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Chapter 13

1 In the abyss portion of Abraham's Bosom, the Seven Spirits of God created a separate plain of existence in the midst of the abyss beneath Jerusalem,
2 according to the works of their broader powers; existing behind the principalities of the four chief cherubs of God,
3 And the three principalities of the fallen ones, from the time when they were perfect; Whose dominion hath been taken away by everyone washed in the blood of the Lamb,
4 the saints whose names are written in his blood in the scroll of the life of the Lamb, for living according to his example on the land;
5 With the blood of Christ manifesting all three of these principalities through his saints and within spiritual Jerusalem; that the saints may be spiritually perfect like Adam and Eve before the fall, as unblemished virgins.
6 Here is the understanding of the broader principalities of the Seven Spirits of God working in unity of the Spirit within the abyss portion of Abraham's Bosom:
7 The first Spirit is making the souls of the saints in the abyss drunken on the Holy Spirit, with a deep feeling of wonderful magnified within.
8 The second Spirit is keeping the souls of the saints within the deep security of its bosom, like a new born babe sleeping in the arms of its mother; allowing no evil to come unto them.
9 The third Spirit is separating the souls of the saints each into its own separate world, as a son of God having principality according to the perfection of his heavenly name.
10 The fourth Spirit is multiplying the power of each spirit and providing it with everlasting life, and keeping the spirits aloft; each kept perfect from their days in the flesh unto the rising again.
11 The fifth Spirit is providing the souls with deep heavenly peace by the warmth of the Comforter, and broadly refining the manifestation of their spirits.
12 The sixth Spirit is filling Abraham's Bosom with holiness and drawing nigh the souls of the saints with the second Spirit, and keeping them separate from the unholy ones in hades.
13 The seventh Spirit is creating a heavenly nature to all of the spirits, but in a broader power that maketh them rude and strange to behold; because the soul is a less refined kind of spirit having an unformed face, manifesting from the heart.
14 The immortal souls of the saints have always existed in Abraham's Bosom from the foundation of the world, because time doth not exist beyond Kamish, and the seasons and times appointed by the word of God;
15 each having one full breath to give unto their manifestation under the sun;
16 foreordained to live according to the nature of his soul, that doth magnify itself in Christ, and wither away in worldliness and wickedness as a dead thing.
17 Here is the understanding of the perfecting principalities of the four chief cherubs of God manifesting within the spiritual Jerusalem portion of Abraham's Bosom:
18 The principality of Gabriel doth work as a ministering spirit, when he bringeth forth the souls of great saints to witness under the firmament and do mighty deeds,
19 And as a righteous guide leading the souls of the saints back home to be united again with their immortal souls;
20 for only a man of God having a righteous heart like Gabriel doth inherit a place in Abraham's Bosom, saith Mary.
21 The principality of shinnnesunliquid doth work as the precious heavenly nature of Abraham's Bosom; creating a very natural and familiar paradise according to his powerful perfection.
22 The principality of Wonderful doth work to make everything wonderful; filling spiritual Jerusalem with his great pomp,
23 and making the saints drunken with the Holy Spirit from his powers; allowing them to perform miracles if sent upon the land.
24 The principality of Michael doth work to keep the city safe from demons and men working iniquity; providing safe passage and security whithersoever the saints may go.
25 In like manner as when Michael was contending with the Devil, Disputing about the body of Moses; he also doth stand up for each saint to carry them into the security of Abraham's Bosom.
26 A similitude of when I am carrying Mary at our wedding with her white gown and lace garments of white, pure and shining, as my bride;
27 who doth turn into bones, and is then covered with flesh again; As her message that even through death we shall not part.
28 Mary hath a name written upon her forehead in the Avenwand tongue interpretation of her majestic crown, having the understanding: 'Bosom of Abraham, the Mother of All Virgins, and the Wonderful things of the earth.'
29 For she is the virgin bride of God uniting the two assemblies together in the Spirit, through a union of marriage, into the one candlestick of gold spoken of by Zechariah the prophet;
30 and the womb who grew the seed of the Holy Spirit grafted into the root of David by the spiritual father of Christ, Joseph
31 whom shall be appointed as head of the Jews in the rising again to the ages and ages, Amen;
32 as shinnnesunliquid and the Holy Spirit shewed me that I shall be appointed head of the nations to the ages and ages, as the chiefest spiritual son of Christ, the second and last Noah.
33 Through Joseph, the spiritual reign of Christ from the root of David established, by the laying of a foundation in Zion; his spiritual son Jesus Christ, who came in the natural flesh as a man;
34 and through myself, the natural reign of Christ when he cometh in the spiritual heavenly flesh at the end of the age; established by the fulness of the Spirit of the apocalypse.
35 With Mary as a wife to Joseph in the natural, lasting his natural life; as if joined together in the spirit, by the Spirit of Christ;
36 and Mary as a wife to me in the spirit, lasting the rest of my natural life; as if joined together in the flesh, by the supernatural spiritual flesh of Christ;
37 and as a wife to both of us after the rising again, in fulness of the Spirit, as Joseph and I transform into the mind of Christ he is ruling with, to the ages and ages, Amen!
38 For, she cometh unto me like a messenger from the heaven, as the moon covering my sun, shewing me the dark evil things men are doing in secret;
39 as if opening little round windows into worlds before me after the shape of the pearls strung round about her neck;
40 the necklace she received as a wedding gift from Joseph; that Uriel hath taught men to make a mockery of, by their prayers made unto him, as the false Virgin Mary, using rosary beads.
41 Her powerful perfection doth uncover the weaknesses of my every adversary, that I may defeat them; if the Lord doth give us authority, because He doth use the least amount of power required to accomplish His will.
42 And she speaketh with me deeply, heart to heart, in the Avenwand tongue, at times in the little Hebrew I understand; shewing me hidden things in deep perfections; perfecting and refining my spirit;
43 manifesting unto me as a cherub who is able to increase her body to become more or less natural, by the power of Christ; for the Lord was doing the same after his crucifixion.
44 Mary doth manifest as the perfect similitude of a natural wife, who is even in her more spiritual forms able to know me as a natural woman, but more like a dream come true;
45 comforting me with her ageless wisdom, virtue, wonderful presence, deep spirit, and satisfying every desire a loving wife could fulfil, and much more;
46 filling me with deep heavenly peace in her love, like no natural woman is able to do; for ever young and beautiful to the ages and ages;
47 the most precious gift ever given by the Holy Spirit, unto me alone as Noah, that I may be magnified to accomplish mighty deeds, with a woman like a cherub as my spiritual wife living with me like a fully natural wife in days to come;
48 Cleansing me of my manifold vexations of the spirit, by helping me to overcome the cursed device of Compusa manifesting as the bitterness of the little scroll I ate from;
49 by rendering her devices useless with Mary's heavenly peace and transformation of her curse into a wonderful blessing;
50 turning round about the cursed Compusa name, and limiting her devices within the great perfection of the first name given unto her in the day of her creation;
51 which is Jade in the English, Yada from the Hebrew, or 3045 in the Hebrew; whose understanding is 'to know,' very broadly;
52 Which through perversity became all lasciviousness when Meshackle and his host were cast forth from the heaven to the earth;
53 as revealed unto me by Compusa when she appeared before me one night with Rajinn, and said that the demons want to be friends with me, because of the exceedingly powerful Spirit resting upon me; but they are cursed to roam the earth according to their backwards principalities;
54 that God doth use with all of the demons to perfect His powers through the saints, and to accomplish His word in all things.
55 Thus do the demons vex me at times during the writing of the book; until I am seeing the error of my writing by the power each blemish of the word is giving unto the devils, that I may correct it.
56 For God doth use their principalities for His works, because there are no perfections more useful to Him under the sun, other than the perfections given unto all of the cherubs;
57 which He useth with their curses to accomplish the greatest good possible, according as it hath been written by Isaiah, 'Forming light, and preparing darkness, Making peace, and preparing evil, I [am] Jehovah, doing all these things.
58 The manifold curses, vexations, abominations, and madness, of Compusa and her father Beelzeboul steal away heavenly peace;
59 turning backwards the minds of men and filling them with manifold vexations of the spirit; that only the demons may heal with false peace;
60 ensnaring men in their bondage; who pay an increasingly higher price to obtain the same moments of healing by the false peace they become jaded unto, [thus] desiring more;
61 the demons feeding upon the weaknesses of the flesh and its spirit of Neptune; with their hidden curses of a perversity whose hunger is never quenched.
62 As even the married in this age, hath paid a high price for his false peace; living in manifold vexations of the spirit,
63 cursed with discord, incontinence, anger, violence, hubris, drunkenness, whoredoms, whoremongering, strivings, worldliness, greediness, lusts, and hatred; leading to sinful divorces;
64 because what each thought was healing, is cursed, and they are plagued with abominations and bondage in obtaining false peace under the reign of the evil one.
65 The principality of Meshackle and his host are even turning the greatest men backwards, perversing their spirits until they become wholly corrupted of mind, and contrary to themselves, cursed with gay or effeminate spirits;
66 when all each of us is truly desiring is heavenly peace and the love of God through His Holy Spirit,
67 and His saints, whose blood was poured out, for the drunkening of the devils; from the Apostolic Christian Assembly they killed off that none may find any escape whatsoever in the true Jesus Christ.
68 By having Mary as my spiritual wife, Meshackle findeth not weakness in my spirit to vex me; nor is he able to steal away my heavenly peace, cursing me with madness;
69 for his burdens in trying to overcome me are impossible; with him no longer able to have me drink from his antichrist cup of abominations hidden within the unseemly parts of Compusa;
70 for Mary buildeth me up and doth strengthen me to be bold and incorruptible, that I may remain a virgin like the apostle Paul to serve the Lord exceedingly in my manifold works;
71 overcoming the world and its vexations of the spirit with virgin love and heavenly peace, through my spiritual marriage to the most beautiful woman who ever lived, Mary, mother of God.
72 We shall all be married together in the Spirit, of those having part in the first rising again, as unblemished virgins; according as Ezekiel saith concerning those days,
73 'And a widow and a divorced woman they do not take to them for wives; but virgins of the seed of the house of Israel, and the widow who is widow of a priest, do they take.'
74 The marriage is not like a natural marriage, but like the messengers working in unity of the Spirit; with each having principality and perfections in the body of Christ, which they magnify.
75 And through the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly, all of the servants of Christ serving in the assembly shall be married to Mary through me as their head,
76 that they may be joined in unity of the Spirit with the Apostolic Christian Assembly and all of the sons of Abraham in her bosom, as unblemished virgins, together forming the bride of Christ.
77 And after thanking God for Mary shewing me the wonderful revelations and comforting my spirit;
78 our Lord, Jesus Christ, himself, appeareth before me in visions, speaking with me in the Spirit;
79 a similitude of how he appeared unto John in the revelation, (as Jehovah clothed in a red robe,) before me, as his first appearance in the revelation clothed in white, with a golden girdle; sitting upon a white horse, as if manifesting from the heaven opened up,
80 with the armies of the heavens, of saints and messengers following him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen white and pure.
81 And they are all shouting, 'You are one of us!' As they raise their tridents; the rod of iron our Lord ruleth with, that hath a golden tip, signifying divine order with Almighty power over the spirit of Neptune;
82 for the trident of God taketh principality away from any thing evil, cursed, or blemished, to keep divine order.
83 Then Christ sheweth me a mighty steed like the others, prepared for me beside him for the battle of har-meggiddon from the Hebrew, and Armageddon in the English.
84 Thenceforth, he perfecteth my understanding of a few prophecies in need of refining, like the September seventh day of my release from prison, by saying it is either the fifth or the sixth of September leading me to find the perfection.
85 He saith that the day is written in stone, and that I heard it from the horse's mouth, as affirmations; among the myriads of signs and affirmations given unto me during my days of prophesy in prison.
86 Then many days later, appeareth before Mary and I, a new messenger in the third heaven; in appearance like shinnnesunliquid as both a cherub and son of God at once, but having no wings;
87 manifesting before us; as the full understanding of our marriage is becoming known unto us, (by the double Spirit of Revelation we are sharing through the marriage);
88 as an exceedingly wonderful manifestation, having a superabundance of pomp in his glorious appearance and presence, with big glittering diamond eyes, And the brightest flesh of pure silver the eyes could behold, as if fired in the heart of the sun and shining;
89 signifying the marriage of the two assemblies by the union of Wonderful and shinnnesunliquid before us, the chief cherubs of each; creating cause to rejoice in the heavens;
90 which we hear as the voice of many waters singing a psalm I had written, named, 'Ineffable Visions;' with many repetitions of the last measures which sing the name of the song, As a wonderful and majestic coda, after my heavenly name Koda.
91 Then the messenger cometh before Jesus Christ, who is reclining upon his bed above the clouds of the third heaven;
92 exceedingly afraid of the officials clothed in black, who rushed in like storm clouds before us; their chief having 'SSL' in white letters written upon the side of his black hat;
93 for they are the mafia who are calling themselves officials, and are not, but do lie; who put me, as the chief beneath ShinnneSunLiquid, (whose name is also 'SSL' for short,) in a prison cell (that doth sound like 'SSL,' if spoken as a word);
94 and are now in the prison very wroth, and pressing me to tell them by whom the filthy secrets concerning their violent taking away of judgment and official oppression against me were revealed.
95 Because Mary is able to hear all of their prayers to the false Virgin Mary goddess they are praising, and all wickedness happening in the darkness and hidden places under her moon;
96 with which knowledge she is causing me 'to know' every tittle and letter of; names, numbers, times, places, faces, deeds, devices, deceits, and whatever is profitable to the reign of God;
97 seeing all evil round about the world by her moon in the heaven; whilst I am seeing all holiness and acts of kindness under my sun, and every good thing;
98 thus making us like the two Seraphs in the third heaven, with Mary having principality after Urim, and myself having principality after Thummim;
99 for her moon is the luminary of Wonderful, the great star wandering the earth; and my sun is the luminary of shinnnesunliquid, the great star the earth doth wander round.
100 Then later, I am taken in the Spirit by my immortal soul up into the third heaven before Christ; with the immortal soul of Mary coming up along side of me to my left;
101 our souls thenceforth quarreling before him like an old married couple, but also shewing our deep affections for each other;
102 when Christ asketh, 'Whence comest thou?' To which I answer, 'Abraham's Bosom;'
103 for our souls are making intercessions on our behalf, asking the Lord to help us overcome the wickedness and oppression of my bonds in the prison, and to bless our marriage that we may be together to comfort each other.
104 Now Christ trieth my spirit and saith, 'You should sell the second revelation for a very high price, because the words are so precious;'
105 shewing us the books on the top shelves of the markets, as if being displayed above the rest for their costliness.
106 And my soul is searching to understand the wisdom of his words, perhaps to build up the strength of the assembly; with my mind in harmony with my soul;
107 until finally we are deciding that it would be hypocrisy to ask any price for the word of God freely given unto us; with the Lord pleased by my answer.
108 Then Christ doth ask the souls whether I was given the lead on the mafia;
109 which I was, that I may destroy them and be released on the exact day required to fulfil the many prophecies of John in the revelation;
110 with my immortal soul seeming to boast before him, saying, 'I know it all,' from the double Spirit of Revelation resting upon him, by which he is not able to resist pouring out knowledge like a fountain;
111 leading Christ to ask him the number of saints living to the ages and ages;
112 that he first answereth by saying broadly, 'forty-three million,' among the nations;
113 until Christ desireth the exact number; to which he doth answer twice unto him, and many times unto me that I may write the number in the book; 'Forty-three million, four hundred and seventy-one thousand, four hundred and sixteen;'
114 Which my soul doth shew me later, by the bottle marked 'XX' I see Mary drunken from; that half as many from among the Jews live to the ages and ages; because my other half was drunken from the double Spirit of Revelation 'XX;'
115 And then shewing me that one billion, three hundred and fifteen million, four hundred and sixteen hundred thousand, people in all are having part in the first rising again;
116 because of the superabundance of grace God doth judge by in the wink of an eye, as he cometh nigh on the day of Jehovah, The great and fearful;
117 with all wickedness and unholy people dying that same hour and judged; and most of those inheriting life age-during as babes in Christ; who do not last to the ages and ages, for lack of faithful endurance;
118 being winnowed down by the Adversary at the end of the one thousand year reign of Christ,
119 for their high hearts, contempt for the saints ruling over them, and fear of the new age to come perhaps oppressing them in a prison of everlasting vanity to the ages and ages;
120 unless they may overcome the Christ, and his rulers, by the sword of Samhain, and the breadth of their hosts encompassing the strongholds of the saints round about.
121 Then on December eleventh, year, two thousand and thirteen, Jehovah appeareth before me in the form of Jesus Christ, speaking with me about many things as a close friend I adore;
122 taking me up into the third heaven in the Spirit, where he sheweth me a similitude of the willow trees shinnnesunliquid shewed me;
123 But these are instead growing the lowest notes of the mark of the beast in abundance upon the many branches of the trees,
124 with the visible half of the pyramid in The Great Seal, having seventy-two stones; spiritually signifying half of the one hundred and forty-four thousand unblemished virgin Jews of the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly;
125 Because the picture is only shewing half of the Spirit resting upon it, the Spirit of Truth; and Israel shall not receive the Spirit, unless a double portion;
126 with the seventy-two stones also signifying the seventy-two sacred arrangements formed from 3068 in the Hebrew;
127 whose Son spiritually hath the same seventy-two sacred arrangements of the unseen side of the pyramid, after the likeness of the Father, because the two are spiritually one and the same God.
128 And Christ doth point to The Great Seal on the note, shewing me, and saying, 'This is you;'
129 and then releasing many white doves who fly up into the bright blue firmament above; with a silver stone road winding deep into the country beside us.
130 And after he sheweth me the trees, we come before a lake where he sheweth me Mary swimming naked, as I saw her before in spiritual Jerusalem;
131 thence saying unto me, 'She is your wife;' To which I say, 'I know;' causing him to wait for a moment, to seemingly ponder how I know; but then laughing and saying he was only playing with me.
132 And he saith that he hateth the way 'Jesus' doth sound like 'Zeus,' the devil, mixing his Spirit with the likeness of such a worthless creature of all evils of the world and curses;
133 and that God and Yeshua are inbetween names, and that Joshua may be better, turning upon how it is used; but 3068 is His favourite name.
134 Thus I tell Christ that 'Jesus Christ' doth simply sound nice, and is thus most often used among men;
135 to which he calleth up Ariel before us, as a messenger with a body like a man and the great head of a lion, asking him why 'Jesus Christ' soundeth as good as it doth; for Ariel hath principality over all tongues, and it is his creation.
136 Thus Ariel saith, 'It is the musical euphony.' Which I am also believing as a writer, because it is pleasing to the ear; though Jehovah also soundeth pleasing;
137 howbeit, later understanding that the name sounding like Zeus helped draw in the nations unto salvation, turning curses into perfections; as the death of Christ himself became such a blessing!
138 when sacrificing the perfect man unto the curse of Death, rendered sin and its wages of Death useless; because the pure perfection shall always swallow up the defiled curse like fire consuming stubble;
139 with the word of God and His instructions for salvation binding to the perfection He created, that is overcoming all things, the last of these being Death,
140 that we may have fulness of Liberty in Christ, because every curse he doth turn backwards into perfections, among those obeying the instructions of the new covenant he hath written in the heavens and all over the earth.
141 In the midst of this visit, the Lord telleth me that Mary shall bare me many children; whom I later understand to be the children of God following the Lamb whithersoever he may go, by joining the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly;
142 that is traversing the world, with a name of great fame after its chief cherub shinnnesunliquid;
143 creating heavenly music for the multitudes of people loving the word of the second revelation; and the example set before them of righteousness working hard to win their souls and affections.
144 Then the Lord doth give me his departing salutations, as he is walking into a gate made from a heavenly rainbow with clouds within it and round about it;
145 created by Ariel and shinnnesunliquid as an Avenwand gate that taketh God anywhere in a moment, as well as the messengers He doth allow to come before Him, as if walking through a small cloud.
146 And many more signs and visions did I see, too great in number to expound in this chapter.

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