper before me, exceedingly fearful, in deep perfect visions as if I am beholding the face of Death, a god greater than man in measure of form,
74 holding a scythe in his right hand and clothed with a cloak that is as black as pitch;
75 exceedingly dark, because the being manifested from the dark bottomless heart-shaped pits for eyes he is having;
76 as if causing his image to turn itself inside out; revealing the Grim Reaper hidden in its midst.
77 For, as Paul saith, 'Even the Adversary doth transform himself into a messenger of light;'
78 like sweet little cupids coming unto men as the love of a new born babe, who men are not able to resist even with prayer; even though they are evil signs of soon to be subverted babes in Christ;
79 imaginations outwardly having an image of perfection, but like whitewashed sepulchres, hiding the bones of dead men within;
80 full of rapine, swellings of pride, incontinence, abominations, lusts, and all evils.
81 Raphael saith, 'I am playing with you, that is all, your life is in my hands.'
82 Thus I tell him to kill me if he wisheth; once he seeth that I do not fear him, despite his exceedingly fearful manifestation.
83 Raphael saith, 'I am not allowed. It is not your time; believe me, I wish I could.'
84 Now he is desiring to reveal unto me whatsoever I may wish to understand; offering to shew me how he reaped my father as Charon;
85 then, shewing me in deep perfect visions how he drug the blue soul of my natural father as a strange ghost by his hair, throwing him into his prison in hades, whilst he moaned in pain;
86 which I was not the least bit surprised to see, for he was only a blood donor, having no spiritual desire to raise his children;
87 because of his drunkenness, substance abuse, worldliness, foolishness with money, whoremongering, adulteries, perversities, coldness from greed, and blind-minded nature.
88 Once he doth shew me how his works are accomplished as Charon, he doth transform back into the Cupid form;
89 shewing me the lascivious media again; for which he saith he hath authority over the mark of the beast, as the power behind it; strengthening Meshackle to pervert the minds of men;
90 for he is controlling all of the media spewing forth from the mouth of the beast, with his superabundance of marks created out of the emptiness of the abyss by Juno Moneta.
91 He doth make people fall in love with devils; and love the mark of the beast, by making it appear larger than life in their covetous eyes.
92 Then he doth transform into a giant red devil with filthy defiled wings, Beastly fur covering his hind quarters and unseemly parts, Two hooves for feet, And a pyramid-shaped tip on his tail;
93 holding a pitchfork with three divisions coming forth, and having two horns like a goat hath, rising forth from his devil head; cursing everything holy, hating love, hating everything;
94 and confessing that God is making him tell me the truth in all of his words for the book, with affirmations, by pointing his finger towards the heaven; that I may be sure which God he speaketh of;
95 leading me to seek another affirmation nonetheless, by asking him if he is sure he is not speaking of his God Lucifer; whom he thus curseth, by calling him human dung.
96 Then he revealeth how the devils are measuring their powers among each other; judging power by the greatness of their most common form in the abyss as these vile devil beasts;
97 and telling me that the figures of black smoke, I twice saw, are their spirit forms; which I know are their root forms allowing them to pass through everything natural, and roam about the earth possessing men,
98 vexing them with the devices they plant deep within their spirits of flesh, as if writing sorceries and signing their names as the power binding them within the book of each soul;
99 often coming nigh and possessing any one they can through the media spewing forth from the mouth of the beast and false prophets all over the world;
100 for any thing that is not perfect and holy, even if broadly good in its nature, may call demons forth unto men hearing and seeing their sorceries, especially if remembered and spoken in perfect repetitions like little prayers.
101 Then Raphael doth transform into a false friendly cool blue devil before me, by manifesting through the healed device of Jade that he is given moments of authority to vex me with by God,
102 that I may correct any blemish in the Writings; by the demon manifesting as a more subtile form of madness and vexation through the device of Jade he doth subvert a little to form in unity of spirit with Compusa,
103 as an overbearing false friend you grow to hate even though he maketh many sayings of deep laughter, at times filthy; for other times he cometh as a messenger of light united with a messenger of dung or devils of lust.
104 By his power over divine love, my spirit of the flesh is almost loving the demon in his strange false friend manifestation; for he often causeth laughter so deep I even once thought I might die, if that is at all possible;
105 until the Spirit saith unto me, 'The demons are all vain vile creatures, who are all worthless without the Spirit of Jesus Christ redeeming what little perfections they have from their names;
106 and the Spirit magnifying only their holy names, and causing them to appear as cherubs of God before you;'
107 with the Lord shewing me a demonstration of how he doth use the perfection of Raphael as I am writing, as His rod of iron to correct many subtile errors, And the perfection of Megabaal for even greater refining; until the Lord himself then perfects all, as Jesus Christ.
108 Affirmed when Raphael doth whisper unto me one night, 'I secretly hate thy inward parts, but I have no choice nor voice in the matter;'
109 whilst shewing me in a vision for a moment how he doth desire to murder me, as I am beholding the flesh of a body opened up, whose inward parts he hath revealed, saying it is my body.
110 Then the Spirit doth shew me how scared to death, weak in the knees, he is; trembling in fear of being cast forth into the abyss by the Holy Ghost living inside of me, if he disobeyeth;
111 at first scoffing when I tell him that I am about to establish the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly; until I force him to acknowledge the power of the Spirit working through me.
112 And because my spirit of the flesh was falling in love with his manifestation as the blue devil, who seemed to be quite good natured; I ask him why he doth not reform from his wicked ways and turn back to God;
113 To which he answereth, 'I would turn back to God in a heartbeat if I could;' but because of the nature of his offence, he saith he is no longer allowed.
114 After I tell him I have nothing more to ask of him, he saith, 'I will be on my way. Good day.'
115 And I did not understand that the creature of judgment, and son of Odin (having many other names and principalities,) was also Cupid, until my wife Mary told me I would see her the next time I saw Cupid's arrows;
116 Which came to pass when I saw Cupid shooting his arrows and began to understand why Raphael appeared as he did.
117 Mary doth hate the presence of Cupid exceedingly, and was instructed by God to hide her face from me and cover her ears, whensoever the Spirit may draw him nigh for corrections as I am writing this book;
118 in part that I may understand how he stealeth all of the arrows, which are epistles of divine love, that people of good nature are sending unto each other;
119 forcing men to seek love from his devils, who are the only ones receiving the epistles of love, after he maketh the people desperate with his bondage;
120 causing me to hate him exceedingly for keeping Mary from me; for I am suffering vexation of the spirit, loneliness, emptiness, madness, weakness, perversity of mind, and heartbreak for many weeks after his appearance.
121 And I prayed unto God, asking the Spirit to keep me from his presence of madness, and vexation and bondage of the spirit, on December twenty-sixth; when the Spirit answereth, and saith, 'Cross his name off thy lips.'
122 And having fought hard to forget his favoured name, that the Spirit may give me rest from drawing him nigh; his presence doth suddenly vanish;
123 And I am soon blessed with all of the arrows of love he had stolen from me since I had learned his name as a youth;
124 the arrows appearing unto me in visions like a dream, warming my heart with the messages of the women, as if I had traveled back to those days and almost fallen in love.
125 But he doth continue to vex me exceedingly as I am writing the book; always trying to lead me astray with great subtilty; stealing from me, the love, liberty, and simplicity, that is in Jesus Christ;
126 Which Mary sheweth me will not end until the chapters chiefly concerning him are written, that all may know the true nature of his spirit without the perfections of Mary swallowing up the curses.

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