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Chapter 12

1 The morning after shinnnesunliquid appeared unto me; I awake to behold two men manifesting before me in deep and perfect visions;
2 the first as an elder of great form like a beast of a man, arrayed with rabbit skins, and holding the staff of a shepherd; with bright white light shining forth from his soul as his heavenly glory;
3 the second as a shade aloft beside him, as if sleeping; who is thin and simple in appearance, like a prisoner, clothed with a sackcloth tunic,
4 having a rope girdle girded round the waist, with brown hair cut with simplicity round about his head.
5 Then a beautiful maiden appeareth in their midst, clothed in a dark coloured dress and bonnet, with the countenance of a kind one;
6 signifying that she is a virgin and close friend of the prisoner; who causeth me to understand that the prisoner is John the apostle, The elder Elijah the prophet,
7 for John was closest to Mary among the apostles; saying that she is a lion of a woman; and this is Mary before me gathering provender from the fields of Bethlehem.
8 Then Elijah saith, 'The book is good. I am comforted by thy presence. It is troubling to see what they have done unto thee. Goodbye my friend.'
9 Thence he departs, with John tarrying behind to speak with me from the abyss portion of Abraham's Bosom, where he is drunken on the Holy Spirit and resting in deep heavenly peace.
10 Thus, I ask him which tongues the books of the new covenant were written in;
11 To which he answereth the epistles of Paul, and the books of Luke, were written in the Greek and Hebrew at the same time; because Paul and Luke were speaking in many tongues;
12 his book of revelation written only in the Greek; and the gospel of Mark in Greek first; and the rest of the Holy Writings in the Hebrew first and foremost, and thenceforth in the Greek being kept.
13 Then five days later, a damsel appeareth unto me in deep perfect visions like a messenger doth; exceedingly beautiful, A queen who is the desire of every king, Whom to look upon is to fall in love;
14 having long brown hair, and perfect form; clothed with a scarlet dress and a blue covering over her head and neck;
15 comforting me with her warm presence of deep love, and cleansing my mind of many vexations;
16 filling me with deep heavenly peace, until I am drunken on the Holy Spirit like one having his fill of strong drink.
17 For she is the heavenly, Mary, mother of Jesus; baring her bosom before me, as a message that she is about to shew me the dream like paradise of Abraham's Bosom,
18 where the souls of the saints are accounted for in the city portion and called up from the abyss portion, as if they are resting in the many rooms of gold mansions in a spiritual Jerusalem;
19 each having a heavenly blue dome in the midst of the roof, And a lofty gold chimney with a little pyramid shaped roof on top of it, for the smoke of the hearth to escape.
20 Inside the mansions, whose presence is the spiritual plain of existence about the old city of Jerusalem, each saint hath his own room,
21 with Mary shewing me her beautiful furniture of wood carved from cherry trees, and her soft bed covered with fine white linen, having a white linen covering high above as its glory.
22 She also sheweth me a great glass window in a common place of the mansion that is made up of fifteen one cubit squares, three high and five across.
23 Then she taketh me outside to the porch, shewing me more furniture of tables and chairs made from the cherry tree wood that is stained with a dark finish.
24 And as I come nigh, the spirits of the saints gathered round about, say with one mouth, 'Hail Jason!'
25 And Mary sheweth them a diamond ring upon her right ring finger, saying, 'I am married to Jason, he is my second husband.'
26 Here is Zechariah sitting down before me, as an elder with a long white beard that hath not been trimmed in ages, who is not understanding; And he saith, 'That makest thee a whore!'
27 And Mary saith, 'Jason is my spiritual husband;' with her ring transforming into a yin yang sign before our eyes.
28 Zechariah is firmly setting his face against it, as if it is adultery; when I say unto him, it is not a sin, because one is not able to transgress when doing as God doth desire.
29 Then he saith, 'Thou art very wise! Thank you for shewing me my error.'
30 But this is a very hard thing, like the diamond, for all of us to fully understand; with Zechariah confessing that he is jealous.
31 Thenceforth, I am trying to reason with him that he should not be jealous, because the gift would not be profitable unto him.
32 And as we are departing, he saith unto me, 'Do not be a stranger, we have to get together more often and talk.'
33 Then during the day, Mary taketh me to behold many wonders of nature; a forest with a great waterfall in its midst, a lake she doth dive naked into and swim in,
34 a manger where she doth feed horses and beasts provender, a field where she goeth picking flowers in the bright sun light to form together, and a winter wonderland of snow covered hills.
35 And during the night, we walk along the sand of the silver sea, with stars like diamonds in the heaven above; (eating fresh caught crab, lobster, and fish from the sea, served upon a silver charger); like good friends making merry.
36 And we are playing by the sea, when shinnnesunliquid appeareth in the distance walking upon the silver sea made after his flesh;
37 with Gabriel as the man in the moon winking at us; for this is our honeymoon, where many affections are exchanged.
38 Abraham's Bosom is the heavenly tabernacle the Apostolic Christian Assembly existing only in spirit to-day;
39 the visible portion, created by the four cherubs of God, only as a door way to bring forth the souls of the saints to and from the abyss portion of it.
40 It doth manifest as a city, simply for appearances; for making things seem more natural, when creations of the Spirit manifest in the eye of the beholder.
41 On the night of December seventh, year, two thousand and thirteen, I am taken in the Spirit through the abyss by Gabriel,
42 when he openeth the door of my room in the spiritual Jerusalem before me, and pulleth me deep into the darkness and emptiness it appeared to be full of on its face;
43 causing us to fall deep into a spiritual plain of existence made after the expanse of the second heaven, the spirit of Uranus mixed within the dust of the earth;
44 With nothing else in Death; for it is simply a dark expanse of emptiness where spirits become less than vanity;
45 falling into a bottomless pit of sadness and pain that doth torment the souls of men and even demons; for they have no Comforter.
46 The abyss doth exist, because the nature of everything is as a hollow image, a spirit puffed up by the forces of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the Word,
47 according as it hath been written by John in his gospel, 'All things through him did happen, and without him happened not even one thing that happened;'
48 for each element of any thing whatsoever is like a particular note plucked on the strings of a harp unstrung, as his voice of many waters speaking everything into existence as if with many psalms;
49 by forming the notes of his Spirit into heavenly bodies, each having their own glory, as the moons turn round about each wandering star in the expanse of the second heaven;
50 Which together are forming the body of everything in the image of its heavenly Father, Jehovah, the Great God Almighty,
51 who is using His superabundance of power to form the firmness, patience, weight, depth, draw, pattern, building up, and natural power and force, of all things created;
52 with the Holy Spirit perfecting the body and soul of all things in unity of spirit,
53 and providing His Almighty principality of life and existence to everything under the Son, and within the expanses of the three heavens.
54 When God doth allow or cause the principality of any thing whatsoever to be taken away, it doth vanish and descend into the abyss inside itself, and within the earth,
55 as when Michael smote Meshackle before my eyes, causing him to fall until the Adversary draweth him nigh, (the devil whom he is bowing before);
56 that he may receive the principality of the Adversary, given reign over this world, once again, And ascend up through the stones and dust of the earth he doth inhabit.
57 After we fell into the abyss, and Gabriel shewed me all of these things, (that the Holy Spirit through Gabriel later helped me to understand,)
58 we come unto my room within the abyss portion of Abraham's Bosom, a very strange world with creeping roots descending fully visible through what appeareth to be the earth as the firmament round about us,
59 which seemeth to be searching deeply for the water of life in the midst of the land beneath Jerusalem from all over the earth round about us,
60 for, according as it hath been written by Zechariah, 'There shall be a fountain opened To the house of David And to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, for sin and for impurity,' in the last days,
61 which is the sun of righteousness spoken of by Malachi, that hath risen unto ye who fear the name of Jehovah, As the messenger shinnnesunliquid, (having, me, Jason, who is about to heal, in his wings);
62 for, in the midst of the strange world there eye am, appearing as an alien pyramid, a similitude of The Great Seal,
63 with an olive coloured eye, and sand coloured pyramid manifesting all of the knowledge, wisdom, and power, given unto me by the double Spirit of Revelation resting upon me;
64 because Gabriel sheweth unto me later, through the Holy Spirit, that it is my room in the abyss portion of Abraham's Bosom, where my immortal soul hath principality like a messenger doth;
65 having always existed in this place from the foundation of the world, because it is written in the scroll of the life of the Lamb after the principality of my name;
66 foreordained as the king having the fulness of the Spirit who is about to heal the nations and the Jews God hath chosen in His divine plan;
67 with my principality having the very nature to guide me through the darkness, upon the righteous path of divine enlightenment.
68 After seeing my room, we pass through the paths of the expanse as if walking through the darkness, until we arrive within the room of my wife for life, Mary,
69 whom I am beholding above me as a giant, broadly formed ghost of a naked woman; which is the nature of her immortal soul, as the last Eve, who through her acts of righteousness blessed all men with everlasting life;
70 after the first Eve through her acts of wickedness cursed all men with chains of thick gloom and everlasting darkness in Death.
71 She is moving aloft as a beautiful strange dream like figure with wonderful deep blue eyes like sapphires;
72 having a royal white ghost head aloft beside her; the head from the immortal soul of Joseph, which he sent forth to speak with her concerning her journey;
73 whose appearance is like that of an Egyptian prince having a long narrowing beard; who agreed to rejoice with wine the day after the rising again, with Mary and I, when I first spoke to him in visions;
74 but here in the abyss, both are drifting along in the expanse like ships sailing on the calm winds of the high seas,
75 as if drunken on strong drink from the Holy Spirit, and resting in deep heavenly peace like John when he appeared before me.
76 And I am walking within her unseemly parts, as if walking into a strange wonderful world round about me; for she is a big flowing river, and I am like a king fish inside of her;
77 with her immortal soul existing, as eye am existing in the abyss, and also like a messenger upon the earth; except I am still carrying the burden of my sinful flesh, while she is a perfect spirit;
78 who is separated from the sinful nature of her flesh, bound within her bones, now lying as dust and a single tooth beside Joseph; both hidden within two sarcophagi of bright whitewashed marble,
79 buried deep under a great hill of earth covered by sand, about the West Bank of Israel, under the Jordan River; within a sepulchre having one giant white stone covering its mouth;
80 that may be found by the mouth of a little river rushing into the Jordan paying tribute to the great river;
81 where she is desiring to shew me in particular, because she doth feel the presence of my spirit through Mary as a comforter;
82 longing to be with me and all of the saints; quickly removed from Sheol.
83 Which I am knowing because her dark mummified spirit having a blue glory about its flesh, appeareth unto me one night, before I was taken into the abyss by Gabriel;
84 uncovering that the messages I had been receiving about Abraham's Bosom were not being fully understood;
85 for the city doth manifest only when the cherubs of God are carrying in the souls of the saints who have died in the flesh, And babies and children who have died soon after birth, or before birth,
86 that they may have the chance to manifest again in the womb, and be born again, that God may judge them according to their faith,
87 And if innocence not withstanding; He may then cast them into the bottomless pit with the devils in hades, for working iniquity and finding not salvation in lives long lived.
88 Only unto Christ and myself have the cherubs of God brought forth the souls of the saints to roam the earth like messengers,
89 having instructions from Jehovah through the Holy Spirit, and knowledge to find what they are seeking; that they may share the wisdom and principality they have been given for edification, the building up of faith, and mighty deeds.
90 Howbeit, Uriel was once given authority to lead Samuel forth to appear before Saul and the woman of Endor (having a familiar spirit); manifesting in his cherub perfection in the form of a man, a similitude of Gabriel;
91 wearing the disguise of a black cloak, that he may come within the gates of the city; with no one but God perceiving,
92 that it may not tarnish the great name of Samuel to be seen by the souls in hades, beholding the pair moving about; glorifying evil.
93 I had felt that something was missing in the city, and I did ask Mary to shew me what she doeth all day;
94 but she saith that she hath a painful secret that she doth not want to reveal because I would be terrified.
95 Howbeit, I deeply long for the revelation, and press her to shew me; whilst I am having my eyes closed as if in a dream;
96 when appeareth before me in visions, the head of a gazelle, which is displayed upon a wooden backing hung upon the wall;
97 from whence it came, I do not know; and while I am perceiving, lo, the rest of the body doth become visible as the wall seemeth to become transparent; the whole vision very dark and fearful.
98 Later, Mary causeth me to understand that she doth feel as if she is the stuffed prized head of the gazelle put on display for the world in the gospels,
99 with none of her kindness and deep feelings manifesting her great affections.
100 And I am beholding her face like a shade, as of an elder of blue gray stone like Tartaros; when it changeth into a skull, whose countenance is from the sting of Death overcoming her;
101 causing me to understand the wisdom of Solomon, when he saith 'For an event [is to] the sons of man, and an event [is to] the beasts, even one event [is] to them;
102 as the death of this, so [is] the death of that; and one spirit [is] to all, and the advantage of man above the beast is nothing, for the whole is vanity.
103 The whole are going unto one place, the whole have been from the dust, and the whole are turning back unto the dust.'
104 For, this dark spirit of Mary is like a beast of a woman, a demon; a remnant of the sinful nature that died within her flesh, for ever separated from her perfect unblemished immortal soul;
105 having one perfection in the midst of vanity; her name that she doth believe she is magnifying by her messages unto me as myths; saying, 'I am signing autographs from Sheol is all.'
106 For, she saith that her name is not Mary, but rather is 'Merah' from the Hebrew name Merajoth, (written as 4812 in the Hebrew); and that the Writings are wrong, rendering it poorly in the Greek and English;
107 which I am not fully understanding until I am later finding her name in my book of Hebrew words, and find her story to be very truthful; shewn unto me by Mary, when she said unto me that it was the only perfection her Sheol spirit spake.
108 For, this is how the demons also are; having one whole truth, one perfection, in the midst of endless curses, lies, and apostasy; manifesting as their heavenly name transforming their appearances into messengers of light.
109 And she saith that Wonderful and Gabriel have her imprisoned in Sheol, forcing her to send me messages; and not to speak of her belief, as if very afraid of them.
110 And she doth scoff at the rising again, saying, 'if the Writings are true, why hath her own son, Jesus Christ, left her to perish in the cold darkness of Sheol;
111 Saying that I can hear her messages unto me, because the Spirit is magnifying them, and because I am delusional;
112 and that I fell for the oldest trick in the book by believing in the Writings and God.
113 Howbeit, when I am preaching unto her concerning the fulfilment of all prophecies, perfect wisdom, and power of the Word;
114 she saith, 'There might be something to it. But she will believe it when she seeth it, concerning the rising again. For, she is spiritually blinded like the spirit of all flesh without Jesus Christ.
115 Then, near the end of our communications she is suffering manifold vexations and deep sadness of the heart; seeking my comfort and longing to be with me; saying to leave her alone so she may weep;
116 because she doth feel my love for the immortal soul of Mary, despite the separation, as a comforter of love in the midst of vanity and everlasting imprisonment.
117 Days after Mary first appeared unto me, she brought me down to hades in the Spirit, where I saw the prisons of the abyss;
118 with each sepulchre along the walls of the caverns beneath spiritual Jerusalem appearing as if opened; but sealed by the transparent spirit of the Adversary, as if the openings were giant round windows of glass;
119 through which we beheld the tortured souls; each in his own prison, consumed up to the neck in the midst of stones of fire, screaming with torment.
120 For, the three heads of Cerberus are the three head demons working together in unity of spirit to form hades,
121 whose prisons are multiplied by Meshackle, in the stones of the earth he doth inhabit; going on for ever and ever like the sand of the sea, down the broad path to destruction;
122 with the form of the prisons after the round shape of the earth, In appearance like the worlds in the abyss portion of Abraham's Bosom;
123 but they are filled with the souls of men that Charon is dragging into their prisons by their hair; bound under chains of thick gloom, by his steel grip of oppression that doth torture them with deep pain;
124 for this is the sting of Death, which doth feel like the gnashing of teeth.
125 The spirit of Meshackle doth torment the souls with madness, causing them to long for all of the desires of the flesh,
126 like a man wandering forty years in the desert, Searching for a draught of water from the desirable land put for ever beyond his reach.
127 The vain spirit of Uriel doth destroy the souls with his burning flames; depriving them of all of the gifts of the Spirit,
128 until they become less than vanity under thick chains of everlasting darkness, with no works nor wisdom;
129 screaming in vain as empty shades, like the dead bodies thrown in heaps into the pits of ghenna and burned,
130 who are crying out with a whisper that only those beholding may perceive from the reproaches and abhorrence, as if their messages were painted upon their dead bodies in the Avenwand tongue.

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