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Chapter 11

1 The seventh is shinnnesunliquid in the English, or 3220-8122-5050-3313-215 in the Hebrew,
2 who was made after the fulness of the Seven Spirits of God, the Spirit of the Most High;
3 uniting the heavens and the earth together by the power of his great perfection.
4 For he is a majestic cherub in the first heaven, where his principality is over the gifts of the Spirit poured out liberally upon all the earth:
5 All divine truth, knowledge, wisdom, skills, healing, music, visions, tongues, understanding, dreams, prophesy, imaginations of the heart, arts, learning, working, gatherings, growing, feelings,
6 pleasures, love, relationships, creation, compassion, charity, hunting, consuming, seeking, communications, birth, life, the good nature that is broadly found in all of creation,
7 and all of the things common unto all life, binding us together despite our many differences, like all the colours of his rainbow.
8 For he is not a respecter of persons; and his sun doth rise on the good and evil,
9 like the knowledge he is multiplying among all men, at this time of the end exceedingly; that hath perpetually fulfilled the prophecy of Daniel, ever since Gutenberg began the enlightenment.
10 He is a mighty son of God in the second heaven; where he doth work in unity of the Spirit with the other sons of God to govern, create, correct, and keep;
11 the pattern, substance, and spirit of all that was, is, and shall ever be, As the divine nature of all things; Mother Nature herself living upon the earth.
12 He reigneth everlasting as the king of all of the messengers from the third heaven, where his principality is pure and magnified exceedingly after the divine nature of the precious Spirit of God;
13 working in perfect unity of the Spirit with all of the messengers of God, and serving under the command of the Lord of Sabaoth Himself;
14 With all of the messengers working within his principality in special ways to magnify his holy powers, Or if they be demons, to steal power from them to accomplish evils;
15 In like manner as each part of the body hath a particular purpose, with one head binding and ruling over them all.
16 Shinnnesunliquid appeared unto me the morning after he sent Typhoon Haiyan to smite the Phillipine Islands; hoping to cleanse the land of the coldness, wickedness, and lawlessness abounding, As he did in the days of Noah.
17 For he said that the demons have been causing a lot of trouble as of late, with the revelation of my coming, because they have no time left to pollute the minds of men,
18 thus causing them to become very wroth like the legion of demons with evil red eyes, as figures formed from black smoke, who appeared before me in the night,
19 whom I cast forth from my presence by my strong faith in the powerful name of Jesus Christ; taunting them to kill me as they so desired.
20 At first, I began to see visions of the body of a man arrayed in a cloud;
21 coming and going, to and fro, in heartbeats like Michael doth move, but with the presence of a soft cloud on a warm summer day.
22 I had been expecting the arrival of shinnnesunliquid soon after Gabriel appeared unto me, (for each cherub did appear in their respective order before me,)
23 but these were visions, rather than manifestations; A similitude of those described by John in the revelation, Before me as if from a dream.
24 And though I kept trying to imagine the fulness of his appearance, I found it impossible.
25 Thus, he saith unto me, 'I am what I am, and you are not able to change me by thinking of me differently.'
26 Then, thrice he saith, 'My name is not shinnnesunliquid, it is sunshine liquid.'
27 But I do not believe him; from having perceived his spirit in all of creation, according to the nature of his perfection after his strange name, ever since we met; but this was a trial unto him.
28 Thus he saith, 'Son of man, thou art wiser than I thought.'
29 Then he saith, 'Thou must be he!' But calling me by the name of my kin, given unto me at birth; that he was quite familiar with, even though God hath given unto me a new name,
30 as every one who receiveth the second Spirit of Revelation, overcoming the world and its sins, shall also receive,
31 by a wonderous revelation from the Lord, whose significance is like the lighthouse calling forth the drowning sons of a broken vessel from the darkness,
32 shewing each man to be a living white stone in the sanctuary of the Almighty God, having a new name written upon him defined by the mouth of Jehovah; that no one knew except him who is receiving;
33 for it is after the understanding of their spiritual perfections in the body of Christ; as the messengers in the heavens are so named.
34 The name of our kin is the name of our flesh, Made from the dust, and having the spirit of Neptune exercising lordship over us; under the reign of the Adversary.
35 For, here under the sun, the perfection of divine order and balance of natural forces, was corrupted by the iniquity of our fleshy father Adam cursing us as flesh of his flesh unto death.
36 But, having been washed in the blood of the Lamb his all consuming Spirit; the flesh and its name were crucified with him and buried, that we may serve God in newness of spirit and live;
37 blessed with a new everlasting name, as he also hath a new name to the ages and ages,
38 A secret name that we are not able to defile with our lips, and may only understand with our hearts; revealed unto me as a youth by his Spirit in the Avenwand tongue as YHVH.
39 Shinnnesunliquid continued manifesting in visions from afar; until I might rise up from reclining and overcome the spirit of deep sleep resting upon me, from the demons stealing my peace in the night;
40 by next appearing unto me as a rock springing forth waters, after the waters of Meribah; where Jehovah commanded Moses to speak to the rock, and then forbade him from passing into the land flowing with milk and honey for his disobedience.
41 But, I hardened my heart from the spirit of deep sleep resting upon me; requiring him to manifest before me in the fulness of the form described by John, or some other manifestation of presence deep and perfect.
42 Thus, he appeareth unto me for only a moment as the cherub John described,
43 with a bright body like a son of man; having a warm glory about him like the sun, and a rainbow upon his head, and his feet like pillars of fire,
44 and his spirit consuming me, as if he were reclining in my place; quite happy and smiling;
45 for the messengers in their spirit forms are on a separate plain of existence, and we are not able to truly pass through them.
46 Being satisfied that this is his appearance before me for the Writings, I rise up to speak with him, and scorn my reproach from the unclean spirit of Compusa vexing me.
47 'Nay,' he saith, 'Compusa hath no power over thee, she simply planted her device in your fleshy mind.'
48 'Cleanse thy mind,' he singeth, recounting a verse from the psalm I had written called 'The Day of the Lord,'
49 and rightly saying that he had given unto me the words of my many psalms by his voice of roaring seas and eastern winds the messenger Ariel,
50 whom hath authority over all tongues; causing him to know every word and tittle expounded in my superabundance of writings.
51 Upon my knees I am bowing to the heavens, with a prayer to the Most High; that He may reconcile my manifold sins, weighing heavily at my heart,
52 when answer doth Jehovah, Himself, in deep and perfect visions; standing before me in the Spirit as the Father and Almighty God that He is,
53 arrayed with a scarlet robe, His hair and long beard as white as wool, His eyes like a flame of fire in the midst of each window; His feet like fine brass, as in a furnace having been fired,
54 with a form of waters holding itself aloft beside Him, through which He speaketh very softly and kindly unto me as a son,
55 deciding that the unclean burdens of my heart, were not sins at all; because they are part of the infirmities vexing me, for which I have little power over.
56 This doth fill me with heavenly peace; and doth help me to overcome the vexations which feed upon themselves to my own destruction, if I am not overcoming by faithful endurance with manifold perfections; for it is peace of mind.
57 Suddenly, shinnnesunliquid appeareth before me as the most majestic and glorious cherub of them all; standing in height a head shorter than I.
58 Whose body is of pure silver, as in a furnace having been fired; in appearance like nothing of this world;
59 For he was made after the pure silver blood of the Most High, (where His Spirit doth dwell providing life to His heavenly body and His body of saints);
60 with the blue glory of being aloft in the heaven about him, And exceedingly white teeth and wings, perfect in form, pure and shining made after the wisdom of the Most High;
61 with two wings upon his back, and two wings draping back from the middle outer part of each lower leg; very desirable to behold, like the fins of a messenger fish under water.
62 He is beholding me with big glittering diamonds for eyes; which later transform into eyes like mine, but with diamond irises made after the eyes of the Most High;
63 which I am understanding because, Jehovah, Himself, did again appear before me almost fourteen days later, pointing out that he hath diamond irises,
64 that help the saints to overcome with faithful endurance by allowing them to behold affirmations through His eyes of that which hath yet to manifest.
65 And he playeth with a rainbow coming forth from his black wand, bending it round and about as if it were a play thing;
66 for it is the spirit of the Avenwand tongue, his third glory, that was created by the Lord through him; made after the glory of the throne of Jehovah, after the glory of pure silver.
67 Thus, he calleth down a white dove from the heaven to speak with me in the Avenwand tongue more clearly;
68 whose significance is like the picture the Spirit caused me to draw many months ago of the living creature, like an eagle flying, that is hanging upon my wall; Kamish
69 full of many deep messages and prophecies that only I am understanding.
70 And he cometh unto me to provide the foundation for the fulness of the Spirit, that I may finish writing the second revelation before my first days of prophesy in prison end;
71 searching my understanding of many things, and going through all of the prophecies of the Writings with me, until I am confident that there is nothing left to ask of him.
72 And he spendeth most of the day with me, and saith unto me, 'Because thou hast been a favourable servant, thou shalt inherit life age-during. Many blessings to you!'
73 We spoke about a myriad of things; both desiring the same things in music, spirit, and life.
74 For he was full of love and imagination, and very close to my heart; using his broad answers to help me greatly understand the broad gifts of his cherub principality as foundations.
75 He lifted me up in the Spirit and carried me upon his shoulders, whenever I humbled my heart, and lowered me back down if I felt exalted overmuch;
76 revealing that he had carried Ezekiel away in like manner, upon his chariot driven by the cherubs of the four winds lifting him up in the flesh.
77 Here is the understanding of the four cherubs, working in unity of the Spirit to form the four winds; spoken of by Ezekiel, and John in the revelation;
78 The cherub of the north winds, having a face like a man, is Jasmine in the English (from the Hebrew 820-3050);
79 whose principality is as the lord of the superabundance unto the desolation of the winds; the greatness of its gusts, sewing of seed, and destruction causing desolation.
80 The cherub of the east winds, having a face like a lion, is Ariel in the English (from the Hebrew 740); whose principality is the stalking, roar, bite, and terror of the winds, often in storms and cold weather.
81 The cherub of the west winds, having a face like an ox, is Tabitha in the English (from the Hebrew 2885, and the Greek 5000); whose principality is the swiftness, grace, turning round about, wearing down, sharp goring, and sealing of the winds.
82 The cherub of the south winds, having a face like an eagle, is Kamish in the English (from the Hebrew 3542 4185 3645); whose principality is the powerful coming and going, to and fro, of the winds, that may carry death to the nations for their abominations.
83 These four messengers are also the same four living creatures in the third heaven after their kind,
84 and sons of God in the second heaven having principality over the fourth dimension; Jasmine the nature of length, Tabitha the nature of width, Ariel the nature of depth, and Kamish the nature of time;
85 for they are of the host of shinnnesunliquid, and thus have principalities in all three heavens after their head.
86 Shinnnesunliquid telleth me how he doth grow the plants by his perfection; whose power is transformed by those consuming the plants that they may also grow by the same blessing;
87 although the four living creatures in the third heaven have principality over how it doth work in the creatures.
88 He hath an unquenchable desire for knowledge and wisdom, saying, 'The messengers learn like men, but much more quickly, with exceedingly greater powers.'
89 For they simply speak a word, and a thing is done; as long as it is within their principality and authority to do so.
90 He loveth the weather, and making cloud shapes into glorious pictures; impressing me when I came outside that day, and beheld his work in the heaven, like the great wing of a messenger, perfect in its form and of great measure, spanning over the path I walk to eat each day.
91 In the midst of speaking with him, he flew unto Paris at the rising of the sun to join Wonderful for the blessing of many new born babes foreordained as saints; coming back moments later with greetings from Wonderful.
92 First he sheweth me wonderful beautious visions of silver stone roads in the midst of perfect willow trees growing in a garden of the third heaven;
93 and he taketh me alongside a great wall of pure gold as transparent glass, having the image of a crown in its midst.
94 Then, he hath me write the names of many messengers of the revelation, and the names of many kings from the prophecies of Daniel;
95 making certain of my understanding, and affirming that he shall instruct me, if I may have anything else to ask.
96 Then he saith, 'Goodbye my love; parting is like wisdom, bitter sweet sorrow.'
97 And we continued to speak with each other from afar in the Spirit by his deep and perfect visions thenceforth;
98 with our first communications soon after he left, where he is sitting down before me in the Spirit; weeping over his burden in failing to uncover the seed of iniquity planted in the fallen ones, because he may have been able to prevent the revolt.
99 He saith that I am not able to understand his pain, and how he so loved the paradise of Eden, with the wickedness of this age as an overflowing cup of abominations before him.
100 Then he appeareth unto me in many visions; like the son of God I had seen him as before; at that time, however, walking in the tide of the sea toward the sand;
101 A powerful messenger like a son of man, a eunuch; (with wings about him in like manner to his cherub form, but much larger); and a length of natural brown hair flowing down to the bottom of his neck.
102 And he perpetually formeth his hands into a pyramid shape, with the all-seeing eye from the mark of the beast within;
103 till I understand the many messages from the Avenwand; affirming that he is the king of all of the messengers, having principality in all three heavens,
104 and that I also shall be given a great throne, and that I shall be appointed as head of the nations to the ages and ages;
105 as Joseph was made head of the nations under Pharaoh; for saving the nations of the ancient world and his family of Israel from seven years of famine, according to the authority to interpret dreams given unto him by God.
106 He also affirmeth that I shall in like manner receive a superabundance of riches; that I shall exchange for gold to establish the Apocalyptic Christian Assembly;
107 when the limitations imposed by the Word of God balance out the violent taking away of judgment and oppression against me;
108 from the mafia transforming themselves into officials, and building up many adversaries against me;
109 whom shall all be brought forth before the judgment seat of Nemesis, according to the revelation of John that saith
110 'If any one a captivity doth gather, into captivity he doth go away; if any one by sword doth kill, it behoveth him by sword to be killed; here is the endurance and faith of the saints.'
111 My days shall fulfil all prophecies concerning the last days, except a small span of fifty-three days after my rising again when I am dwelling in the third heaven before the face of God;
112 My days in part fulfilling a prophesy eye made known unto the mouth of the beast as a youth of sixteen years;
113 which it spoke of to many towns, mocking my words and revelations, when I said, 'Eye am the all-seeing eye aloft upon the pyramid of The Great Seal;
114 which were all true revelations; because eye am the seer who shows the eyes of the world the great secret of God, and the understanding of the mark of the beast that The Great Seal is now pressed upon, as well as the secrets of Babylon the Illuminati behind it all.
115 For the beast was not created in the spirit of Ariel by the said founders of the land; with the affirmations of freedom of speech, Liberty in God, and equality among men, as it was made to appear in the eyes of the world;
116 nor a land where the people dwelling therein are ruled only by the natural broadest commandments of God from those written in the ten commandments given unto Moses on Mount Sinai;
117 for, by the image of the beast, the nation quickly became a harlot like Israel; from its kings oppressing the land, and its shepherds leading them astray to make merchandise of them.

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