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Chapter 14

1 Each messenger of God hath a root form that is after the image of our Lord,
2 that each may appear before Him with humble simplicity, as the saints shall also appear after the pattern of the messengers,
3 clothed in fine white linen as their righteousness, pure and shining;
4 with the messengers girded in golden girdles round their breasts, and the saints having golden crowns upon their heads; and each saint having a gold ring with a goodly pearl upon their right ring finger;
5 for these treasures signify serving, ruling with, and marrying the Lord to the ages and ages, in the same order as each was written herein.
6 The Seraphs have six wings, according as it hath been written by Isaiah, 'Six wings hath each one; with two [each] covereth its face, and with two [each] covereth its feet, and with two [each] flieth.'
7 For the wings magnify the principality given unto each part;
8 and the Seraph hath two wings to cover its face, because its principality is to hide all sin and iniquity from the face of God;
9 two wings to cover its feet, because it traverseth in moments, to and fro, about the giant expanse of the third heaven,
10 and two wings to fly, as all messengers do, to traverse the heights of the heavens like lightning.
11 The sons of God are the same; except they traverse about the giant expanse of the second heaven, and have no need for wings to cover their faces.
12 The cherubs of God, only have two wings to fly with, because they do not traverse the giant distances of Jupiter like the sons of God and Seraphs in the expanses;
13 except shinnnesunliquid and his host of one million messengers; who have principalities in all three heavens, and resemble the sons of God in their root forms, by also having two wings to cover their feet.
14 Man hath no wings, because he doth build them from the earth for traversing great distances over the land, seas, and heavens.
15 Woman hath been blessed with wings on her unseemly parts, that she may be fruitful and multiply.
16 We shall not all receive crowns, because almost all shall come into the reign of Christ as babes by his superabundance of grace:
17 among the Christians, for doing kindness to the poor and oppressed in secret, and having natural affections and virtues, despite their weak faith;
18 among the Jews, for being more righteous than the false shepherds leading them astray; shewing faith by kind works before God, by doing many mitzvahs in secret, and blessing the poor with riches;
19 among the sons of man living before the great deluge; for simply believing Christ when he descended into the earth preaching the gospel;
20 among all other men who are neither Jews in faith, nor living in Christian nations; for their righteous works and faith before the God unknown,
21 after the ways of Abraham, seeking Him with what little knowledge and power they had; for all men shall be judged upon what they were given, should have known, and had authority over, as Luke saith in his gospel,
22 'And that servant, having known his lord's will, and not having prepared, nor having gone according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes,
23 and he who not having known, and having done things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few; and to every one to whom much was given, much shall be required from him; and to whom they did commit much, more abundantly will they ask of him;'
24 with Christ judging our love by searching reins and hearts; that we are not able to make pretences, nor lie to him concerning any matter; for he knoweth our true intents better than we do.
25 Unless we are striving hard for the Lord to win the prize at the end of the race, laying hold of a crown, building up our treasures in the heavens;
26 we shall find it impossible to endure the trial of the Adversary when he is loosed at the end of Christ's reign;
27 for it hath been written in the gospel of Matthew, 'for to every one having shall be given, and he shall have overabundance, and from him who is not having, even that which he hath shall be taken from him;
28 and the unprofitable servant cast ye forth to the outer darkness; there shall be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth.'
29 And the servants shall covet the power of the rulers, when Megabaal and his host are loosed for three hundred and sixty-four days, after the one thousand year reign of Christ is finished;
30 for the devil shall lead many astray whose number is like the sand of the sea being drawn backward by the tides of the moon.
31 At that time, the Tempter shall send forth his demons to the four corners of the earth, working in all subtilty to spread; false-speaking, evil-speaking,
32 strivings, contempt, discord, hatred, anger, and all of the powers within his principality to make high the hearts of the lowly,
33 for the gathering together of the least in the reign of the heavens by the power of his steel sword, by the strength of their numbers, by the perceived brightness of their wisdom;
34 in order to turn backward the divine order, that they shall begin to perceive as ages and ages of torment from the oppressive wickedness of their rulers, and the heartless Holy One, Jesus Christ;
35 with every man turning against his brethren devoured by the fire God doth send down from the heaven in a moment, with their names blotted out from the scroll of the life of the Lamb;
36 and cast forth into the lake of fire with the souls of the dead who are judged in the same hour the second rising again,
37 because not one of the dead hath their name written in the scroll, lest they would have had part in the first rising again under the reign of the Lamb.
38 For the remnant who endure the trial with faith, a goodly pearl set upon a pure gold ring each shall earn; as his key to the city of New Jerusalem,
39 the city having the eleven chief messengers of God manifesting in purity; each one appointed to one of the twelve pearl gates, with Ariel appointed to the twelfth gate of Judah.
40 Here is the understanding of the twelve gates; they are gates to worlds created by all twelve messengers and their hosts, magnified by the particular principality appointed unto each gate;
41 with each world being any thing those passing through the gate may wish it to be, like a dream come true; in substance beyond Time and Space.
42 Here is the full account of appointments to each gate; Venus to the Joseph gate, Michael to the Levi gate, Gabriel to the Nephtali gate,
43 Uranus to the Gad gate, Neptune to the Benjamin gate, Mars to the Simeon gate, Saturn to the Issachar gate, Wonderful to the Asher gate,
44 shinnnesunliquid to the Zebulun gate, Mercury to the Reuben gate, and Jupiter to the Dan gate.
45 And Mary sheweth me examples of the worlds beyond each gate, with green pastures going on as far as the eye could see, under the stars and moon, like a perfect peaceful night on earth;
46 of endless lands we may roam about, setting up tents and roasting food in a fire, sleeping together as friends under the moon and stars above, without a worry in the world;
47 able to go fishing in boats upon the seas of the pearl gate of shinnnesunliquid, exploring rain forests, and all kinds of strange natural worlds like earth, Nothing unprofitable though;
48 even able to walk back in time and see things like the Roman Coliseum, and warriors fighting among what are almost people like us, manifesting by the Spirit for our pleasure in the pearl gate of Gabriel.
49 Then she sheweth me the inside of New Jerusalem, which is a lot like the third heaven and the Garden of Eden together in unity of the Spirit;
50 with the buildings and the broad-places of the city made of transparent gold like glass; and wonderful gardens and pleasant pastures round about with silver stone roads roaming deep into them;
51 where all kinds of strange supernatural weather doth manifest as tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, lightning balls forming into suns and exploding as star dust, and endless other kinds of strange supernatural weather;
52 whilst we walk or ride about in machinery like the new chariots on earth, but made of solid brass, silver, and gold outwardly, and fine iron within; moving about peacefully upon wheels, which seemingly never touch the ground.
53 Then Mary saith that the twelve different kinds of fruit, spoken of by John in the revelation, are exceedingly pleasurable dream fruits; eaten alone, no more than one a day, to heal the soul with the warmth of a woman for a man;
54 each kind of fruit having one of the twelve principalities of the twelve pearl gates magnifying its nature in the same manner; with the leaves used for healing wounds of the heavenly flesh.
55 All of the iron tools of war shall be melted and forged into ploughshares and pruninghooks, axes, and peaceful things, during the first seven years after the first rising again;
56 with all of the creation as the Garden of Eden, healed from its deadly strokes, that every saint may live as Adam and Eve did live there, within log homes, pruning and keeping the land for the Lord.
57 And my wife, Mary, the wonderful, sheweth me a great work of heavenly art like a painting before me, of the wedding feast for the marriage of the Lamb to his virgin bride,
58 signified in part by a natural wedding shewn unto me before by the Spirit; where I am carrying Mary as a bridegroom doth carry his beloved bride to the altar;
59 although now set as a picture of spiritual art, placing us above and between the wings of seven white doves flying beneath us, who become increasingly larger towards the bottom;
60 with the crucifixion of her son Jesus Christ, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world above us, signifying the blessed hope of our marriage to each other and God Almighty, Amen.
61 Here is the understanding of the twenty-four elders spoken of by John in the revelation; the great saints of God judging Israel and the nations by their wisdom, faith, and works, as an example:
62 On the right hand of Jesus are the apostles; John, James, James Alpheus, Andrew, Simon Peter, Simon the zealot, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas (Dydimus), Judas, and Paul at the end.
63 On the left hand of Jesus are the sons of Israel; Judah, Joseph, Levi, Nephtali, Gad, Benjamin, Simeon, Issachar, Asher, Zebulun, Reuben, and Dan at the end.
64 In the first rising again, all of the saints shall have perfect immortal bodies given unto them after the exact nature of their sinful flesh; healed of all blemish and deformity by the spirit of Neptune chained within the spirit of Uranus.
65 In New Jerusalem, all of the saints shall be more like the messengers, gods having principalities manifesting like cherubs; but without wings, and not able to fly about within New Jerusalem,
66 The chief rulers shall have their thrones appointed unto them, forming along the wall with steps climbing up, as two sets of stairs ascending to the three platforms;
67 with the twenty-four elders at the lowest base of the pyramid, with eyes like Jehovah for judging mankind, and each having a glory of flames round about his throne;
68 and Joseph, Mary, and I, having each a glorious throne appointed unto us above the twenty-four elders, and beneath Jehovah, the Lamb, and the Holy Ghost;
69 with Mary having the most magnificent glory about her throne of the most royal pomp possible, after the glory of her chief cherub Wonderful; with sapphire irises beholding all things;
70 and Joseph on her left hand having diamond irises, and light reds and blues as the glory about his throne; after the glory of his chief cherub Michael;
71 and myself on her right hand having Jade irises, and the Avenwand rainbow moving round about my throne; after the third glory of my chief cherub shinnnesunliquid.
72 And every saint coming into New Jerusalem shall have the spiritual fire of the Holy Spirit appearing to burn like a small flame in the midst of the windows of his eyes like Jehovah and the Lamb; that we may see as Jehovah and the Lamb see, with all sin, iniquity, and blemish hidden from our eyes.
73 Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, shall all be sharing the same throne in unity of the Spirit; reigning above all things from the most glorious throne, on top of the pyramid,
74 as spoken of by John in the revelation, when he saith 'And immediately I was in the Spirit, and lo, a throne was set in the heaven, and upon the throne is [one] sitting,
75 and He who is sitting was in sight like a stone, jasper, and sardine, and a rainbow was round the throne in sight like an emerald;'
76 'and out of the throne proceed do lightnings, and thunders, and voices; and seven lamps of fire are burning before the throne, which are the Seven Spirits of God,
77 and before the throne [is] a sea of glass like to crystal, and in the midst of the throne, and round the throne, [are] four living creatures, full of eyes before and behind;'
78 with the pure river of water of life, bright as crystal, going forth out of the sea before the throne, and proceeding from the base of the pyramid in the middle of the twenty-four elders into the midst of the broad-places of New Jerusalem;
79 With the Seraphs flying above His throne, tending to the altar before Him; where the smoke and torment rising up from the lake of fire in its midst doth stink like brimstone,
80 transformed into continual sweet perfume in its stead by the praise and glory given unto God and the Lamb by all of the saints living to the ages and ages;
81 by the pouring out of the golden vials, full of their praise and supplications as wonderful shinnnesunliquid, over the coals of the heavenly altar.
82 Here is the understanding of the crowns stored up for the tens of millions of saints who are striving for the prize at the end of the race, the denarius wage the choice pearl, the reign of God:
83 None shall receive more than one full crown, but we may receive many spiritual crowns joined together in unity of the Spirit; according to the virtues, faith, and works of each saint.
84 The elders who are feeding the flock and not lording over them (as a rabbi, pastor, priest, or father) as one making himself the gate way to all knowledge, which he selleth back for a price;
85 but who hath instead become a pattern unto them as doers of the word; doing so with unfeigned love in their hearts for the Lord, not for their own vainglory and gain of filthy lucre;
86 shall receive a glorious spiritual crown in the New Jerusalem that not many shall receive; the unfading crown of glory,
87 that is in its simplest form, a band of heavenly gold with one great ruby shining forth, the rarest of all precious jewels;
88 with its greatness according to the greatness of his ministration and righteous works as an example to the flock.
89 The saints who are overcoming the world and its sin with faithful endurance shall receive the crown of the life,
90 that is in its simplest form a band of heavenly gold with glorious diamonds arrayed upon it in the form of five-pointed stars, with the head of each star pointed up toward the heaven;
91 having diamonds whose number and greatness is according to the same measure of temptations and tribulations they endured in their lives on earth, before the day of Jehovah, by strong faith in Jesus Christ alone as their rock!
92 The saints who lived by temperance in all things, and chastised themselves from the apostasy of this world; especially virgins who have never removed the tokens of virginity; shall receive the crown incorruptible,
93 that is in its simplest form a band of heavenly gold that hath a wonderful horn rising up from the front of the band, whose shape is like the face of a pyramid with curved narrowing sides,
94 which may be exchanged for the simple heavenly gold band of the crowns of the life and crowns of glory, and adorned with their same array of precious jewels magnified exceedingly.
95 The saints who are loving the manifestation of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and longing for his second coming, and working hard to establish his spiritual reign in the present age; shall receive the crown of the righteousness,
96 that is in its simplest form a band of heavenly gold that hath three horns; made after the pattern of the number of man sealed together and sanctified in unity of the Spirit;
97 which may be exchanged for the simple heavenly gold band of the crowns of the life and crowns of glory, or magnified into a more beautious and bolder pattern by the virtues of the crown incorruptible.
98 The crowns themselves are created by the pomp and nature of Wonderful and shinnnesunliquid, with Gabriel preparing the jewels, and Michael creating the silver for the thick heavenly silver crowns of our Lord and Joseph; but also in unity of the Spirit.
99 Howbeit, forget not that only works wrought upon the foundation of Jesus Christ, enduring the trying of fire, benefit us with treasures in the heavens;
100 with men able to lose their crowns by sin unto death cutting them off from the vine, unless they reform quickly,
101 and losing the fulness of their rewards by transgressing; and in both ways from not living according to the teachings of Jesus Christ, but rather an apostasy or denial thereof;
102 and no man earning his crowns during the ages to come; unless he hath wrought an hundred times harder during the reign of Christ for the one thousand years.
103 And to each of us who is overcoming the hour of the Tempter at the end of the coming age; we shall each receive a goodly pearl set upon a heavenly gold ring.
104 And it was shewn unto me by Mary, that she hath a special set of crowns according to her beautiful name in the Avenwand tongue;
105 that is in the form of the crown of the righteousness and twelve crowns of the life, magnified by the virtues of the crown incorruptible,
106 having a magnificent pearl like moon covering the face of a golden sun shining in the midst of twelve bold diamond stars arrayed along the band, coming forth from the pearl heart;
107 for she is the woman of the revelation arrayed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, having upon her head a crown of twelve stars;
108 who is being pursued by the cockatrice, the dragon, who is looking to cut off her seed Jesus Christ and the seed of those keeping his teachings, and the saints.
109 And I was taken in the Spirit into New Jerusalem to behold the thrones of the saints sitting upon them before God;
110 which Jesus Christ told me to describe in the book; after I observed that Joseph (once the natural husband to Mary, whilst he roamed upon the earth as a sojourner in Egypt and abroad,)
111 hath many crowns of pure heavenly silver with a giant precious choice diamond in the heart of its pattern; in the form of the crown of the righteousness, and many special crowns of the life, magnified exceedingly by the virtues of the crown incorruptible;
112 the special silver of the crowns being the crown of humbleness; which in the reign of the heavens is highly exalted.
113 There I was, wearing the crown of the righteousness, six crowns of the life, and many crowns of glory, magnified exceedingly by the virtues of the crown incorruptible,
114 with six bold diamond stars, and a giant precious choice red ruby in the heart of the circle in the midst of the pattern of the horns.
115 The many heavenly crowns of our Lord are formed from the marriage of the heavenly crowns upon the heads of Joseph, Mary, and I;
116 in the form of the pure heavenly silver crown upon the head of Joseph, but adorned with gold lines round about the inside after the form of the crown mocking;
117 having twelve bold stars and the sun shining in their midst like the crown upon the head of Mary, but the stars are red as rubies and hard as diamonds, as the marriage of both together in a new kind of jewel;
118 the face of the sun also being covered like the crown upon the head of Mary; but instead of being fully covered with a pearl like moon, there is a crescent pearl like moon to the lower left hand of Christ filled in with a giant diamond to form together the face of a new kind of sun and moon; All of which are magnified exceedingly by the virtues of the crown incorruptible.
119 Here is the understanding: the sun doth signify Jacob, and Thummim, and myself; whilst the moon doth signify Rachel, and Urim, and Mary.
120 The twelve ruby-diamond stars are twelve crowns of the life, also being his crowns of glory; for his whole life of tribulations and faithful endurance were glorious ministrations;
121 also signifying the twelve apostles and twelve sons of Israel married together, as the giant diamond and giant ruby of the crowns of Joseph and I, are spiritually married together by our marriages to Mary.
122 And king David was shewn unto me wearing the crown of righteousness, and eight crowns of the life, with eight great diamond stars coming forth from the midst of the heart of his crown.
123 In New Jerusalem, each of us shall have our own special mansion to live in within the city, with none entering who hath not endured the hour of trial and earned a goodly pearl ring; because only the holy shall remain to the ages and ages, Amen!

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