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Chapter 10

1 The fifth is Uriel, the false prophet; who was once the lamp of the Most High;
2 Made after the glory of His presence, And His hair as white as wool signifying His ages and ages of wisdom;
3 A bright cherub of golden-yellow light with two exceedingly white wings; beautiful to behold.
4 Having been created as the lamp magnifying the enlightenment of our Lord under the sun, Uriel once magnified the broad gifts of the Spirit poured out liberally upon all men; perfecting them like a refining of silver, and a trying of gold;
5 by distributing special gifts of the Spirit unto men, within the broader foundation established in the principality of shinnnesunliquid:
6 All divine truth, knowledge, wisdom, skills, healing, music, arts, entertainment, visions, pictures, tongues, understanding,
7 books, imaginations of the heart, prophesy, mighty deeds, And any profitable gift man might require within the broader foundation he is magnifying.
8 Uriel had used the brightness of his wisdom to cover the iniquity of his subverted brethren,
9 by bathing the evil teachings of Megabaal in false-light, that the perversity may not be seen.
10 Reasoning that each hath a personal interpretation of all things in his own heart concerning such magnificent wisdom;
11 and if perversity within, then perversity it seeth in others;
12 that the strivings of Megabaal may be seen as righteousness by only the righteous.
13 Uriel appeareth unto, me, Jason, as living bare bones, having no flesh upon them,
14 arrayed in the rainment of a Catholic priest, and desiring to speak with me in the Avenwand tongue.
15 Thus, I say unto him, 'Speak demon!' knowing that the Spirit hath given him authority to come unto me, and that Megabaal hath sent him to understand the Spirit resting upon me.
16 But Uriel saith that he is dumb, and knoweth not what to say.
17 Therefore, I say, 'Tellest me about thyself for the book.'
18 So he answereth that he favoureth Vlad the Impaler and Charlemagne among men, And the pontiffs of the Catholic Church, especially Pope Francis the latest devil to take the stage.
19 Here he is laughing perpetually throughout his appearance, speaking in unseemly sayings of profanity that men often make for laughter;
20 such as when I ask him if he hath wings, to which he answereth, 'Wings are for the unseemly parts of women;'
21 and also that he created the word for the unseemly parts of man, after his manifestation of bones.
22 Now he appeareth unto me as the Catholic Jesus, aloft from the floor about a cubit, with a heart of bleeding light shining forth.
23 I am desiring him to perform for me, and I command him to do so; for his presence is very light like laughter and festivity.
24 And here is the shade of Jerry Garcia in his place, the leader of his musicians of name who were performing at the time the cherubs of God first appeared unto me as a youth of sixteen;
25 who doth appear to be playing his instrument of six strings, a guitar, but as one having no wisdom; with no music coming forth from the instrument.
26 The shade is deep in visions, but not perfect like Uriel;
27 because he is a shade that Uriel called forth from the abyss; and wisdom he hath not to play any more, according as it hath been written by Solomon,
28 'All that thy hand findeth to do, with thy power do, for there is no work, and device, and knowledge, and wisdom in Sheol whither thou art going.'
29 Now he appeareth unto me again as the priest of bones, with his spirit coveting the confession of sins;
30 for which I am not able to resist in spirit, telling him that I am a virgin, but not an unblemished virgin.
31 To the former, he desireth to defile me as a priest doth defile young boys;
32 and to the latter, he saith that he wanteth nothing to do with such a person, but then doth begin laughing.
33 I am watching as he changeth his form into Hyperion, a giant broad figure of golden-yellow light having the head of a cherub distinctively upon an otherwise broad form;
34 with which he telleth me to make a number of vain repetitions of his evil Hail Mary prayer, to make atonement for my sins; with this also to him as laughter.
35 His spirit also desireth to understand the prophecies and the secret of God revealing itself unto me;
36 pressing at my will until I am overcome and begin to ponder what understanding I am having, at this time, of the prophecies;
37 until the voice of God speaketh unto me as it did with Meshackle, again twice saying, 'Shut thy mouth.'
38 Which causeth me to understand that he desireth to make perversity of the truth,
39 by searching for a weakness in the Writings to corrupt with his exceeding brightness, blinding people from learning and understanding my guidance.
40 Thus, I pray unto God, confessing to Him that I am not able to resist his spirit coveting knowledge and wisdom, that He may be able to help me overcome his will;
41 when suddenly He causeth my mind to empty. And the demon is not able to read me.
42 And upon my leaving and coming back, he is gone.
43 All of his words are vanity, leading men far away from the divine truth of God; filling their heads and time with the vain antichrist spirit of the world.
44 For he is the one selling back a mockery, from the gifts of the Holy Spirit he is stealing from the world,
45 like a harlot doth to any man or monkey having the mark of the beast and desiring to drink from her cup of abominations;
46 even bribing men to receive his gifts, contrary to the nature of a harlot whom doth require a gift; that they may become blinded by his false light and become dumb.
47 His gifts are poisoned, requiring a superabundance of blood sacrifices; Consuming, time, wealth, works, and even the souls of men; to shine forth and maintain each limited perfection.
48 Here on earth he covereth all of the things the demons are doing with his false light, praise, and festivity; to make all evil appear good unto the beholder enthralled by his performances.
49 For he is the false light of the nations; wholly corrupting the minds of all men with his sorceries to bow before idols, men, and demons lording over them with hate;
50 and to follow doctrines of demons, commands of men, vain philosophies of deceit, deeper truths, heresies, and falsely-named knowledge; leading them to destroy themselves for forsaking the truth that would heal them.
51 He is the being pursuing the dragon, who is casting his sorceries to drunken the children of Israel to fall under his spirit of deep sleep;
52 hardening their hearts firmly against their saviour, the man, the legend, the myth, the God, the Creator, Jesus Christ;
53 and the same being who led them by their unseemly parts to go a-whoring after the many gods of the nations; turning round about and backwards all of their simple instructions.
54 Here he is, the Lawless One spoken of by Paul, you knew was coming, because, I, Jehovah, forewarned you;
55 blinding the world with all of his false signs and lying wonders;
56 bringing them under his working of delusion, that all may come under the same judgment; with none having known the truth, lest he is seeking Me!
57 I, Jehovah, have spoken it, did I not?
58 Did I not tell thee, he is the Lawless One who is coming, who hath exalted himself above everything that is called God?
59 Did I not warn thee that many false Christs would come in my name, saying, 'I am He, come follow me! I have wrought long and hard for the Lord, come join in my abundance.'
60 He hath many faces and many names as the third head demon; Brahman, Hyperion, Helios, Hypnos, Eos, Horus, Aurora, Hera, Minerva, Athena, Hecate, Shamash, Ra, Fortuna, Vesta, Hestia,
61 Libertas, Frigg, Juno, Sol, Somnus, Prometheus, Morpheus, Caliope, Loki, Balder, Marduk, and many more after their kind.
62 All of the goddesses are manifestations created in unity of the spirit with the effeminate spirit of Compusa, and the principality of the Adversary given unto them all both gods and goddesses.

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